BMCC-0908 TJ's celeb crush looks like her husband

Monday, September 11th


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So last nine taps played. Aren't that new Madden game bills vs the jets. And I won 63 of fourteen so that's what I think's gonna happen. All right on Sunday is still is only right that. 63. To fourteen. Can I ask med. I was going down field flat out asked Ted. Endesa or are very excited about first game with patriots losing if we can win we will be. And possession of a portion of first place. Well we will have first place out of yourselves because the dolphins are playing unsung community group game is removed because there lurking. A week eleven silk built to win it. That'll be something good to cheer about and it will have a parade. I did you know mistakenly hit I don't like who like become when I'm watching the patriots play. I think priest or didn't you know why I mean defensive and like us scratching our kids a look at Selig who. Are you. Knowing the TJ zone you mean person. She's only their bills here today. Decked out the I just wonder how long until she gets a neat Peter man. Repeated yeah I mean yeah in Jersey I gotta tell you guys I have a theory. I've seen. I think he's done is just a working here I'll go in the house yeah. TJ. Gets a little hot and bothered by me Jeter missed. The bills backup quarterback I really really like him when my doctor Nadal twenty years old big about this. Highly illegal young. If all of of all the bills players which one of home looks most like her husband bullet to pick our nation meter men's grill imagining with her husband's beard. That's the same dude. And similar bills I got a flight. Yeah I got the ball big YouTube Blake I didn't realize that he did all these YouTube videos that he did like trick shots. So I was like thoroughly impressed that I like an hour later than watching neat Peter may and YouTube videos. Uh huh yeah. Yeah a little bit. A body to evolve the bill right right. Well I'm telling you bring of the picture of him led to her husband's beard on aim for kept. Get the woolly moment I want I think it's all right put him in some cargo shorts an incident reef sandals. I'm just did mama make in front of her husband on like on a bed is state like us. In that picture area. Here he's your daughters yeah.