BMCC-1102 Who pays a thousand dollars for a coat??

Thursday, November 2nd


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Today is. Very important day in the world of fashion. Matt Diaz are aware of this. No we got a little. Or tipped off to it the other day but today is the day Blake Shelton. Unveils. His new line a close. To New York City Macy's. Yeah. Pair of jeans and and a flannel yeah that's. That's basically I think there's going to be one rack it for a minute when the other day when. You mentioned that Blake Schilb that is new line of clothes come into Macy's I was like I'm man they just. All the old Arizona brand stuff that didn't so I. And could Blake's name on it and doesn't wait Arizona that's JC Penney's brand. So. This is a BS by Blake Shelton is called please. And being that you don't as items. Ranging from forty bucks to 400 dollars is being leather jacket peak at four bucks. Long sleeved T shirt forty dollars. Bunch of the is about twelve items in the line. Well I have this is what I mean come on think about it. Let that's part as a guy who dresses similarly. To Blake. That's part of the reason why we dress like that. Clad in jeans boots up and if you gotta look good you get that one sport coat yet you paid man paid 400 dollars for. But you're fit you know just don't gain too much weight you can words or you're dead. One time thing but that's that the brilliance address in my Blake is. It's little effort you know any everything goes and everything. You get five shared spied genes. And that's Tony five outfits. There is one thing on this collection that I don't see you wearing I can see where everything here. Except the blink shall millions reversible would blend the best. NC where oh yeah I you don't sport tests very now I've never seen in about non deceive yourself now in an adolescent and I mean if it's cool enough he would take a look on there's a can't. I'm on that's that are not but think about 400 bucks. I know I look I know that's a lot of money. Would you see what people are paying for these okay Canada goose project jackets that are so popular. How much are those in between 700 inning grand I was looking at some. Just online not acted never spend that kind jacket. It I wanna see there was like a 14100 dollar winner's coat. And and on and on those are everywhere. I don't know hominem such a jerk sometimes I'll see those jackets on people NL profile. The ones this guy going to Agilent Hillary can have formed a drop 900 dollars. A jacket. Who was it to sit view in the mail here into the station real fancy numbers symbols that you are there aren't real fancy long coat. It's ensure long coat relative it was a relative yes I had aunt and uncle. Day were flip announces in Dallas. And in the closet of that house date picked up in foreclosure. Was this Neiman Marcus is full lean. Trench coat and it was swayed. My own I mean there aren't we looked it up and now when it seems like of 4000 dollar jacket. It but it does it add to tag and whose grand free canoes. Or was it you. Oh god no I'll look like kids he was profiling himself that's okay that's look like a mix between like liver ride she in June payments and blinked. Yet like you've got the open edit that oh my god house yeah that was eight. Owner or whatever happened to that thing I think I've donated it to goodwill. So when somebody out there's Raikkonen had. I just pulled him up here. Women's Canada deduce. Arquette. 69799. Another 1700. 700 bucks for a jacket. Amends bomber 676. Dollars and I was like who pays that straitjacket. You Salem everywhere. And people I guess. Candidate goose down jacket owners. Are defending their purchases in the text line here so. The best insulation. That jackets. There it is. OK I hear you just like I know yet he coolers are awesome and will keep your ice in there for seven days the mob ozark trail. Taylor from Wal-Mart. Does the same thing. It's status symbol right. I mentioned I'd tell you app profile people wanna see those Canada goose jackets that legged on the bad person. Like I'll see somebody. And none of this is terrible and I shouldn't even say this out loud and I'll see somebody where nick Kennedy goose jackets like at the bus stop. I don't think to myself. You know. Do my jacket. Go yourself third reasonable. Old pre owned car the religion should have been 800 to a brand on a jacket. Hamas I can take you down to an auctioning did you reliable car. At least Digi keep you on the road for about a year. I know I'd rather have the status. Them. There waiting for some used Mercedes the pop up somewhere. Who Lincoln you know show off decoding their feet and to use there you know what I. Have kids. Hopes. Think kids are gonna outgrow the kids grow. You know these are gonna last these kids at least for an adult he can Wear for the rest your life in the big bearing Munich they spent so much on it by. Spent 700 dollars on a code that kid's gonna grow out of. Yeah that's another thing to god bless you parents that buy your kids' clothes that fit I think I was. Warning before mom mom never bought me some to in the kidneys your own grow and you know is like a normal I don't tired in any clothes and I was gonna grow would've done it by now. Since noon and 800 bucks is not deny about it 8000 dollar jacket from snap on but I got a free tool box with a a move. The sad though not get Elliott and but that's what I need so I'm just as guilty mixes. You know I'll paid. A hundred bucks for efficient ride. They will catch the same finish. As a ride big costs Swanee dollars. Yet. What you pay for usually. And I was gonna call you want and that but I didn't wanna the line I just yeah. I think that simply you better point. And people know what I look at these coats in the downtown Burlington. I knew the exact same look and thing. Don't I guess our knowledge just like that's. 9409. To the studio text sign am taken. Some heat over here for judging. And profiling. When I said whenever I see somebody win. That thousand dollar candidate news project jacket at the bus stop online hate Barack cart. Added jacket. In the book thrown at noon when you shouldn't judge may be there taken the bus to try to reduce their carbon footprint. Okay. That that's very noble of them to take the bus never mind the forty. I geese that we're plot to bear. Just that until the liner of your jacket. So what's worse. Yeah both sides yeah you try and do I hit Kimi with the environment Regis killed forty birds. Say warned area.