BMCC-1011 Deer Insensitive

Wednesday, October 11th


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They junior Deere last year. Know last year that I would brig. But I remember you have an. Pretty gave. Raanan. Deer accidents. On a year for awhile he ever had one ounce bomb in that. Luckily no but I fear that I feel the moment it happened. God is here now literally out of years thing about that each and every time I'm on the through NIC you know gear this many miles. My idea of ours is in my throat that many miles. I want to bring back aren't I don't wanna try to perfect my business plan I forget how. Municipalities. Get relative. You know the. Carcasses. Roadkill. Because sometimes they're gone right away sometimes they sit there forever. Men are ruled out through hot freshman right out of the oven this morning so Europe's. So grows like somebody must have done it. 1015 minutes of forming. And I was so fresh out that somebody should still be pulled over. Alone and huddles. Just the. Two hours and I just say there's been one on the child ice center exit of 490 for almost a week and it still has it tailors on an every time we drive past him my husband wants the I'm like you or not. Well I just wanna come off I was like that it's there's some about that none of its right to me. And he's assuring me that it's totally normal they wanna stop and cut those off. It is normal cool to stop and wanna I wanna cut him off but I don't think it's legal. Well I don't stop in the car to let him in April influence of some of rattle and antlers. UV one no no I'm Adam hit meet. Like in my tracks like an atom run in light dart out and hit the back in my tracked. But I've. Fortunately. Been able to tap the brakes and likewise I don't I've been there. Four cars with deer accidents total losses like him picture is you know if Fred laces flopping away and you know it's as scared as I am. Too much yeah I had wind I mean it's set your air backs off that's what would make me mad then. You're trying to get out of the car you've been hit in the face of an airbag. I know I've asked the question before and that knows somebody has told me the answer but I forgive his gig it is is that it's a county job. They're probably depends on where it is. I'm telling yet if pain means. 40000 dollars a year and that Salo did. La pick up road kill 40000 dollars a year with full medical. And dental and vision. Borland K. And now will be the full time road kill well candidate you will not have that situation how long's that dear been there almost a week yeah I have a nap I'll be like Hoover scan all bloated. Ego I'm there it's in the back of the truck in his god I won 24 hour day notice are gonna wait until 9 o'clock in the morning to you know appear. We've had to be talking about overtimes and yet I like the plumber nights and spent. These studios garden. Normal let's go ahead so I don't mean speed. Creepy big cheer anything it is still disrespectful he talked about the two years it's been to Paris actually at this time a year because a lot of pregnant. Not true ma'am they don't make so like well ended November. Really what I hurt and they're not in red right now I can guarantee that. All right but if need be wanna tricked out now it's. I can communicate Catholic and I changed the channel in need and they're feeling what they can too easily. Now get could be a little warm. Respectful bout appears that we as humans kill would tired I mean it just did not funny. I don't think it's funny. Is it me. The McCain Kennedy came. It is and you know. B morning coffee club good morning and. I act. And away that Barry. I'll buy our alpha. I eat cherry and I. Want it by at least I'm. It individual and act. I'll watch it gear carrying on an. And to that lastly be here you took a respectful amount. And that's good now are you on a hunting family Aires. And I carried it out they actually beat her aid and I can't beat me all our little bit trade critic. Love small town USA. Are green and that they see money at. All. Write your next morning line to Lou. Hey I'm Burton won't woman. And maintenance or are here. It's yes she said it was disrespectful. To the dead a year for arrest to speak of them in the manner in which we where. It's a big world there's people with all sorts of opinions and respect the mall. I don't respect their opinion that it well Craig would be. Swelled to them as I and the other one Eric Eric Eric I want to thank you go. And I impairment and message of unity we need to celebrate our differences and I asked. Use them to pushes farther apart from one another year next in morning. Well up. Not. One area. A man that's what makes the world go round there's all different types of us. That but what bit are. What are not yet. Well that's the other side of the coin penis isn't what I'm. They get older but I think an active program right. One more go ahead your next. Eight days gobble I don't regional. And that that you don't get the other horse couldn't that would dispel the dollar electric it the year of organized. Gas is so important to Detroit you have sort. But. Yet. It guardian in order that they ate barbecue the I got you you're a monster madness here but I balance. He has compassion Yang. This post alert here. People work it. Out of that orbit and each morning coffee club. Yeah it instead he currently can't get here. So it can't expect a little more from you know. And I mean is actually kind of crappy. Economy. If you ask her. It bird era aren't any parent IR two and a lot and screening and it went from. And nobody there to help that it will cost somebody competent down years in agony. At all. In really hadn't. Had in Paris the end. Parallel and and