BMCC-0818 Newman molding young minds

Friday, August 18th


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These studios the morning. Current. I. Billy will be here at at 3 o'clock. What are my name is Steve W a TJ and Jeremy. Yeah so cruel and Algerian military you know. Well who's this. Oral Rangel Hillary ideally what looks at what's up today. I did Oregon's top. You excited for school. Yeah that McGrady and into. Former. Look you play any sports. Talk. On some nights you're going to be playing modified this year more. Which of David subject. Why are. We usually eager to pick. It regatta but a career in radio. Are more extraordinary. Honor. All he had to be all psyched for Monday then. Can you explain what the it clips is all about. I'm in the noon. I change you know they get I don't really narrow. It's when the moon passes in front that this son. Are hearing oh yes you'll be able to see it Monday are you your hips on that ranked. Our school did. Pace of what yhency play video games. Oh now all all in a way to swear that you play outside. Also. That's that's what I like to hear you know your friends are glued to those devices. Act actually your current sort of an iron. Slowly I am. Already. He should ask your parents you could just political holier friends. A and our. Guy you could handle it you sound responsible. Yeah. ADM the John yet. I got we are non interest but enemies are the public and earn your own key you know. Well. I don't know about a mile line. So a.'s school. Are what do you charged her yard. Are all twenty and how much do you get. Policy that senator and a group we have laws about that in the past dates Herbert. You need to you need to Steve and I your buddy Steve goes there and act as an arbitrator in who. Are prepared are you to at least half. Did you know any dirty jokes who. You are all. Your parents say you say curse words yet. Now. I'll let you say one or the whatever you can't. Aren't even sell. Our era the elite. Yeah what a kick it and like Windsor first Naia school. Yeah all right yeah. You know a lot of people try to tell you how important school is. But it's really nine you gotta do is like what in the lottery years some dinner manner in which Mary rich. Dade school. Make good grades. You make good grades. And that's hard right you got to study do your own words you read not a time. Good time for that. I got a place there. That apparently you slaying alien in a good kid but that was solid test I was seeing how corrupt WR but you are sturdy as an oak cherry ailing. And unfortunately there are we're at a time. There aren't they yeah. You bet they do you want Steve's cell phone number you can Colin over the weekend if you line. Sure I'd hang on I'll give it to Yang out at my ailing yet.