BMCC-0912 "The Dirt" - what's happening today in Country Music

Wednesday, September 12th


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925. WB EE it's the B morning coffee club. Yet time now for the dirt where I like to know what's happening today in country music. I'll let you know the whether it looked in perfect for us tonight for guitars and stars a Finger Lakes gaming and racetrack. If you drag your feet on buying tickets we're gonna have a fuel available at the gate tonight Alan Jackson not so lucky hit show. In South Carolina has been canceled. Due to hurricane Florence. A couple things to watch live online today one beam came brown he's going to announce some of the nominees for the 2018. American music awards today at noon live on the American music awards YouTube channel. And then Florida Georgia line will be performing for troops across the globe through a live stream showed tonight at 8 PM. Tyler and Brian are gonna take the stage in Washington DC. They are gonna beast dreamed two US so watch parties and fans all over the world seek and watch the event do which is being billed as the world's biggest USO to work. At the US those web site. New music this week folks call swing dal one of his most personal tunes to date has just been released. I'll dad's old number it is featured on his new album all of it and Cole explains the meaning behind the song. Ads on numbers the last song on the album and is definitely the most personal song to me. In LA if you never lost someone you love that have to be your dad no matter who that is you know what that's like to have their number right there in your phone and just wish you could call it that the good times the bad times because they are the ones that. We're always there for you and to be hit with a reality. That you don't have them to to lean on anymore as is a tough thing but his real life and the song trusses and every time in the good way and hokey. Folks that can relate to a fun come. Yeah colts when del re live in the painful memory he lost his dad Williams suddenly in 2013 after a truck he was working on fell on him. His father was 65 years old now that songs along with the interview is on our web site right now if you wanna take a listen WB EE dot com.