BMCC-0906 Salvation Army talking about Harvey Relief fundraising need

Wednesday, September 6th


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Well we have some special guest joining us in the palatial. These studios from the Salvation. Army majored again Judy hard joining us good morning to both have you ever since. Now what are we going are we responding to hurricane Harvey or are we preparing. For hurricane Irma. The doom both ask them both very well. But the sell us army has deployed people already to saint Thomas ornery known and actually the service units the emergency disaster search units some of them are returning from Houston back to Florida. So you know it's it's it's the perfect storm no pun intended. Have marte is used to hurricanes that we have a lot of equipment and the state of Florida and in the hurricane went to Houston. They very quickly responded and got everyone together and made it convoy. Allard he's in now. Yeah we were commenting on now. In a weird way it's kind of fortune and a lot of assets were are ready in that region I mean it's a ten hour drive I would imagine losing from Houston to most part says a Florida day away with your representatives that are down there with. You know their boots on the ground there in the trenches they're help in these people. Dinner in the most difficult. Being they've ever experienced in their lives for among the most difficult things was what can we do. Here locally. To assist the salvation army of. Are staying calm this to pray for people down there on. In addition says that we're looking for donations. We tend to be a quiet organization. Will blow our horn when this necessary. But words and we tend to be in the trenches as you say so we're not out there actively fundraising in and doing special events etc. So we need cash we need donations. Com that's the easiest way because of people there on the ground. Can get com. The supplies that they need right there and it serves a local community and they can do it more quickly what's the. The main. Function the Salvation Army has an in these affected regions isn't providing meals as it hygiene kits is it. Yeah let's all go vote. As. Is that they should army one of our main functions during disasters is tees service the first responders. People who left their homes and come to an area and they spent their own lives at stake to help others. So that's one of our main functions at the service the first responders. But we are also serving meals to people who are without food providing comfort kits and clean up kids. And him providing shelter where it's needed as well but that's not our primary primary focus is peppers. If so do you have set up big in in the Houston area you set up a field kitchen in 92 mobile feeding units that's correct he had blew it they they consist of like emergency disaster can't change you CDs. Miniature. These trucks that are attracts yeah food trucks yeah REM I tracks. And on the great thing about those is that they are mobile they can travel through the neighborhoods they can find people. Who are just getting back to their homes or maybe a hundred or homes through all this that if feed people right word rat. And also meet other needs on because of technology these days you can eat. You can access any type type every referral service or whatever so. The mobile canteen is the best way to go for us but we are serving a lot of meals you mentioned that and it's almost a quarter million meals so. So what's amazing to me well first of all all the response for this hurricane in general there's everybody it seems there's. Everybody stepping forward and having fundraising he's had some kind even down to donating underwear JJ watt has been standards are going on. Where can I locally get this monetary donation to U. Or some sort of donation may be a hygiene kit or something like that. Been vacant they can send their donations to us right at sixty liberty pole away here in Rochester and then but the best place to sign that would be to the Salvation Army in Atlanta Georgia. Which is the headquarters for the southern territory. And most city assets that are there on the ground now are from the southern territory. And so on the address here is PO box 1959. Atlanta Georgia 30301. And just arcane Harvey on air on cherry can provide that information later. Armed people can also go online to help Salvation Army dot org. Or they can text 51555. Odds tech storm a 51555. Sutter couple different ways that people can give and give instantly. That's a lot of grace of what got up got FaceBook page working and then as we speak. Major doesn't. And Judy are friends of mine you will make several appearances on my public affairs program in this is this is the great and attacking the great work being that by the salvation thank you any time. Yummy it's a married man syndrome you just call us are happy to get Jim on May well thank you Eric etched.