BMCC-0810 Newman RAN literally to get Plates gear

Thursday, August 10th


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I don't think I know someone who was more of a creature of his last stop. The new. Watching channel thirteen he sees it they're selling a new rule. Rock just to play tactic he has not seen a million party spent a zillion dollars on stuff. And you felt compelled to run over by this right now. Well I've logged and made an mine now thirteen. We're very. Talented. Read edit reporter. Yet actually would then you're doing allied and and I are that they had these new yellow hat. That were not available when I was a ball game just last Wednesday night. And they're just like he black ones with the yellow bill. It that there are all still and they're like there at the may date late on the back. Not just gained acts that between north and an end here would be and made. And and if you know the law states are in time why didn't you tell me you had the yesterday today. We unload them up or more like yeah. You should beat this team dormant on the rack that are on the street out of the door. All of those. As the rack they may not all. Colored red wings shirt you know they had the red the blue degrade go. On all of that has been replaced. Late that got the guilt late. Merge. Sweatshirt gray cat when you play at the US spacious. And and I know a lot of work closed. You know our cunning guy oriented but they got it really cool you know the recorder lead they undershirt. They have the men like that lady cut. What he you know what he called that not a plunging neckline that attack lying now like where to be anyway. There are cute TJ. I'm not here. I was just gonna ask you add it all jerseys and T shirts. Now I'm not it really is a cool shirt I have not seen that Merrick. And they have this year and got the ballot knocked it about a bottom line that it registers ready I'll find it at. You'd be Anthony bridge and I. And that at plate that the US they just needed it and Nike right pitcher. That there's. To be killed here I mean all the way up for the big spell it react man we we opt to have the pride passion play very. California got a bit of Greek and cool I've never been that the ID. Aren't we get him to leave the building to run over the past that the elderly and what was lace is a reaction when you showed up at the day. I've been made but I was in Iraq. He would Bert I made cannot make the purchase of the morning. So here's what dominate the street you know not so I had oh yeah I'm getting it ET they would side view where. In black shirt. Gathered. Up and tapped it description of that shirt medium. OK art it's cute that out what you want I want that police should be talking about. The -- yeah but yeah like he did you know the this mouse is they extend the exit out here. Yeah I'll be that cannot tell you what I do I'll buy one and I'll buy. Another extra large and a large it will give them away or caller. About perfect perfect I take that money. We are out tomorrow morning and all right all right it's okay if I come bearing do. So you believe you for a did you Bryan. Yeah I gotta get in shape and that was pretty. That was pretty funny those those things don't take it you don't understand let me explain the scenario. We were watch Sheen thirteen win here in the studio mace come design Ashley is there they're talking about the mart store in there was one thing in that store that. Newman did not have yet happened that was some yellow hen the plates that you are quite tonight so he stay with first is the start to happen. I sit here. And his arms get going after and then he's going oh my cash I want that yellow had a lot date donation to I should go get it right now. Look we're weakened state house bid DC if you think that's a good idea and when I don't know around ninety to hit. But it worked good as I'd like yeah Dover he was focused on one thing and that was get met pat so just rip literally gray had a right to your field of Mac. Mason looked at me like I was trying to break into the methadone clinic. Looking your eyes. I was just a little bickering like I'm sorry forgive me for being in for having pride. In our town and our baseball team itself. But this is my adopted city I've lived here almost fifteen years I've made I've become an adult here. And I do know that I'd do is I'll love it and I think this is a cool idea. 100 years of garbage plates on though they 85 album or without me. But I'm sorry. And outside these hats in the for you where you bad mouth I mean her okay Abacha. I get bad about you of course not. Actress so enthusiastic about it yet port may side just so anemic text I was like how long are you going to be in the team's Stewart. Is like I have another news it is seven of five and then I just left. Ten it was locked in right before yelled Nguyen live mes just walked. Or I was gonna climb the fence that's that would upon FaceBook live. After he got there is like it's locked yes though. We go. Here's geared more now tell me now I'd describe that tried to do my best. Call. Description of the ladies fashion so I didn't know what they called it nagged me and my lion are a lot and towards. Yeah ladies these are these are so cute. And that's that's what my girlfriend holly says like I'm only strand of buyers. Sports deaths though Anna she's like wielding an Athens cute. And I was like well these are cute. So I got you that line and take it might picture or else I guess you could just say excel knew Yasser. Energy and next cell played city USA ninety dried. It's great that. A teacher for the guy who I've never seen wearing T shirt. Yeah they don't have any collared anything in the growing storm lacks teacher well I got this I got myself a hat. I bought an extra ladies' shirt. So just like TJ if you are a large. I just grabbed my two sacks well. Well that added so you like it even AP even if you like it a little bit considered. Yet then and collar in nine if you Wear a large and her ladies large appeared to do wants to Wear ladies large it's only going to new meat you do you. I collar and I right now. And collar ten but an extra. Yellow plates at all he's always to a guy who wears who has a large head it's like Christmas morning and then he is he is so excited about the Iman ambassador nor seen the receipt tax deductible.