BMCC-0814 Newman wants to feel labor pains

Tuesday, August 15th


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Well I'm sorry to loved James as of the world. Or maybe I'm congratulating. The James as Thomas threaten his wife. Had their baby in the middle name of this baby girl is James. And pneumatic judge named your kids whatever you want but so now James is in the category of like Hayden. And that. Jane mean. You know dual names that work for both in a note I tell you did. I'll I know of a girl named Jeremy. I gave my oldest occult power names. And I gave her Morgan. That's yet another one that is I wanted to overpowered and so the middle name I mean really. My middle name is Clark. And could be. Either. It's a fairly fairly name trying to things unknown any lady Clark's. Path to a Clark. The order yes and spent too little and showing that. Now 36 hours a labor costs a lot I'll come on already just laying there rank this. She got here lately and it's just laying there it's Thomas threats why she was probably. Feeling no pain. Right they give them that epidural. Yeah and then you don't feel anything well you rule. Have to goal while before they'll give you the epidural epidural that the last 36 hours a needs a seat belts and paying for a long time before she finally found some relief. I'm not even quite sure what the epidural is did they inject your spine in the easier numb from Mike. The chest down. It's like give the viewer in the most extreme pain never Exelon was sitting in their stabbing you with little everything. Just from all over a million bees are stinging. For me inside out and all of a sudden someone comes by with a shot near back and it's all gone. In the blink of and I did your whole body feel like you're cheap does that Steve had no McCain. And you can touch your legs and its site what oh my hand feels and a leg does. I don't. I just laid there with thank god and I just wanna delight. Shifting anesthesiologist. I just hugging them. It's fertile you are that. Back. So that's it feels like stabs and Steen now I just I'm trained no of course now it feels like. Your insides are just. Like a full body muscle cramp he asks. I think the worst way in indigestion kind of cramped. Like I'm just trying to relate so I can be more sympathetic. Yeah it's it's like nothing it I'd nothing could prepare me. When I got it going in. Labor 36 hours to be you start going into label right now. And you finish you deliver the baby at 7 o'clock tomorrow night straight through. Yeah nothing but screaming and yelling interest at the sides air feel like they're. Yeah like twisting together and. Take tie game like gravity is trying to push him out if you're lucky enough to be in the bottom in the room when you base your son or daughter is born UC. What you wife is going through when you feel any kind of feel bad for boy did you do you just hold her hand and hope for the best. I hope and pray one day I gifted experience at an annual little you know now. 36 anti U convention watch arrested development and 36 hours. That can be painful. But yet can't TJ you learn very helpful. A minute ago I was asking TJ. What it felt like to give birth. We wherever conversation Thomas read his wife finally had their babies seems like that ladies and pregnant her. Three years and bring me maybe not that long that. Anyway they had numbers she was labored 36 hours and people were trying to describe to us what it felt like I was asking questions about the epidural and what that feels like. Go and and and afterwards. Got a note here. It says hey guys are listening to you talked about labor pains and I'm a labor and delivering her some away Tom from working in night shift. I don't know how accurate eager to script. It says that it's pretty funny hearing you guys just try to describe. What I don't. I just watch how would you use your words to describe and I'm no years ago we had a conversation. Similar to this. And I wanna say somebody turned a son there's a product there's like a labor simulator who. You can buy. It is our members like a viral video guys were open themselves up to this thing and I think I was OK I wanna do that. But it was Darren. You know don't tase me bro phase. Yes. Narrowly miss them. Yeah I know I've been. I didn't like it too graphic. I think everybody at this point understand that no I didn't horrible pain. Like you've never felt it at least for me some lending can go in and it's just wonderful and they just kind of push in the baby's out for me. I've only felt five hours of labor. Before I passed out and they had to take the baby out. An awful I'm screaming and how it it was a mass I was it was a big old math all I want it was my mom. Remember screaming and I just wanted him out of the room because it talks about every kid that got me on the yelled a ball. Like that's gonna help the painfully truthful on the field a ball diminish of this deal the ball and where my Donna at the. I think describing the pain these new Lyndon would be similar to us trying to describe the pain of if we get kicked or hit it down there. Really weren't up would you describe that Cain yes I can use words to describe that pain. I would say a like four rob being pain associated with not Zia. And there is a an odd sensation when you try to put let me wait on the side in which you were struck. Fair enough. I feel that I do fear the idea. So they don't they should be able to describe what that they'd bid. But that can act kick there doesn't feel like a muscle cramp or kidney stone Ernie it hurts million. But that's a lot of emotional pain to danger like. I would like Baylor game Mo and yeah twist it ends well yeah. Rushed into surgery green I mean there's like a million music can go right so it's like physical. There's no Ozzie and then there's the mind games and not know in the future. It's true it's a totally true. So that's when you are no words to describe it except at the.