BMCC-0911 Dustin Lynch talks new album and tour

Monday, September 11th


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Hold on man open your own break format not rule spontaneous fun Oakland yeah local we do that's Dustan. What's up dude that got us and so Austin lynch just call this everybody I'm. A man. Small town boy is that the biggest city of your career. They get a list I think it's been a great year and yeah I think that's probably is also far till like to minimize. And I gotta love it finally I've been saying my whole life somebody needs to bring the lyric a router that. And you start to yeah man you did. Yeah post comments you bench press and these days. I've maxed out all. The filling you know we're elegant little workout program and upkeep and keep ourselves in check on the road. Dustin lynch also one of the guys you would you have to hate because he's so talented good looking and and muscular. You know he's got all that the trilogy there and then. He got on the road to Brad pays. Yeah yeah or out couple more weeks of Brad. I'm coming to a close. Yeah I had died just watched his comedy rodeo and I wanna think cities that bunny all the time. To hang out with. He's great in these these these could go to guy and men have learned so much wrap them. It's been a great summer but we're looking forward to this all to we're kicking off the router not sure which in the first eleven tour a couple of years so excited to get settled. All the way to. Yeah you're new problem to stop Friday. Yes money out aggravated it out. Three years in the making and here we get out. It's up or about ridiculous and to really tell about the. We're on the phone with Dustin lynch hey man just so you know I'm voter in open to bribes. All right yeah Imus CMA members. Appear ready for bribes and you know oh my god man you've gave you bride me. Yeah. Three and be ready for the C nobody's taken them up on this yet so he didn't know how to react. I'm wave and that little flag around for awhile so tell me a little bit the first of other people that are saying that you're not naming names. On this new album but they can't get a sneak peek India. Personal. That's right yeah. There's only saw them lived over the past three years and I don't really. They're out the personal loss on social media. That much so this is kind of of people have occurred. Little teaser there. So he's not naming names but ultimately I was babe what I was reading you said music has is kind of in the mistress. Little. Yeah yes. I'm a single guy because I'm so focused on my career of and they even best music or camera now so that's that's really looking seems Iranian and can accuse me you know motivated every single day is to get better and do what our division that's got to mean. Destiny said the talent to three years to make is that a long time. It's a long time you know they get it took that long because. Outrunning a lot of that and on the road and then trying to get it recorded while turned so much was the challenge so. You know that. What the Jewish settlement and then meet just wanting to be armed. We'll make sure that I had every single song that was. Special and and they had a place and it took a while to people bash me over the head like get it down to the Zell brought six months that. I just wanted to get a perfect sought to some of the. That's we failed to with with artistic endeavors you know you don't. But something and it hurt like I can't go on the air it's not ready. Man got cut at an early. Billick canisters to go to that that loving guests. What are you ready or not. Dustin Lance is on the phone with this I'm sure you got a lot more to do this morning and promote and his third studio album current mood one of Rolling Stone country's most anticipated albums of the year. I've broken bow recording artists that says available for you digitally all over the Internet. And you can even go old school go down to Wal-Mart. You hard copy we still might result of the date certain to. But I don't oriented you're great to hear from the man best Alexia. That you got so little support but they.