BMCC-0818 BMCC is REALLY bad and math and science..REALLY BAD

Friday, August 18th


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You know let's get to know there's people listen and that. Don't have their hands in my pockets like you to. Spin in my lottery winnings before I even did it. So my says say Newman how would only won the chance to go fishing with you some day if you were to win the lottery old. How humble is that nice. Concerts and I replied as acid I'm not that exciting for them. It's a Nazi videos all the time and I'd love to get employee no way I'm. How. We may be able make that happen without me Vienna. Have a billionaire. And then when you're done if you wanna give them a vote. Well actually nice but. How about this what I forgot about this single people always bring out. When we get a big jackpot like this guy can somebody. As Syria or Google the number of legal citizens. In the United States of America. Legal citizen yet the population of the US. Siri what's the population of the United States of America 322. Million yeah yes. Okay what would buy lump sum pay out would be on this 500. What does it quite well yet. Let's just say for the sake of the discussion you get half of that there's so let's say let's say 300 Eric. Well. Three to 22 million let's say that OK how many households. Are in America. What if I gave one million dollars. Every household in America. Oh my god people would love me right. That's you have five. They can erect statues of me all across the and the land and I hear semi spaces of opened up recently. We can't give a million these households while you could because you have 300000. Million dollars. Yet so I figure if that's the population. Some of those Darrell lived together. You filming. When. Then I would have nothing so I went out the what if I did a cool wouldn't it make you feel good though yeah. It would in a flower to do that like I shouldn't have to pay for anything the rest of my life I got should just beyond life scholarship. During. If I go to wegmans somebody sees mean check in now and are now seven is eight I got him. ECD not hate waitress could you bringing his check. Simi pumping gas and is let me get that for you now. So it's a roundabout way different way to make your life easier. Gain in that would help my chances it had been. Sir. Man how would be acted run for president how would one well. Although many days for agreeing ye can just I would refuse the salary worth up. Do you think we got a problem now yeah exactly than it. And the news was asked about an hour. And did you five Debbie BEB morning coffee club today get my perks dot com you can get admission for the price of one. You are Rochester escape proof point. Five dollars. Which would make the original conflict. You may not who. Let me get my clerk stuck and I'm society mean today to show that was just the mean words it is mean. I'm sorry I did not mean I was mission down on you'd and indeed months. Guys I'm humiliated. And you know it's even Saturn. Or contributes to the sadness. I didn't pick up on it either. I may have piled on in the immediate even worse your match. He had little if you just joining us don't worry about it. I don't know I attack. I don't know what I was thinking I did this whole. Being on a file won the jackpot I would give every household in America. A million dollars and I would be the most beloved person. And then look over at detects line and realize that. Still it just. Now all it. He applied yourself there with a lot of numbers we were talking millions I think he's the word billions. You jab it's still like that's bad like that's ignorant. At some level went out I got I think kids should have to match sky is always got masks the fact. I'd like that's that's. God punishing me fired. Making fun of other people for being and done it and maybe that's. Little. Harm or something and it wasn't easy. Can happen anybody I was in correcting you because even I was having art I was like wait a minute and twenty million how much is the powerball. College graduates. As I. Mean I'm still not the most brilliant man in the world but I can't divide. One incident with a number I can't divide that number by one. It's too many zeroes in there I'm gonna back you up here is on the fly the you don't really was. We the F series than we quickly had that they got no matter how much does the flower bomb and anyone who figured out the math has had time to goal Lucy how they're wrong this time. Yeah and how much really wrong so a field don't. My top find yourself I'm gonna go home mom and have to like make eye contact with people after the except math and pick and you only get some action. I'm. What Billy Kidd and our boss due on Monday afternoon. During the eclipse yes. You know there again. They're gonna play a song and what time is it to. 36. Something like that yeah early weeks. Also T bird go beyond bush she'd be back no she should be done next week to. Okay. Although we'll cook up something he had not bell bell do something they'll play yes. On at 236. To seeing got whereas. The eclipse now we were like. AC station. When I can see him going total eclipse of the heart. Of what country song. Would he think Phil did. Brooks and Dunn neon man who had one the drawer. And efficient than the dark nitty gritty dirt or any idea allocating Tizzy when the sun goes down. Nam didn't go you go out with a sudden goes out at OK but to each engine that was actually a little tractor behind the moon. Turn on the neon moon cash out like that when TJ. What other moons suns are in country I can think of a billion no bomb. Outside a country like classic rock yeah. I think you may just swollen there's a lot about the with our. Elaine line when the sun goes down. It's not as good as hairs I mean it's RA eight minutes is a contest on don't ask yourself where I don't attach yourself somewhere else two years and done and and yes. Contributed. He cured or more if it's better than my and I can't think it's a big influence on. Who's saying that some running out of moonlight. Randy how anyhow as an area. That's I liked that better than your first one. Thank you. See. Gosh why am I some terrible at this Dirks Bentley black. That's at reach. Out like I'm she'd done. And seriously cannot just go alone. I'm leaving just a wake of ignorance nine meets today listen. We have never been self professed geniuses. You have been night. And I actually help. Didn't sit in new man and this is a solar equal it's not a lunar eclipse he needs son's songs from. Not immune songs so the math and sciences are well for this morning. Well listen you can not have an eclipse below the earth the moon in the sun. So all are appropriate. Ego so stay here don't go whole house is that guy who argued with the teacher they had to happen.