moderate and mean. And we were at hand me. What act. Don't get right to make a dairy milk. I don't the first about none of it it just how do you call it yeah. It it was about her. Hair. Shirt read I beat maybe Greg Lee yeah. You know not what you. Can't hear so many people. He didn't matter and you work an eight. So hungry here and it I don't area here I don't people. They aren't happy it found me by kicking kicking it was really happy you know. No we just every morning we air all the phone calls we caller radio station weak air of the phone calls are harder the job via. So I get the studio behind and we can't apparel. I'm glad that could have been Knight sir you were really sarcastic. And wanted to say you can continue to calmly crazy but still let you seen any animal in my car. And taking tons of fun because and the person and Monroe County one of them. They can't. Hit my car. Now I see a kind of it. Okay. Today. Point well taken. Here yeah. Is this real life. This is this really. Real life. I am an animal lover. I don't know where I hadn't sarcasm in there I would net it's really comes word in my cars in to these I was sarcastic. I just like somebody just tuned in I don't know what's going on. I can't believe it OK so. Where even start Mike Bowen does it traffic reports this is about 45 minutes ago. At least yeah yeah longer that there is pretty bad dear strike accident. And so after that just organically spontaneously. I mentioned how I rolled past a dear struck accident on my commute into work this more. And then I was like man wanna be the guiding goes and gets arm you know I do that shtick this this is an annual schtick for me. A wanna be the road kill writes down is going and and and we talked about out there and various stages of the Canadians. And then. Those that lady called originally. We heard this. That in years. And then the listeners T. Off honored. Well. Different. Angle it. Senator. I feel terrible I got I got admin and I feel like because I have I've high. I've had kids in my car. And hit a deer and been really really scared so I guess my first reaction is. The danger that comes with yet with. Hit a deer in the day in bringing awareness out there because guess what they're starting to run we are we just want to let people now. And get just get my kids out of the backseat as quick as I can't I guess that just I didn't think. About. That dear as much as I should hand and their healing our I feel like I'm. You know without due respect we commented on a bit it was a listeners who piled on the portly. And I mean they. We boosting let's you know let's look out for the oysters and he enjoys is David bar you know. Well I don't mean to be. Probably they cheer anything. It's still disrespectful he talked about the two years it's that it occurred to me this time a year because a lot of pregnant. Not true ma'am they don't make its oh like well Linden November. Really that's what I hurt and they're not in red right now well I can guarantee that. All right but at maybe one. I don't know it's something clinic at Catholic edit change the channel in the center immediately went it was too easily. But now to get Kabila or. Actual Al appears that we as humans kill was tired I mean it's just did not funny I don't think it's funny. That's just me. Can't you can't. Thank you. How ironic was in her second call she said she has the job that you want. She's one of the ones who goes out in you know screens up roadkill. Feel bad I call it a Manhattan man. And quick dig getting guilt trip by Emma soccer for guilt trip and I feel terrible that I've never. Considered the deer slowing its. Okay that I was gonna say you know lead candidate Mitt forget about years feelings. Are the mind. I just I was reacting unselfishly. You happy instruct deer and totally my car and all the had it that comes with that and all the steered. When I got to get the kids out of the carving everybody's are right. I've never hit it the year but I guarantee you when it happens in Julie and I drab and around in the deer hits our car. I will now be thinking about the abuse feelings they'll now be my first thought. You're guaranteed of that and shame on me good morning Satan I think it means to each. Each. Out of and a we're such shock jocks yeah. Regis got a text from on our cell phones from a buddy of ours. Longtime listener. LeRoy bill yeah and he reminded us of this in Mike guide. TJ years ago. Imagine how that lady would have reacted and it was huge like we couldn't stop playing in people wanted to play every day Christmas to be a one time deal. Like we came up with the rules like I'm wrote official rule. And we played road tilt poker. Well I got us yeah would meet me. Like on your commute in yet to document all loan like a deer was a face card yet. Our gratitude Ned you know as was assigned so many points and yet a five card limit on the way ends of. You forward Colin is like that game and I'm not married and all the way and do grease the day's top ten year NRA where residents are. We gotta have confirmation they guts I saw dragged. Minutes and then he would college I just drove by there there's no deer there I got. Why it. In Mike. I don't know how long ago was this Algiers yet okay maybe five years ago as it changed that much in five years. What do you mean but as far as feel like you're gonna add insult. Wow now every. Few universal. Of course it people that are that are wildly more offended increasingly so every day on more and more topics nine. I will tell you and that you attach a price to anything in people wanna play. Announcer let's face up and the are we dead dead tickets to see Charlie Daniels. We get a new content is code kick your mama. Well.