BMCC-1019 Rent-A-Womb

Thursday, October 26th


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We're talking about having kids blatant lies. There's still hope Billy jolt Agassi announced yesterday 68. And got his wife's pregnant they're expecting. Baiting. And we were talking off the air Kenny Rogers the legendary Kenny Rogers. Remember had twins Lleyton life. As I remember. When that was a thing or remember making a dumb joke about how there are. His wife will be changing three diapers. At a terrible. So when did Kenny Rogers had his twins it was 65 years old back in 2004. While my gets so he's how old now sixty signed in 2004. Informed. Me he's almost any media wish. Mean teenagers. Yeah. Online cash. Mean clearly the key is here no matter how old you get you're going to have to find someone younger. Yes that's the key that's what these men have died this year and now Billy Joseph I think she's in her late thirties his wife. Sell. Yes I am asserting an out learn. MCC campus. And many continuing education didn't see there a line let's you know. So little younger campuses closer than ever it. Oh yeah holy crap I don't even have to leave all fall a little creepy neutral. I thought I. Was that is creepy as the other idea I was gonna have not babies. And I got a 401K. I guess. Medical. All sorts of pluses. Neither plan was you know if a woman. Once have a child on her own she can go down to a clinic. And man in death in gets some of the other ingredient Braden. Inning guy do that. And I go down to the bank in gets a man eggs like I'll take half a dozen and a I don't know how they. You that McCann guys do that and then I'll like brick. A surrogate yen. Holding space so doom what's your price. Tender and the price for my womb yet. You could fit into her belly with little to be part of that yeah would be awesome right yeah he's privilege for me tale. I appearing for two TJ that's a double and I today. Oh man that. Darren Sergei can you imagine IBO and they're workers and my hands on your belly up all of the and you can do anything in HR because I'm doing today I paid for my property from smoke. I own your little Luis is a holding room. Be studio thanks for holding good morning. Good morning just a guy won the pot. I would be capped it could be years very good at it like I don't want you to my mind now. Yeah you know and as an ad being that you can use. They need it and you know. Create an embryo you and not wanting at that and I didn't expect that out I'm looking around 50000 dollar and here's why. I've got paper or act cat kept my kids. I happen to make sure it because I have another injuries that pulled me down in my pocket but moving around about the day. In addition said that. I I'm going to need a membership for. Afterwards to go to the end it was all related at least for three years it was 72 pounds and I need to consider that as well. And in addition to that I have. A lot of other special is that the I eat a lot cleaner and so when I am and then in addition to the that we and how Google happy media you a lot of organic. And then after the baby is born in order does that mean it was in the late eighties be able to eat below appears while electing an account. He can pay for my era. Yeah. Can you get too many demands. Not name anyone that I am looking at it from our real. Where it looked yet I hear the other thing that you may not be aware of in your state is you know if I become pregnant. Even aware that in vitro. By New York State law the baby is technically mine. So there's a legal aid is he aware of yet it. But legally I think give up the big upgrade options do you which I am more than happy to have more than I need in my life. Is theory yeah I love being pregnant I love it it. That's an amazing time I love being part. OK well how about like we. We like go to Canada and do it somewhere on the down low and you know keep it off the bug us. No because I bill out there. All are my it is a spoken of it. Yes it's not a garage sale you can't blocker down like this and a scholarship lady. But I'm I'm allowing I would I'm getting about eight to change the entire shape of my body I worked so hard to get where I am. And I'm living. And just give that up right thing. And you're the artwork on the one year of being pregnant but forty years. Of my life. I'm what are you giving me a lot to think about can mull it over. Yeah yeah I mean think about it about all grand a year basically. Only to get back I need to be where I am right now. So you've put in addition to you know trying to component convinced Jeremy over here you've you've opened yourself up to a 100000. Men who listen. I don't think a 100000 and outlook on the you know you can see in Newman isn't great person and I I know what kind of wonder why aren't you going to that are attracting. I'm a good person on the radio. You get the best of me on air. You know you don't see the warts and blemishes. Right right like when you eight people on your bow hanging out with Ed and you hear them right. Yeah I plan. I do all that to make up for all the jerk things that I do your kind of point those out. Well I am not aware of all of their things that they have a girl on the I don't think investment that your. Well you've given me a lot to do to think about there's a lot of meat on that bone ominous start shoe and. I actually made me to talk yourself and maybe ever but anger you know Chinese. My short sale. Let's. Bring would be cheaper and in your price tag I. Face it I have a great. Fifty grand for a series yeah yeah is that what it costs. All that and then some what time yea and Kim Kim K they paid for surrogate fifty grand on senate between them and. If you end and everything that's part of it like I don't think and yet that ladies. Yes she's adamantly. I thought I thought he had too many demands. Acted and do it I still think you can break TJ down. Or at least twelve grand. Twelve grand. And not covered. The bills have a. Twelve grand he comes in crashes a mile and pop up.