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Monday, October 30th


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Are you how big morning during a bit purity and I got a port visits the real Charlie Manuel losers in the past and that. It you know fake fat boy split. Mr. Daniels I gotta tell you it is so wonderful to be on the phone with yet. Personally you meant part of the soundtrack of my life from 41 years old my parents introduce me to your music. And you've been in the game since I saw you a few months ago you were in our area that DI Hilton fireman's carnival I was out at that showed there. And now you're coming back so our area on Friday November 17 that our new casino del lie go muzzled by some property appeared you're gonna come so much. I guess I just don't probably I got did today yeah. You don't. You're limited backcourt to work or where you're coming up meg coming up are there part or prolong cap. You know I'll tell ya I grew up in Houston and I was totally unaware of western and central New York when iron New York got thought of the city and once I moved here I had people learn more at stake here than any part of Texas that men and. Well I didn't shape and I think it first came out how one to New York edition of one birdie record I had what do promote you. And I get out of electricity you don't play better prepared and I you know what they've got back at it should be candidate which no. Okay yeah. Yes there hits at me you know I'm from Texas so everybody appear just decisions. I was born on horseback and I was in I had to move here before I was introduced a farming and horses and all that admitted it is definitely a wonderful. Part of the map in this region and now and you certainly do have a lot of fans here. I do one I didn't tip my cap to be a little bit I'm not a big reader I read about four or five books a year. That your book never look at the empty seats I saw you on Fox News promoting it now so what the heck. So I went online in order to it and you have some anecdotes and words of wisdom in that book then I was able to apply. So my life and what I do for a living and working in radio. And there's one part DNN I'm gonna loosely quote it. But you talked about walked in on stage each and every time with a positive attitude because there's nobody in that crowd. Did pay did hear about your problems in when you are on the stage you gotta bring it every time. And and make sure that people get what they came deceit. Cannot deal with daddy no work in radio I'm on the air every morning and sometimes I'm in a bad mood. And I'll let that spilled over in that. And little nugget of wisdom really spoke to me. Well I'll be 81 year note tomorrow. And I kept that I have put a lot of tab Reynolds stay got done do a disparate sixty years double the can keep people aren't allowed us lesson to not put up. How are what about B I against all but they're all as far as I'm concerned they're all these carpets bounded and especially that want. But I was about don't look at these BC not concerned with him she conservative people that are very you hope of a show you give it to a. No I think you've stayed so grounded. That's I think that's that thing that people love most about you you've never had your feelings or views on things and you've always stayed grounded. Now where their points in time. Iran your career path where he was attempting dissuade from Matt. Not and I should end in my career might go my. My. Are these are. God family country to war and have it go and I have. That would be able to be case they had to pick them up and difficult. A lot of people I surround myself with that got people of them picked her. My primary it whimper totaled 45 years to Baghdad they had been there 42 years have that same people around rich. You know they didn't know I get I get up Saturday people in my outfit they're not write about so it charity. You know your Rommel did you do district that the other bank and I would still buy and that's you know he's steady he's staying crowded. About. Same crowd at the big bullet you know people achieve that you spam to people that bit let it. We're on the phone with Charlie Daniels he's come into a Dell log go on Friday November 17. It's so wonderful to talk to is is a big opportunity for us. Beyond mentioned now I've minute Fanny years my whole life and first Hamas saw you alive was. In the mid eighties that the Houston livestock show and rodeo and then I saw you in July have beleaguered the fireman's carnival. And it was like the same guy do you play music every day like I had a day off do you still get to fiddle out and end play. Can the guitar and be big cat especially as they get older up beggars you know you you should be conclusion does not deliberate they want to work. And I read scale we'll let deja right used to I'll I'll do it I don't believe I got. Yeah more get out don't necessarily do it every day tomorrow but I've got to keep those bank usually did that and I think it's upbeat attitude gets they would. Yes sir. And our run this up about your flag pole here I mean a lot of the new artists the tradition is included traditional country music fans have a lot of push back. When they hear of the new music coming out of Nashville. And one of the more polarizing. The artists at least on the front lines here what I did we do in that country radio where about Sam Hart Kendall talked about his rapid. And you know and isn't fair because always invoke your name when people go to hate. Hasn't he ever had you ever heard Charlie Daniels. I mean he he's talking during his songs do is that a fair. And dictate some of it all goes back to have very old. Cash and abuse date that's been around for hire your huge column topic boots. It no more just resolve it and it may hear about it it's just astonished that this step be it Don. It's spoken. You know I'd ask you immediately get double speak out and they have because so ambiguous or word obviously yet it but they want that country's it was a matter under. They don't need it incorporated certain amount I don't. And Alex just ridge bread apple worse ul and the bank you know Anna Kendrick Meek can't I get that you know that's what got your music you know. I I don't recollect site I felt like saying they get brought up people like classic rock dumb people like. But you're stuck some people let it progress he's been up. This is where country anymore it's it's not age you marriage hundred they want to want it may