BMCC-1011 Dirty Harvey

Wednesday, October 11th


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Cano this whole situation on this movie maker Yang Weinstein then. Yeah. Manhunt. And it's everything I read just grosses me out and AA each did really are trying to have a Filo might. That's just mingle one time might think you know the casting couches. You know and all that just through years been. The more I read about it and all these other actresses are common forwarded it adds this my heart breaks for them. And I want to be able to understand. It's very difficult for me to wrap my head around this and I know it's because I haven't walked in the same she uses someone. It has been victimized but with all these women that are coming forward now that. A few have broken the ice and more and more common now. I just can't help but think and I'm not victim shaming not truly want to understand this and it probably has. Something to do with I don't know. Eight can be easy day handle but it's these women wouldn't come forward years ago is difficult as the main B. I just like whoa what if it's worth how true what is said something when she was 22. What about all the women that like this guy could have been busted. And not creep and on these women. I guess it's just so scary to be the first you know and you risk losing your role. Career is like he's the most powerful gas right if he didn't want Jensen get back to work you know it's just also add me. Yeah and I mean there were women who came forward and they were paid off. It's one of the big charges against his eyes I mean he did the planes that did come forward he is a powerhouse of a man. As far as financially and in his pole in Hollywood so yes they were there were women who came forward and paid off immediately. How does how do we stop this I mean because it's very similar meaning you just noticing more and more obviously the guys beat Maine. On a smaller scale Bill O'Reilly. You know in in paranoid just feel terrible for those that. Aren't ready. Or able to speak. And I filled terrible firm. The ones that they're and Hayden told they go away I don't know it's just so sad. Beaten. Another thing one of those stories this morning is it are we wind seems wife is now so this is enough. And she wants a divorce. IE you'll never work again and absolutely. He can you read as a dirty little secret everybody in Hollywood knew that this guy it was a dirt bag. But he was so powerful and he controlled so any jobs. And everybody was just afraid to step up. I mentioned even more come out of the woodwork so I'm sure on other people pandora's box and get expose a mall I'm here. The lord almighty. And am a gap I don't know how you women do it causing him to become a feminist. Revenue commerce station about this is just that growth sense of this Harvey Weinstein. Situation that you can escape news from men. I just so I was asked him might help me understand that. Why victims don't come forward because me being inning guy and how we you know lick it just hop process things in my if you come forward. Tony years ago than twenty years worth of people. You know might not have been victims but I. And now I'm not victim shaming at all lies and on can't imagine how scary it would be to be the first one out and he Jed told as a mignon I'm not gonna. Say what you said that's up to you but she told us the situation. That she had had to deal with with some creepy dude in the past and you know from what it whether it's Weinstein whoever they creep was there are Bill O'Reilly or caused B year. Line a month famous they're not famous. It's crazy in some brave person sent a text here at least think it's brave to contribute to the conversation. Is seen Ellen speaking as someone who is a survivor. A sexual abuse there's also the issue of being believed. Are always gone to have the people who don't believe you especially if year. Point two year old girl. Yeah and it and imagine if feared. And compare that to bay. You know if he is say something like oh my god I'm never gonna work again and you know. Well I know that you know sometimes it makes you as the woman feel stupid like me all I should put myself. In a situation like that like for whatever reason we spinning around. And blame ourselves like that was that was dumb of me next time I'll know better. And you leaked. And the nine guys get a free pass I do it again and do it again until they get car. No room. In what about data designer lady. Did you hear her. Daryn yes aunt who is like blaming women slate will what do they expect these actresses run around and where in the next announcement and I know she's an older only ridiculously. Out really. Yeah I mean I was just out trust me I don't. Block anything it doesn't matter of bloody can not flaunt it there's no one else to blame but a person who feels so. Entitled. To do whatever they want that they put hands on total strangers. You know what I mean that that's the belong in the short of it. Is a guy. Do you wanna do any part of this situation it and I don't feel reciprocated. Our villages. Now that monster right way to think about it. But there are people who are sick minded and just have things twisted their own reasons they have these powerful positions and they feel like you do whatever I want. You know it did accusations it was Gwyneth Paltrow and even Angelina Jolie. They were very young in their career is in my mind as I don't case you were going to be brave enough to come out. You've got to have island the money. You've got you've got you know and Armenians a blow okay prominent employ over this I got to be prepared to work begin. And you know and all those actresses who have that now didn't twenty years ago right when these acquisitions made. I Gwinnett Pelletreau one underwent an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love and Rosen and she finally. She was able to. Choose one of the few who's able to move on after this in any given group anyhow he points to let. That we're gross looking guy I mean. Like again. Yeah. Hairy sweaty and sick minded in. And you know what they're both those girls were kids those in Hollywood parents. So why he had seen and probably play day in on sir good friends with their parents. I looked late dinner is. To have facies in that movie the journalist that was shooting here I shop now the mother about. Who have Pelletreau the the movie being shot at the big him. And I told you everybody said after sue Spiderman shot here to the movies we're just gonna keep or man and a.