BMCC-0810 DON'T call her naive

Thursday, August 10th


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It's time for her. You know it really grinds my gears. Segments. They act while. I'm not I'm not grumpy Baird today none of that me and I'm just kind of play fully agitated. With this whole mayor lovely Warren G bit theater Gatt situation room and let me say this. I've waited this is awesome as this is the big news story local news story of the day we could be talking about a Joseph managers monitor wag the ID. And so I get it. Respective. But cost some air lovely Warren on the news tonight house you just played the clip that got her so upset in your newscast. In she is demanding this guy apologized. To her. The women. And young girls of the community for saying this. And she is so offended. By that statement demanding an apology. Her hurt women in general and the young girls of our community so. But grind you about that. How was that an attack on women in young girls. And it's I think first of all she's reacting because she's insulted nigh eve usually means un educated. As far as the decision making. I don't know what I need based on something if she has all these back since she's been working so hard on the development of this parcel five. To say your not eve means. It is rather insulting American seat nine. Yeah I'm thrilled that is a heinous thing to say I didn't say it was pain I mean it's overly sensitive. Maybe that is sensitive but she may be at that point runner especially because all of a sudden. This is them talked about for so long and all of a sudden gee that's coming out saying well we don't we have a prop. Some analysts with give you the facts here. G the participated in a number of studies about. They signed off on the idea of building the Big Three hundred par five. I'm mark Cody who's the director of cartoons to her artistic director at IG who says that the airborne has taken this whole thing out of context. She says that this theater is needed to make us the center of the arts in New York. We already are this or the arts in New York he says if for her to think that this theory is going to make us that is that naive part. Because our DR we have theaters here. This is just gonna make as better as far as that goes. So he says his he's not calling her naive he's saying City Hall as naive to not realizing that we are the city the arts already. And she says she's not gonna speak with him until he apologizes. And it does that a little drama to tonight's to a public hearing that's going on accidentally. Off in gee I don't know G if you compete. Are threatened by the theme compete. The G offers a very different kind of theatrical experience and what this parcel five wood I don't think it would affect at all. If you are season ticket holder to the Geneva. You're not getting out all forget that there it's they offer very small intimate kind of yeah well great experiences in this parcel five wants to bring in these bigger show us. And you know there don't bring in the bigger shows of the auditorium theatre they are competing. Even in in the RB TLE getting along just fine just because it and remove the theater kind of closer to Ji -- not gonna change anything. You don't different things that's what I believe build a big theological c'mon your better financed so ninety's. Apologize right now ended and. No heat. Parents and the third and reaction come NN on the tech sign in 94092. I had it was just it really I don't care I just don't get how she played. The gender card out of that. I just don't I don't get it demanding an apology to lead the young girls of our community. I just don't see it. And an MM defender of women a champion of women's empowerment. I live it with how wild. In yeah I don't need to defend that young men Meehan a film about women this and says there and she's a drama queens. Distances on the woman mayor Warren makes this about her gender that deference even did not. And other allowances exact comment and on them are being the mayor not her anatomy relate. As system bluntly warn could have been called and has been called much worse than nine eve. The people say I'm surprised she didn't pull the race card. Yeah I mean out of that's a little extreme but that's like what I want it. Then explain this to me I'm a woman in for all for women's right but I hate when you say you call mean now aim because I'm a woman. Not because you are ninety's. Oh. William and it. I didn't makes more of I've read it the way candidates and that Iran. Well look I can't believe that a blow this whole big theater thing here I can't believe we have the money for it. We have a backer we have a name of Tom Golisano is right he's all in we have a place for. And what gonna blow. In you know bill that. If anything it won't put Giguere you know we loved even there their prize advertise with us it's not gonna put them out of business honored on is just gonna enhance our images city of the arts. Now labeled him a blow this whole thing. Well we sit there the auditorium theatre crammed into our little seeds one white with the air conditioning I can't see around this president for army this plays blows. And we cannot blame we'd better place to park a week we complain we never get funding we get overlooked and then here's this dropped on her lap and Alison nailed it forgot what I go to this thing today to speak this. I'm go up.