BMCC-0817 Underwear throwing double standard exposed!!!

Thursday, August 17th


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People of earth there is a double standard. That exists. And I may want to break it down. Outlined an equal. Playing field. Are right now okay. Now. Look Brian performed. And do. Syracuse. Last weekend yes okay so he's reform and Wright is doing his thing and some lady in the audience. Curls a breezy here. RA the big one at that. And hits seem right in the face okay that's cool. Women through undergarments on the stage all the time right. Let's stop to on come. What happens say I go see. Carrie Underwood and concert her Miranda Lambert or I get front row seats stick Kelsey ballerina. Concert. All right none sit in there rocket she's singing that Peter Pans on and I just fling impair my drawers up on stage just appeared to. I like better the pay just a matter if I. Didn't carry data Dahlia case I don't register as a sex offender. Uncheck you know I'm gonna be on the news. Summit to be like this legendary urged. Yup. That's that's not that's a double standard. I get you right. Yeah yeah. Legend. Soon the last night say mama Martina has come into dull lot go pretty soon. Don't have done a lot go house in flames so many years. Whenever you Wear clean them up there. Boxers degree looks like that just sort jock strap that are supposed to fling it matter the old banana hammock like. Mean like issued a rubber man you know being an idea of involvement with my friends at Dell a lot of yeah exactly yeah exactly that TJ can go to Brantley Gilbert that's right. And top serie. He's Ben. Well that would please let's saw The Beatles are L mess but what are police said something like you will lift weights all of the Palestine became a bat. OK quick follow up question. When a woman through those. Her. Under where's up on stage at an artist. Who. Is it do you go out and buy something from the store just a thorough on stage treaty do you pull something out of the drawer before you leave doubt I would hope. Personally I've never done it but I would hope you buy and sell male. Please say your bias of the nail. In morning be studio. Egg icon Mary had a good India Asia like you that there's. Acting out you big island. Do you realize you called me. 08. Something Q. Have a great day. Friends and neighbors this morning I am working feverishly. To. Right or wrong expose a double standard. Why are women allowed to throw underwear on stage at their favorite artists that if a guy does it. I'll probably get arrested. And have to get involved in some database and not be allowed that triggered readers. Ridiculous. 94092. In studio text line. This one says they have been to countless concerts and a moment. And I've never thrown undergarments. At any artist never understood it either like what's the point. Am I mean what he would so woman painted and by the way and Luke was in Syracuse last weekends were brought it up. He's Dylan is staying on stage and this lady curls up this bra which looked expensive by the way. And it seemed right in the faiths in the and he does a little material on it it was kind of funny yet on some watching that video. Am I just can't imagine now creepy it would be for a dude did you. And I don't know what's the point did as a woman think he's gonna get hit in the face. With this bra. I'm saying all right hey hey and stopped. Stopped. Through that I have to yeah 30 OK you and I. We're gonna get Mary and go live on an island somewhere. Yeah am are we're gonna dial horse and ride opted by what he did things can happen he's in his speech you take them back to the tour bus. And have unlawful carnal knowledge. Like what's what do you teens could come out of it. Bites. From may I mean like you said those things are pricey. But they are there's no doubt well throw at it. A really good fit in undergarments that I paid good money for that anyone. When you go content it seem that don't they candle in the bag and see would you bringing in with the new. While he shot a security guard like polarizing way to do this maybe they have that on if you know what I'm saying and they can double up and do that oh yeah yeah that's needing to trick where they lit up that are unearned sleeve. Antioch out of the left sleeve. And not. Been able to let the Lima via. Our other garments you want me draw your picture I don't know. I don't know what it. Did I did confiscate if you have been prepared in your bag. Stop. LA looks decent what do you do with these looks it will add this one to the collection usage in the collection of that crap he has in his. Racism and Syracuse. My home town there's. Brad Benjamin fast forward a little bit. Yeah. He's given to shout out to read Eldridge. We just got hit OK. And you can't see it. So he's taken up this giant. Hi team in black lace. Broadly hitting right mistakes. So the. And the drummers right there and giant. Who didn't read one week from today did CNET. So we didn't have a week to go to Victoria's Secret it all stock.