BMCC-1110 How do ya like those potatoes

Tuesday, November 14th


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We were sitting around yesterday after we got off the air in. Conversation. Went towards Thanksgiving we're talking in the nineties about the foods we. We gather with their families. And it kept coming up in all three of us are like time. But this is a large number of people I learned yesterday did for some reason I don't want to know what it does. When you make mashed potatoes people like I got that baking soda and it. Never heard of that why why do you do that. Why did people put baking soda. In mashed potatoes. And then me and house and mix it up a little bit he was describing his music oddly split milk and nine. I like. Milk that's bushel league got to go happened after heavy whipping cream. When you make in matched its data is right that's that's got to be the law mean milk in a pinch. And it got to use million better me whole milk. OK I yeah I will go half half and half in half milk. Did you see him turn is no doubt that means you're probably one of those that uses a wicker. She whipped yours as he smudged and ultimately guys that they say. I would quit my mashed potato with the with the leaders. Turned into a gummy you throw a stick of butter and their game. By loving man I like mine a scary yeah and like. Like a potato Witten. Yes that's what allies like you know manager B and yet now I get in there with the beaters kids know GAAP miners some news. Our. I don't there's I go somewhere and somebody has lumpy potato is an obsolete them are still good but if I make imam. Our man how whipped those things like. Eating Geary to pertain to smoothie. Yeah like apparently to lobby the tomatoes and people who deal with the skins the line. There at those I don't mind skins unlike read the data is in great I like that. What what kind of contain the news. On most often just did the makers. Russert again. You know he's the border potatoes and that in the yellow bag my life on me and it had just that's just what I do and I'm not I wasn't Mayan Indian PGA's agitator rhetoric. Because I guarantee you she's. Box of flakes. Marjorie Anderson and it's Thanksgiving that's special edition and I go ahead boil those. Yeah yeah I have used the flakes that timer tale. I'll got to you even begin the birdie and Woodson not. Forget worded it was the potato flakes well. There's several brands. You can get some chatter flavor. You can get the garlic and then you kind of feel better and I try to pull up my kids and they're like why why do lastly. I think inmates may better than children process. He studios good morning. Name. And that's quite at the putt. Went. Right. Once you put in when you come up with the O'Malley. Who really. I elk. Lot of people tested that in any initially I turned mine knows that now that piece about it Mike yeah I can probably do that in. And he really like you try to be. Up you'd think she'd. It would patient. Are you earn artery logger okay. It's significant fancy potatoes. And fancy a bacon twice now from the other ones I remember. Somebody like TJ hungry Jack you're potato buds. He Jack always has that extra thick buttery taste there which is weeks if we continue soon. They're gonna get them on sale there Betty thank you so much as. In my eight.