BMCC-0927 What's the latest with the Puerto Rico Crisis

Wednesday, September 27th


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In our demo watched and his and they do an update on Puerto Rico the article it Puerto Rica. Amenities but every time they do an update I can't help but think of that lady we talked to last week that lives here and she couldn't reach Oliver. Family and that just I don't know I'm just still very mindful of the emotions it. She had after it which day she called and it. Is it. One of those calls it really him it was a hard Meltzer. And some watch and it you know and you see the mayor of San line in in all the officials in Puerto Rico. And they're saying hey we need help we need help or what's going on where's the disconnect because I read on one hand we have. Eighty denying he flights. Go in there with two relief supplies. All day long. But then also CPU there's no one anywhere in the supplies. So what's happened. A lot of it is the infrastructure. Of the island nation's CM one isn't pretty good shape it's the outlying. Mountainous areas where the roads have been wiped out by mudslides. There's no power there is no drinking water there's no way to get the stuff to those people yet. So this thing in helicopters to what to do relief flights out of the report sort innings at the airport. And it's not necessarily the relief workers problems getting it to me it's the that the situation in the country. It's been basically devastated by the stork I saw a met one of those maps from our space. And nighttime map showing before and after the hurricane. In pre hurricane at night it's all lit up he can tell from space at all lit up but now they're just three little pockets. And that he got islands that have electricity. So I mean you know he just imagine. What goes into getting these supplies out of the airport. Finance so what's the answer do we need dead. Like ship trucks about water. That's that's what they're calling for I know that there's tons of cargo ships to you and the stuff is just sitting there. Because the drivers that live on the island are addressing their own their their houses are racked their roofs were ripped off. So things are sitting there and there aren't enough people to drive them where they need to go even if you could get them so it's just. It's so sad there's what do I see last night and probably because I'm a mom and sent home but there's not enough formula. If there's a baby formula. And that they were just calling their like we are going this death hole is going to rise again we cannot get this distributed and that's scary plus it's almost a hundred degrees definitely. And that too. So I do know that there are I don't know if there's electricians being sent there yet but I do know there's National Guard you know age we just we're gonna have to send people. There's not enough people to drive the supplies were gonna have to send them. Yam what I would have liked to have thought they rarity in route I know. It's terribly sad man that I just can't imagine your sit there and tell me that nine just can't imagine that frustration and now and I need the supplies. They're right there. Nobody could bring it to nobody was just you know 94092. Is our studio Tex line Kabul cause on hold at 222. W. BD. We brought up. The Puerto Rican aid situation. Before the news. And I guy called and was again it. Seems to us you wouldn't believe all the payments. And in London to Baghdad. Senator like this when amen to that last caller other countries could just send people if they don't have money. Cinema people helped as minimal cost. Matter no but right in the departed Dylan good for somebody like help and someone in need not expecting something in return for it. I don't know how it works though I don't know the bureaucracy I don't know the red tape. They they are entitled to the same government response is any state in the US so this is a domestic problem not a foreign one. And so I don't know what it takes I don't know pit us going OK we can't handle all of our own domestic. We need help or if they just ran I don't think foreign countries can just randomly send foreign foreigners well. Does the logistic situation say England wants to send 500 -- relief workers over. What are we gonna say who pays for that would guarantee that logistic situation and have to be worked out. Probably so much red tape yet. Just my gas. It's difficult and I hate to play that card like oh well I've been in these hurricane. The devastated. Hurricane devastated areas. In it Menem talent in it later this exterior. And I am just. It's hard to X to for me to put words to it. Like this person says that was Puerto Rico those people are citizens it's a US territory helped should have been immediate. And I don't. Mike that's done an un re re is it realistic expectation to say help should have been immediate. Like how will we some were people supposed. Air drop in right behind. The eye of the hurricane there more response to send boats and angry seas. To get aid takes time in this was just a storm of a lifetime rank them I mean it hit the entirety. Of the island and I get to frustration when you have loved ones there and you're watching these people are not being able to contact them just localize it. Take it the wind storm here. Are now that it's in note their rearview Mair in some time has passed. These people didn't live without power