BMCC-1108 New Sheriff Elect Todd Baxtor calls in after win

Tuesday, November 14th


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Can gradually. And he did but it or where we're very well how did you find out where you watch in the news do you get a bill. No we we want the truth my. What's required. On the order or should we go through it and they were taught just ordered about uncle Arnold. Now did you stay up all night. Billowed over power rests with. You know what state are also very large court here and hold and dumped on him. I would say overall it went in his that Rebecca went. The board so more governors and other murder was religiously and when I saw you on there with them village just like. Me and I'm a few of them a text message but it will go well what are ride. For her graduation time. Yeah did what you've talked with the had to go Flynn of course having that conversation go. It was it was good it was good that it's an immunity conversation and spent about speaker Chris sort of the church leaders leaders and and the the first we think that we're here. Do you have voters some things to think about non stop this milanese are isn't it maverick of the it was different respectful and and the over repeated directing it what was once a total. It's a bouncer in the later part of transition plan. Casinos owned equipment and so. Well shouldn't that particular term transition Richard responds that there's and the more importantly that they know it sort of chemical or more. When you hit the ground running always sort of stepped back and try to figure out a plan to get things moving. Others there's there's. There's great the last and transitional and then click and somebody has my studies element pest and went on a recent article. Less in order to respond at first they're the hosts. What changes you're used to compute or change is on your article that others are fantastic that it structural changes. That the best way to know the organization lived and for you Munson didn't. That's exactly the plan going you know get him back or look or some small children are honest you what exactly earned. And then you create. Where did you think of the rest of the work very much orders. You know there's quite create employees verdict. And now institutional knowledge welcome swarms of inside. You need to get to spend time with these people and then ask what they're dreaming just. Probably at Rutgers and Boston and then you create them when we're on this Christian leaders that's been put. We're on the phone with Todd Baxter elected Munro county sheriff yesterday. And future sheriff Baxter's when are we officially start calling you share of Baxter. Earlier in Norwalk. We can Colin Todd until January wanted journalists and oh yeah. Another very important question I've spoken Melissa moral order several deputies and during the summer months had a lot of them reach out to mean in their embarrassed to say anything but they want and institute shorts. As part of the official uniform during the summer months what's your opinion on that. Well first thing Osama as a sort of our ethnic commander and a two inches above in the it opera or cold it was very hurt over just fine. Over the corporate equivalent. Or are expert at her. She'd brought it to get out of mind. You did not have had a. You did not have to answer she'd you answer that I am so glad a little bit of sleep. Mr. the fact is there aren't allowed out that there are and they'll sort of like artwork demoted and a couple of a sport which the court. I sort of corporate culture. And sure for the legendary original balance. Now we'll tell yet I've followed this campaign from day one and all the way through last night and if you had to quantify. The number of drawers. You knocked on through the course of this campaign gives you really ran a street level grass roots. Campaigns for the most part I'm Hilliard digital footprint Casale in almost every neighborhood lemon broke down in new glorify that. We are as honest and of course last night no I can't that literally lost track. My goal here is meant dork as possible and and I knew record that also we have thirty or walk him bouncers probably thirty. Welcome monsters on any given time just I called endorsed on the doors a boost of external. It's amazing how many people are don't know. But there was recently a realistic torpedo shrapnel and it's very important evidence that eye contact. That's really what resonated. There's there's make them now Esherick oaks and smile and explain what you're going to. It'll import five seconds empowerment of the orbit of the lawyers and Robert decisions. How has your family reacted to this that I sheriff elect says you your wife Mary that the boys at Leo and how are they taking the fact that. You're gonna be in the spotlight all the time. Yeah very thorough audit report looked at their. And that they're irked by that they've narrowed which is recent that's kind of turmoil that earned him we knew the purse so I'm not. This public to a mature and in the public and trust respond back. So quick everywhere America let the public but she does not mind sort of public insurance limit to campaign. Investors don't cardinal resolute people that Eric Byrnes couldn't you know. There are great demeanor where there was oh split. You know residents sometimes and it's just it is it can work. There are a lot of us who know that we are in great hands is there anything you wanna say this morning to those who may be fearing change a little bit. Get out here is just a few of those. Here are just as you look at the doctor changed as a change now we recruit are absorbed in his campaign because there was an opt to reach through some change could. The whole environment but when you call that wonders ultimate resource are sure that children and you saw the gusher sort of have a very special statement. We're gonna work just bring a whole next well you know when it comes the technologies and concert it cleared up chemical becomes too. Taking care of those ideals and other guys that are. And an earlier on also the most important commodity here we were gonna pick a normal also when you need deputy well it's one of Barbara Miller. You're gonna get the best trained that you're gonna get that that order and open and appreciated. And and what are you need of the duke orders to meet a much better so we protect her. This golden throated voice here listening to is that as sheriff elect. The Monroe County Todd Baxter are you prepared to announce your under sheriff right now this morning on the that being. I just that you missed. Out you weren't sure what sort of but what you're doing other shares and starts campaigning. Bad urban or I appreciated that but I didn't take you seriously does that tell you is it not time for that. Don't know what sort yet as eloquent purpose of bursting out of their superiors are now. The campaign we have actually closed the books and and you read into it it just a way that was all machine that was marine I was a good launchers are going to be recognized there's there's. Once academic picked up as it has been exposed. And then your pick one or two page written and we ensure that Marion and in this November's trust our policy and then you go to transition mode on the transition unit won't do that Israel is probably Monday starts with balance a great minds. The that worked and he's crossed or some great minds with the search warrant I doubt we will have a it comes as well it'll when most of the terminal where the streets we support in order and he almost course. Command level possessions and consulted when a person sort of point. Just wondering what it wants on maternal and can ultimately. They don't have the same extra they could. That's what we this is not what leaders of. Well congratulations. On though it's been. Have what does 67 month written. Brook gallery here in the it has to be exhausting. Gets some rest congratulations. In we're always here when you need this. A concert about it. Thanks yeah it has great. Sheriff elect you think he was starting next year you think there's a position may only be where the short platinum Baxter administration. I think well for your sake yes you still there time. There. I. Take care Matt sincere credit bureau.