BMCC-1027 TJ's raw emotion on-air for a cause she feels so strong about. The Opioid crisis

Friday, October 27th


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Yeah we've the president declaring a national crisis officially. And I I just can't tell you how happy this makes me first of all it brings it to the forefront. It's discussed a lot. But steps need to be taken. You know in and I know it's Friday and but I need to you know. I may share some then a little bit personal with the and then kind of vulnerable right now about it but I feel like if I share it. It'll help. And maybe people can understand how quickly you can become. Addicted to opiates but I was after I had my second child. I was sent home I didn't go seeking out anything I was there have been a baby. I had the Syrian. And my doctor. Handed me a bottle of opiates to take home. After mice the Syrian by by Canon. It was perk is that same thing you stronger actually. And I was naive I didn't go looking for I didn't have a history of any drug use at all. And Darian with the baby blues I knew boring lack of sleep and I'll tell you what. I got hooked on those very quickly. Very quickly. Ended the doctor kept giving them to me and kept giving them to me. And then all of a sudden I have totally lost control. You know I wanna be a good mother. I'm functioning by the way I'm going to work. But I'm finding me as a couple months go by all I can think about. Is the next one I'm gonna take. Which I hear over the course this doctor that I trusted. I did not go out seeking that. I trusted him he handed them to me and all of a sudden here I am someone that I didn't wanna be. How loan. Easing into it before. It consume you. On it happened just the state of mind where I was. My three months now how does it word because there's that that that's. And that's very brave muted. I was so nervous right now because trust me I was humiliated it was the worst time in my life now the doctor gave unto you but it what point mic as it did at this point that's when people start turn into heroin and that's one and gets worse that's what it escalates but it what point the doctor prescribed these to you know you started taken amass and prescribe more. And once it becomes addiction you said you start thinking about the next line at some point like you gotta think how am I gonna get this refilled. That's exactly it so here. You know I'm somebody that I've never been before he might fake guy that I have an amazing family. And it was my family that was. Point you know I hate that kinda got together and they were like you become someone we don't even recognize anymore. Yeah I mean. They just washed over me and they eat I thought I was hiding it. You know what I mean I thought I'd I'd I didn't think it showed. I thought I was hiding it thought and I don't mean a Mikey quit tomorrow. But clearly. I was totally hooked on the stupid prescription that this doctor gave me so he gave it to you I and he kept giving you is he not been criminally. Negligent. I was very upset I think I had to detox my body house. It waves that here I was a professional in the community that I live Dan I was a mother. I had a household to run and I had this enormous. Like monster that you had to feed from within you that I had to almost get out of might not with terrible. I don't think the laws that are in place now. Were in place then so doctors could keep on me now holy crap I think you got to jump through hoops to. To get go to those scripts yet because I. And and done I just bowed after I went through this disgusting detox and getting it out of my brain and reset myself. And humiliation. And having that. I mean just my life flipped upside down. I'll tell you some to name you probably wouldn't know and are very hairy disclosed this years and years ago you know Terry had series of hip operations. And her recovery from that actually it was leading up to that make it she was in such chronic pain. She got to a very similar situation Terry Clifford ball to people I mean all people and in she had. To get off that stuff too and remember we used to joke we stood colored dark hairy yes maybe she just all of a sudden was different. I was totally different and thank god but if I had did not have that turning point. Who knows. Where I would've gone. And when you see these pictures of these parents in the front seat of these cars with toddlers in the back chewed not the end you know what I mean. And it's so quick to sit back in judging go all those people. Those people. But it could be your coworker QB that the nice couple next story can be anyone at any point until they get a grip. On this eventually you start getting the prescriptions. And that's when you turn to the streets. In when you can't signed here oxy code known you or cassettes. The next best cheapest team is often there are we need to fix this problem now dude that was a real. I wanna argue we are as an engagement. Really hard to kind of reveal everything that. You hate about yourself which was that point in time but it's so common here's here's I'd just sit here watching TJ shake through those old commercials do yourself a favor pull up the tax line. And there are too many to count text messages from listeners that are your story. And thanking you for being so brave to share and raise awareness. Seriously yeah agreed make you feel new adventures. Dario doing well it's mom and I think they are what you are a lot of it. I'm. In the way they. Are. Edu or call eight EP epidemic that. Let. Year end up in India. It. You're at the spring it. I've been keeping it. Own well I hope some of the US senate standard. Knowing that that's how I'm feeling nobody knows I'm hiding it and tell you cemetery just after Rochester this stuff seek an end run small towns. If they're small towns from my raise their families and. And another thing you know you fell. I didn't fail to point now but you didn't point out in there is once these doctors send in the prescription some with you in the main item in the case then. But bear in the medicine cabinet with your kids in the house I think about the Genesee hill situation and how did meg go down that kid guy. If I remember correctly I hope I'm not this remembering. But that kid that distributed the oxy code onto the football players didn't get if and so I'll let us ensure. You know that yet and I get up and they could speculate might have let that be apparently there is no job. They went out and that part is it odd and I bet well. They opt out body in a bit if you do it. I would I remembered only like all wild you know I hit a great. In that. Spot I read about I think alike hopeful though but I wrecked. I think everybody. I'm. I don't eat at the expense. We where TJ and I continued to have the conversation after we went to the commercial orderly here now is not sold and said the team with those you know appear on him for awhile. One isn't getting the job done Yeltsin then you go one and half. Alexander hasn't worked out then you are and Sudan Euro and a handful and then you're just a person that isn't even you anymore. It that well. They're the very end up quite a bit but here. Don't I've been out Italians are well there's a long time ago thank you met up at the LLO. Yeah well.