you know be it. It's people like it why not added more and music. And I eat up an acute directed but I would go to the border war rapper ever came off. And then he thought how explicitly you know of the you know gold medal. Battle she got up top it blew up in here don't well. And that's as a kid I loved yourself because I can't sing a link man and I can do uneasy rider no problem. And since after Padilla didn't hear. Now. Of the new artist anymore and you know anyone you say hey meg has got it he gets it I. I moved it built by analyst bill a lot of they attribute cigarette you know but. Like gut our credit back open. My deck around. I not not her great you're not do pretty get Bobbitt. You know they hit hardest hit a lot gusher is something that they're. But this thank you may get you know what I like he says that stick out like that sort which respect open deck around the an avid is not it doesn't tell Lockett down bracket that Cadillac up meet the interviews that what they got home you know and Rudy are great yeah this is. Being unique and brake issues when you come on here so I did that respect what does that stack. That's going to take up that Kurdish does that they are bad take or that sort you out. That's valid jacket bit the all these people you know PM when you're your mail. You know who they are they don't tell what anybody else. They purposely art do it they're wrong why. That's what in our. Do you remember the first time you heard your music on the radio and did you think you fitting end. I don't remember the first time hard not be under regular exactly but it would not it would go rock station Saturday that she can't did Merrill. Gov jaguar back and I keep it denies that it would if it was up dirt decorated so fire record written. I don't record directly especially current tactics. I cannot be cheaper again that we now a special project. Which is kind of companion speak with the book it we've got asked chronological. A tall order abuse ticket we did I see it up this medal doubt that. De board up at a record helping got a hold up it don't has to outlaw the very worst record ever go to what was known as well on this golf. Recent memoir he. And it's important to wall carpet to all our project I don't want to edit but. It is that got shot this year. It it can step it up a little about record never order a little bit now I've felt like it was you know that's what it is good and just donate your shot. They happen and how you gonna spend your birthday mr. Daniels. I'm gonna work dictator apple do it a mile wide sweeping ethics problem but the concert would be tomorrow night at about the extent to which. You know we're a long time ago when you travel Berlin and you're on the road show but it's doing a bad day I'll be missed birthdays today if all had to Baghdad perjury is that so we just have disabled by up to a special time. You know what his estate bubble suburb are they an anniversary decided to have some of belt. As the capital of New York a couple of major will be somewhere special and what is that items. Separate art that he beat this up they ought to thank David berg that. And that's that's that makes the world a sense now my grandmother is our biggest listener she is so wildly loving and supportive of me. And now I just want you to Canada speak to her like she can take a walk around the block and asked to sit down and rest for two days. You bring it with such intensity. Every single show and perform circles around guys that are at thirty year age. In 1980. Thank catastrophic exit I got tiger looked at a postal bigger picture of Obama are. Army at the replay is up to speed up through the ball happened to skiing and that is probably do it replaces. That gently down. It would have been separate director got a little upset are an issue that beat Tampa board but I was able to do that at the generational what I got back all but they. I was an issue about sanctions become magic mosaic. Could welcome under the larger show and had to stop. So I beside it right you know I've got this bit about this so and had started increasing. Mom while he. About these days every day and it has started jacket and started job into mild the day it and I quit that occurred to mess but you'll watch maintain. She a regiment pictures I credit side every day I try to do our work or wrote Rick walk in act. Are rational stationary bike perhaps Bauer. I hit that it at least battered 68 a week. It makes a tremendous. Difference in your life it gives you more energy if you more flexibility should be if you you know your your help you out here. Does anyone else wanna do aerobics with Charlie Daniels did I know I. He says yeah yeah yeah yeah. I couldn't keep up it's not a lot of young guns like what other advice yeah they're not I don't want. Debt bad. He altered a bit you get united I think that they get a lot has one little project about I wrote this mob book about this whole period and about how to keep it. But if if you started don't try to keep up with. But somebody don't deep need to do it just doesn't educate did you know I don't feel bad about that somebody interact. That debate about these tapes it big percentage. So I think these people what it. You're home bar yeah you don't hear all build your own program do what you did you know more about what they're doing it might think this consistency. Do at least half are edit do it every day and you will benefit from. He is Charlie Daniels legendary performer and artist coming back to our area Friday November 17 the Dalai ago and that book if you just tuned in the middle of this the book he referenced in not brought up at the beginning of the interviews called never look at the empty seats it's a memoir by Charlie Daniels Ahmad about two thirds of the way through and it's a fun read. He talks about how his career was launched by people like Elvis Presley Bob Dylan I think to any wind that's name. Was in there as well it's a fantastic read and what are performer on the stage on paper. All around it is men so unbelievably cool to me on the phone with him mr. Daniels. I have learned Jordan I'll usually know clearly have a great. You can't have a great day a guy. Real quick you go to enjoy the vine brand new show room at Dell log you gotta love this facility it is in myself in the best booking they've made since they opened last February. We will be up there are opting elderly independent yeah have a great day and happy birthday they can't read about. The all of us.