BMCC-0927 TJ's encounter with panhandler on Dewey

Wednesday, September 27th


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I tell you guys there's something on the small town girl and there's just something I'll never be used to and that is. Ignoring the panhandlers. Folks around town that are asking for money. Since the small town girl in me can't just walk past him I can't ignore them makes my husband crazy mostly because he worries for my safety. I area Paul Sperry lecture I think I had my mom with your husband on this one I now. And I don't and I don't wanna hear. Yeah I don't tell me about all the bad things they do with this money. I understand yeah. They probably do have an addiction they probably do have a mental illness but I will tell you what. I got it I got to share this with you I was at fast track on the corner do we had just drop my daughter off the practice had a few minutes to kill. And yesterday I pulled into. The parking spot right in front of it. And a gentleman approached by vehicle. Are right. Now I'd watch him for a little bit I sat there for a couple seconds I watched him talking to other people as they ignored him walking in the door. Locked up to my window I rolled it down and he says excuse me ma'am I'm homeless that. Although by he started telling me right out of the gate and I think you'll have to tell me. You don't have tell me all about yourself here's a dollar. That's finite I don't need to know everything whatever it is I'm sure you need this dollar more than I do here you go. Any look Dabney. And I. I'm not being over dramatic something familiar. About him I don't know what it is about him by his eyes. Something was really really familiar about him government this man in my life. I got out of my car. Got out of my car and I just stood there with them and he looked at me Blake shocked that I was still standing there he was used to people ignoring him walking past them. I should tell me about yourself. We're just surf. Have you talked to the BOC. In other here they can help homeless vets they don't want you guys out here without a place to sleep but he started naming names yeah I'd been there this and that started talking about kids. He had. His glory days. How wonderful it was to be in the service before life got him down this and that and I stood there and talked to this man. Who. Just kidding you don't want my money he just wanted someone to talk to you. That's he won it for I can't tell you the last time he said I can't tell you last time I had a respectable conversation. And I said that's got to be tough. And then instead there. I didn't know again I didn't know this man as I wanna pray with you. I don't know what. I was by myself. Of those situations I laughed at them like what was I could put myself in harm's way. I'm by myself alone on the corner do you week in front of a gas station. With a total stranger. And there was some then I didn't feel threatened I felt like. I needed to be at that place at that time. And this man just needed a decent conversation I don't know why he didn't need my money he needed someone. To have a respectable conversation looked him in the eye the entire time. I know your goal isn't to make me feel bad about telling that story. But it just. I'm such an in my ego such. All I can think about is how many times I've just summarily profiles and dismissed. These people when it they can whether they come up to me Europe drive past them. And I don't know that I would let my guard down enough to allow a moment like that to happen to. I was surprised at myself. I was I in and I and my husband all my cash I call them afterwards I was like. When he had to it and I told them. And he was like you know what it's honey we're not in the small town anymore you can't just do that. And I say I cannot explain it to you but I didn't feel threatened. It's bizarre. He knowing and not the only one who profiles a guy I think most of us do I just assumed. You know if I gave the guy had dollar I'd like to go follow him and see what he does with. Morning minutes out of my life forty minutes out of mind selfish. Selfish life. And this guy he didn't have a car to have a right to the VO OC. Is certain you don't. And so I missed I just that on its just something I will not be used to and now you know I it's just I guess he can take me out the small town by. So what now. I don't know she's hanging out and three sways and I you know it's these. Hi trying to say only one at a time. Dade dad bless you man well I wish. There is a hundred more just like here alone may be if we trade spots with house maybe it'll rub off on me and I to can. A better. Person just by standing closer. Dead it's hot. Does someone today that's it at all it just. I don't know it was a very weird. Four I mean nothing like that has happened to me and that's I was like I gotta talk about the fact that share that. If anybody else has ever just given us a shot Felton is. I think it's a good TV Xia bazaars and it. But then vehicle TV show but it's hard to get that magic back in the bottle you couldn't create some spontaneous is switching. Now described there. Morning coffee club the morning. Yeah yes. But no. No other very well he knew it was my help. Great guy. The where they think what it wouldn't bet. But it could be bad about it Nicaragua. Barring the people owed indeed these Bode Miller people and they all know that you know. No reform now. And people know bet. They are are up for bat. But sometimes in the Portland apparently ignored the bullet would do it APEC and you know what it at. Cheney Dick I take it week you know now. It didn't matter he was a veteran that's why I stopped him back the story that I signal and it doesn't matter to me. Right. And it was weak and there are. Out there where are people that are out on a lot though and it is died got to make sure no they're now you know it. And then again people like like you regret and that they're in no help. I don't know just. I don't know maybe smile atom or something just as mayor to just ignore a human being it's just that. All your letter. Are meted exhibit characteristics and again maybe just you know smile at all. Morning you're next on the beat. Eight I got to come up that people can't handle. I worked for outreach and in Tampa Watters recruit bigger cracker almost Welker and have a lot of act quote people who technical. It didn't drink it but you know you're Welker. Bigger scope it cricket or soccer they don't want that it Arctic that rule for whatever. Reason prior art. Grew up there on went under it. It really know recent. Allied deal. Yeah I just I guess it didn't matter to me and you know I did talk to him I even asked in my ago. It sounds to me like he got a lot of personal pain and probably self medicating he probably is addicted. I don't really hot dorm and I hate to try to bring your men and eight I wanna go out about the rule curbs you'll. No big. I wasn't trying to save his life I was at. Yeah trying to do that I just wanted him to feel like he's human being for fifteen minutes of the flight that was. It was bizarre it was weird I don't know why did it but I did. But paneling is now legal dispute here are spirit bank to the biggest change that. And that two cats one man. Our editors are so many cases. I think you're next on the beach. Why. I hear I don't panic right hander big big app that going to demand not edit that contaminant arsenic. Let me might want to like hit bottom. Copy. And I don't act out on now I am what a bitter it would. Young and beautiful but why didn't I can I how do you think that they're here. And yeah and how do you know I bought him a cup of coffee and I don't and he got. Lucky lucky goat I don't like I'm hungry. And I like I don't like the ultimate carried out and I'm like don't get caught don't. All my parents and you don't care how wonderful I Al Gore rhetoric and hate people well well. Yeah I mean really give the guy give them a dollar at four quarters but really I just all I can kinda give him at the time I didn't have any cash was just. Look at many high grade math nearby they have a better I think it's I moms. Yeah. Everything's a teachable moment.