BMCC-0908 Brett Young calls the BMCC

Monday, September 11th


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A young handsome nine impromptu fund guesses on the phone. Brett what's up man what are. Yeah. Hey is there. And you know it's on loans. In case she didn't. Can't come on jump in the release please don't bend Indiana. A bad. And appropriately Dow opening. Now I see. Do the chorus man a great song man how you doing now is like on the road. I guess live on the road is beautiful we've we've been out over toward the may 28. And and where we're at our last weekend which is very bittersweet. Even now with the Lady Antebellum. That's right radiating calcium. And there what do what do abating way to spend a number of build a build like so bless the daughter dispute part of the sort of learned so much about so much followed him. I can't believe it's almost over. I have to say congrats real quick on your CMA award nomination. I've got to make you feel good. Thank you yet that. I am the what do bucket list yeah. And not just to be dominated but with like big big category the company that I could even back category. Such a daughter I mean. I've ever gotten them. You know you can become you know friends was everybody in that category that but. More than out of Baylor everybody in my category but I can't believe that my name is being mentioned with with the other four. But to order a privilege. Where on the phone with Nashville recording artist Brett you know on you knowing from in case she didn't all sleep without you like a lot of you very talented individual you know on the voter man. I'm in the academy. Thank you for the both bitter about the task. I just say all. I had little to no integrity I am open to any form of bribery you're willing to throw our way. Baca are used way about like I delicious. Bread but there was from. Our book. Now that's dancing man I'm more of the more of a Waffle House yes. Well let them. You'll think walked out the hippie. Yeah all star smothered and covered we don't have a Amir and Rogers are no way knows what the heck we're talking about. Or where about it. You know bred young is one of these guys you just hate. He's really good you know a lot of stuff I mean he's I'm secure or not he's a good look India ideas he's talented musically. He's an athlete like you could've gone pro right. Of yeah that was a near miss vote on a baseball pitcher that I have a opportunity that I escorted them to call it a go go into the draft and the Politburo that there's been. But it back after injury division they're coming at him and taken them a Major League Baseball money at first but. But as it turned out I wouldn't trade it for the world of I couldn't be happier where about. Eager to spend so you're a career here Iraq has to because the twins or have do from now mistaken. Yes they where the bulk of it to my senior it was the Clinton. And I mean that would have been great organization go to duke it got a different player. On nice man. At some you only hear from country music artists. I thought about it or not ashamed of Jesus. No not uttering what here's the thing but what about their record for the moment that the pastor of the injured and that. That belief system is if some steak you could use some better way to refute them. You know one of my favorite quotes in the whole world the U wanna make out left out of your player you know. And a suit which can for see Mike I'd just like. I think music yeah. Talented and he is grounded spiritually. All right that's all the time we Africans are. Our kids. We're adding it needs them the same man wasn't best of luck on the album Anchorage everybody to go check it out bred young it's the self titled album and we're gonna play your sung right now opt out. Thank you got over it though it so the thought is always the first time. Hey you know what I mean brother. Young take care yourself man thinks resign. Over.