BMCC-0927 Hunting season and showering at Newmans

Wednesday, September 27th


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Since Joseph or get him ask me now last mass self. The and limbs you ready for deer season. And certain things are so strange with the weather has stuck in my husband last thing about it. He was like yes this weekend right archery opens Sunday morning sue. Those season comes first we get out there and movement towards the end of that crossbow season. And then now we're ending gun season. Forgive me I don't have that date. The gun opener but yet those season starts Sunday. And I was as I'm getting ready last night in my line and everything I'm such an owner's. And and I'm realizing. Why let me ask you this but not now not now that you have mom style and mom fashion. That impacting your prop up. Back in your prime. When you are in your glory days and you were going out on the town those are great things how long would it take you to get ready and our. Yeah it takes me longer than that to get ready to go hunting we'll be getting ready just getting ready and already five days and it. Our house I guess closing in up in the woods so they're absorbing the natural sense. Yeah the environment. Dot com. Little future moms. So laid out rating goes into the backpack packed in the bag pack unpack the backpack re strategize. A day that he took me hunting with him for years ago now and I'm that it was longer than men I did take a shower. Before I went out into the woods he told me. It's like not itself out I feel that I wouldn't want to know standing in it you know Newman shower going. Why taking it yeah century yet well as I was when I hate that I know all the stuff to house it's a very important but it's important to them. It really is. I'm not even in some ways number it's explaining it to you could you know on air because they can smell them they know you're coming you wanna be part of the background. And I remember that day to Steve I remember sitting in my living and I'm going men house's naked. Fifteen feet away from me right now Koppel. Yeah no I said that was a thing outside sports. Store papers but it.