BMCC-1027 The REAL reason why Newman doesn't dance

Friday, October 27th


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You know after our little dance party we had earlier on. Like I know it's ignorant. To stereotype. That if you're gone by this remind know why they say why people can't dance that was. Lot of heart into it you don't you just got to let go what the that are not an hour of the image he had TJ you'd dance like year get a bad. Bite in me like there's a confidence there does there is then I lack of like you can definitely tell when I'm Dylan in trying to be sexy. You can definitely tell I'm not confident doing it. And I think that sends a message to all the women on the dance floor apparently this yet. Is even if you see again I'm right I'm just assuming this is our girls take on the situation but GC guys may be good looking he's out on the dance floor. He's not the best dancer in the world. Possibly god awful but he's confident right out there that's hot tea right. And we like guys who make us laugh so if he's fully committed. And it makes us laugh that your it's a win out. You gotta go for the Albion waiting in Julie secret ballot Steve come on its stance he wants to do and slog goes sort of sheepishly go out there. Move around a little bit by big move is dancing backwards to get off the floor. I'm here yet but I think he says one idea that I should immediately guy like guitar. Englishman led busted people like oh my idol tonight. C yeah. See people being. Earlier I don't know we're adults Sima I used to like when. I got to college. And I was still fine in Compton in an uninhibited before you know. Like life is Ellen please correct and that the I used to love to dance we go to the club I'd be the third store and now they're the last one off today. And I'll never forget I was I was asked to go to a tie Omega. Formal rank does it was one of these sorority girls asked to guys like Jack. So I'm going on there on mullah Massoud and it's time to dance and I'm did not dare not just some. Let me go in she was like OK now in stop stop. And like she she Mimi stop dance. And ever since then. I have. Have been very guarded. Around dance floors like I've been on a slow jam only policy for quite some time because of one sure. You have one girl she just and then that just in the end when she pointed it out I noticed. Like other like as it will maybe I do look like do bird out here. Simply you plan cursed and got my head man. You gotta get back out there. You gotta find that inner. Instinct for boy I think of closure Resnick faces a you know who the hell and I didn't look like you're trying to hold in a foreigners okay.