for a few days when he tanning get why they had to rebuild. The entire. Infrastructure they had their retton who polls run new line's bad start from scratch and that takes time and you can immediately. You know restore a power grid it's I don't know it's tough man. Am payments and Newman Iran help was immediate for Harvey. Harvey was first. Rank does that makes him well Harvey was not there wasn't an ocean. Between. Going down or helping our end we are trying to there and then when they were done there they just drove from Texas to Florida right NI. Army was we you know we knew days and advances going to be big storm we knew exactly who was gonna go and they had stuff in place. They had relief supplies in place ready to go there remembered saying days before RV that there was going to be fifty inches of water. Almost it been since I had Puerto Rico I know I'm bad with time lines. I think last week last week are we talking like ten days. Something like that so I think it's reaching the point where. You know it we really need people there we really need to see boots on the ground we need to see people being helped. So hopefully in the next day or two we see that. Because the simple we mentioned it earlier this supplies are there may opt in there are sitting at the airport. And that house I forget which decided earlier like they just don't have. The means to disperse this. This mudslides on roadways and you know. In the mountains of Puerto Rico. And they can't get the stuff there yet they're working on that stuff doesn't just automatically happen. Dad but it's very I get that but it's very difficult to swallow that when. You don't have food or water. I. Lord in the morning coffee club. I need a great night out all due date in Italy it. Anyway yeah it out and are all or whatever island is Al and I know that it's legal. Why it take you I Eric Robert Kelly you eat out. You know and I and I have been pushed it. You know the truck. Shop and the ugly. Out there. Excellent point. I'm not defending them but I would be a little easier today gay David you're an a couple of cameras into the location than sending a couple hundred. If not a thousand people live. All the supplies and water that it would take. And don't Carl. And I area as a guy. It. Another you know well. Look at it. And yeah. And people sure are fired over the important Puerto Rican and relief efforts. It is scrolling through the tech sign here we've been having a conversation about it. And I liked this one says. In Yemen what will we have done this to hurricane hit Hawaii or Alaska wooded it's taken this long. We all know the navy ships would have been deployed immediately. I don't know man it's it's. It takes time a game like it's unreasonable what he'd like when we had the wind storm here and people were losing power. Wouldn't what did you expect people to scale these polls in the middle of the wind. Again I don't understand late. How it's reasonable to expect. Aid to be delivered to an entire island nation. Immediately after the storm is there I was just on these guys are fear. In my personal experience. When my house was lost there Hurricane Ike and no eight. Okay. Once I finally got to my house and realized the desire evacuated. In realize it it was a total loss. And aegis sit there and you look nearly man I need help now. But then you look around and you see OK there's a photo water in my house. And the power lines have been ripped away from my house my whole meter board is gone on and even militants in the same zip code. At the moment. I had to walk a mile and a half just to get to my place because I couldn't get down the roads. So I mean it just their stats. Eat it's not like. You blink your eyes it's not bewitched. Dumb old reference card that. They get when a sand right stand and it's not that I'm defendant MP voyages. I just think there's a lot of this anger is displaced. And I think the anger in this comes from therapy and then I'll shut up. But I think often times people get mad because there really sad. And they don't know how to show that. I'm telling him that I think. It's refreshing seeing people react this way if we totally ignored this and this was no big deal and this was ignored. I would worry about us as a people as human being I think it's in our nature. Of course there's not that we can do about it we talk about it we could say where's all the help. And that's our human nature if we see people they need. People holding babies scene amount of baby formula we have no water we have no power. As a human being if I reacted any different. Than. Oh my gosh why why don't they have helped there. And there'll be so wrong with me. This text here says Newman I don't know it's so much that we should expect other countries status in exchange for our aid yet that was a pointy collar made. But it would be nice if some sort is. Nine economists. Some sort. The effort was made even if we don't need it people these days the people these days things changing your face that picture does something. And faster. And now the Arab people in France. In Puerto Rican flags of their profile pictures. On basement a Communist dynasty it's not meant to be funny but it. And what does that really do you know and stir on the Vietnam alone okay thanks for making all that effort topic now it's like. Like when ever outlaw I'll go to speak at a function and I'll Wear my Arab American flag pin.