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Wednesday, September 6th


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Pace so what happened acquiring this OK I think and all its which. We're so much energy with the one button game that was passed you were there I was bitter of course I was there. Word on the street is Seattle isn't the only Georgia over the weekend but I hired Victor Brock the bulldozer man this is. Natalia a point it's a little scrap birds they kept up they kept up and then they lost at the end by a not a field goal but it touched down they lost by touchdowns. It might just say. That picture has a huge team as far as physically. Boys are tall. Think I think you may because there's been a further away on the field during warm up so much. What kind at all of the big. East don't talk like they hold it's not one or two big ones like the entire. I don't know what they're drinking over there and Victor what's in the water but. Well with all that tuition you pay for yuk it recruited team to beat Victor. Very close. It was very clones who look quite as you guys played great. It's great yet a lot of hustle you know outside thought about over the weekend house does is anybody meant sock and remember that kid did he go to Spencer border. I think it was Spencer pork. The kid that sent the section five like destroyed the section five rushing record. Alton. All you any idea he still he was like an underclassmen last year I think he's. Still playing in the chatted known piece set the world on fire can Cassie reference. AA is but I only Alton Jones is his name. Yeah. How he was the kid Ryan day here anyway and you said that side over the weekend. A lot of people checking in it TT two WB the ended 94092. Most common question on the Tex lines this morning believe it and I. Once you know of yeah I also filled mine end of the deal and went skinny dip in this weekend the summer challenge. Ominous Seacrest here I'll tell you. I have fewer kids miss the bus just put him on the back to this run him back from Helton. Holy crap we mentioned a moment ago. How Victor B decline is an hour was asking about that kid Alton Jones who set the world on fire last year. And somebody takes is saying young man from Milton rush for. 300 plus and six TDs. And the. Is. Max Chamberlain. His first varsity start. Diligently millions though horse heads on Sunday night. And he had yet six touchdown runs 340 yards. How old is he his senior he's 32 yeah. He still had some eligibility hello hello and a knee injury. So. Yeah and now he's a continuing education. Its duty and part of urban suburban program. Bringing him new wrinkle to it all right so low this summer 2017. So. Her challenge will they issued. At the beginning of the summer and I had a challenge before meeting goes skinny dipping and had to do before Labor Day and I was up big late George camping over the weekend. And guys again Italian. I did it in the story is pretty anti climatic. I gotta be perfectly honest with yet yeah. The weather I think kept a lot of campers away we were at bowed in only chain of islands up on lake George. It sounds fancy but it's a DC place. 45 bucks tonight. So we get out there and we we went their fourth to July 2 in so many people were there. But there was relatively no one out there it got dark. Waited out into the waters and I did it. It was. It was that we were so secluded did not have my anxieties present themselves. In it also helps. That I may or may not have had an entire bottle of captain Morton. And well you know that's that's that was I suggest again. A few drinks you won't care did you just. Stripped down and blocking energy into walk in the and then as I did you not well I went on C on that that little island we were on it was just. I can't no one campsite. Okay no more into people can stay on this saint in on the east side of the island there's another island about. 3040 yards away with some campers but on the west side of the island it's open water in its. Quarter to Mao to have amounts shore news so I went on that sat. And all I did was Wear. Lou topped charts. So I wasn't entirely. But adds new dates but I did money you know cut my feed on a rocker something. That there's a wolf that yeah it's. Be a good luck this mean there are some load. Our checks. So that was just what I. I don't know I didn't tell the questions how long did you stay in com longer than you would think because the water. Was actually warmer than the air you know if that made any sense studio. Where makes any sense he is so I would say after frolic. About for her. The morning minutes. 2530. I mean it was. I'm telling you it was like some other dude wasn't mean well. Is lakes and nobody else jumped in my body somebody with confidence. Somebody that maybe. As a captain. So I think everything drained a lot captain Moore I thought it was there yes those there was great. From. That that wasn't the streaky is staying out wish I was a better storyteller. Because some free he freaky stuff happen to us on that I'd like we may have been visited. Really. While we there yet. Crazy idea. Iliad news Syria policy address Diego ranch so I'll tell you manage. Watch out for the school bus and be careful of the school buses and the ones that are walking right that there earbuds and thanks mom who. Registers rather. Welcome TJ just a gentle reminder. Have a good day be kind others you're very right TJ I'm just yanking your change of it's. Refreshing when. Here's someone so. Are you worried that. What area and it's anxiety ridden. Does Ellen yes I've went camping had a crazy thing happened Timmy and those of you that of listen for a while know that arm among the worst storytellers. And history. But some freaky stuff happened out on lake George this weekend Allen camp then. You know I was so looking forward to his last vacation and you know for the year. And it just wanted to be great so we go to the Glynn islands. Chain of violence it's a DEC campsite bowed in only. Finally Georgia in the northern part. Of the lake so it's pretty remote ranked. And it the island we're on just has one campsite it's only big enough for two people. And then there's a bigger Ireland. Probably forty yards away there's a little channel that runs you know the in between the islands. In the hours probably. Three docs two votes on each docs of their six campsites. Right there and the web they're not being kept a lot of people waited filled up Saturday. But we got there Thursday night and there was nobody around us like we were the only people on the lake it was amazing. And then this one vote. This won an old rigging the green can be boat comes pulls and anchors to one of the docks across the way from us on the island right. A man gets out with a flashlight. And a backpack. And walks off. And that's all we see in this. Like OK that's odd. You need him bringing any camp and equipment. Mountain at all. OK so. Didn't think anything of it you know noticed it. Long story short we wake up the next morning and we're going to matter business and make him breakfast and biographers like. Hey did you get into the paint some peanuts last night. I what are you talking about like this peanut shells all over here buyer fire. So log over there and look in there are peanut shells like so many had a bag of peanuts and was busted him open eaten them. And there were shells all around were our chairs were by the fires are now on we didn't even bring Tina didn't bring peanuts not stop. I hand the guy sorry you got me go. OK so I'm like what they're from the people who can't hear before. We'd written you know somebody was here yesterday or the day before camping. Sit no big deal so the next day goes on we have signed we wake but this would be Saturday morning. And there are more peanut shells. On a different part of our island over by where are out now says in between the outhouse in the dot. More peanut shells and these are fresh. Because you know when you busted Pino an open they have that little red film on would be between the none Michelle and those were on the ground. So these were fresh peanuts. Okay. So this is that we wake up the next morning there's peanuts on our dock. Our rank. Okay. He goes to it starts to rain and more like our you know it's gonna rain all day were Rattay here. Where are starting to pack up and we look across that one creepy motor guy who was Satan on the dot eating peanuts. Edu and visitor. That one got signal over there he was sitting on his dock. Just hanging out eating a bag of peanuts older guy yeah I mean it probably late forties or early fifties well. It's creepy but it's. Weird desist guy hanging out eaten peanut he somehow was able to again I don't. Bowl. Yeah I heard them crank the boat try to I mean it's not your your middle and know where. And yeah. That. How.