BMCC-1114 Newman has high blood pressure worrying about high blood pressure!

Tuesday, November 14th


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You debts heavy about the high blood pressure it. We now none serious then I mean. Look I've been avoiding going back to my doctor. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Let I had six months or years followup because they've been monitoring high blood pressure in me. Merv when those people came and. I hang on me a lot of blood pressure now. That was discussed. Sorry I. The Yad it was during the heart walk. In they took our blood pressure on the air in mindless guy act. And I knew it would be before they did it but my annual light OK you come on this date if you broad pressure still high you're going on medicine. And I notion of my employment. And I've yet to rescheduling. Is I don't wanna take that medicine but it it's now 130 over eighty. Correct that's the new guideline is to be 140 right 140 yellow now it's really 140 over ninety used to be the guideline before. I now look I take have I have high blood pressure I've hypertension it's been a family thing for years. End I take a pill every morning for hypertension how long have you been on it he'd be ten years. No side effects. No issues and how did it keeps my blood pressure and central. We need to stolen take medicine. I'm. Lauren Amman enough already. A bit of its gonna keep your. Blood pressure and stabilized and healthy and now it says that if you blood pressure is not. 130 over eighty that doesn't mean you immediately have to go on menace that. This is a guideline for hypertension. And you know if you close to that that you can make lifestyle changes that keep your blood pressure in control. That's what they sing in this article. Just come up with a pill sorrow of the make any lifestyle changes they have. Clinton taking it every morning I thought we really near acted alone you don't really watch anything. All right what are we will die you know I'm. A little watchful what I eat. My answer really low. Mine goes dangerously low. Member they took mine that morning they were like who are you always it's not like I'm usually lower. Or anything. Not. Here's how it applies to you do if you blood pressure is between the one studio over eighty in the 140 of demand your doctor will tell you what stage one hypertension. And suggest one losing weight. To exercising. Cutting salt inning lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grain so it's lifestyle changes. Yeah now when I'm supposed to have parity and doing all that. Music at a garbage plea for dinner you last ideally you. Cleared up. It's just so if it's. A. Half of America as high blood pressure when the news he told us they've lowered the threshold so 130 over 82 it. So was 140 or so that just seemed and so now more than half of us. Have high blood pressure. They say these new regulations and thirty million Americans to the list of those who have an issue. Som I'll come see it did tanked TJ. It's McCarty JoAnne. Turns terror watch amount that is. Words date. I mean really. I mean just be happy why you're here right war are gonna die anyway I mean they're gonna have that make red. Are on not when I'm on my desk that probably be there in jewelry and that inquiry. In the shamrock shake. Or I will have not enjoyed it and I'm gonna be dead anyway. And how many people do you know that run marathons. Watch what they eat. They that we get tweezers and removed gluten from every dish they eat. You know and they make all this effort and they keel over in that then you have people they you know it's a low. I just cut that drizzle off their stake in deceit that leave the mean you know I mean they just mortgages surged terribly unhealthy. And a live till their honeymoon three. Sorry I'm 103 I had thought about that about my grandfather. But when I thought back I'm like oh man he definitely one of the most unhealthy as mere men alive when he lived. Tiller right page and he was with that but he did either tonne from his garden. I guess he ditty that kind of plant based off. And I always level when you're the story you know Mary Smith. Of Tulsa died at 110 years old she said her secret to a long life with having two views everyday reporting doctor Palmer an hour that. I hate that mound and do. It. Yeah I don't know man. When he when he and I do. It's so hard tonight live. I know someone in my life very close to me who eat that night she watches her she watches cell health is so important her. Watch your weight is so important to her that she counts calories. And it's how she lives her life and then at night she sleep beats. No really she gets up and she has stayed at our house several times and I will hear her. Scares the be Jesus sodomy I hear my cupboard studying. Here machine gun might bridges opening up. Dishes are rattling around she's got their sleep. You know I he wakes up she doesn't know what she's done. Your body has. Yeah. It polished off a whole thing. Or your o.s last night. Economic icing keep believed to have an editorial in eight years I liked what else. It he crushed a box over the last night somebody says say Newman calmed down a bit of blood pressure change was driven by the pharmaceutical companies. Good point all wrong. Dad be in. Pose is the FDA be silly and the good to want the that's just a puppet organization for her size or. This kid and I went to a drug company ranking says aren't you people did my head. The plant the seeds of a conspiracy. And I'll start to. Run with it yeah we'll you're timeout high blood pressure thing them lowering the threshold moment ago. And so many people. Are text in beit. Newman this is just another reason to increase our medical insurance costs. Newman don't fall Ford all this blood pressure non census fake news. I tagged get unknown drug companies. Aren't in business that they're not you know set their business to make money. I know that. But it. How often do we hear about. You know heart disease and high blood pressure of the silent killer it's one of the leading life takers every year. And you know what I mean remain come out with all that so. I don't know if they lowered the threshold they get more people mindful. And potentially medicated now know they sell more drugs. But he keeps. People firm have and strokes and heart attacks which in that cost him more down the road. So I don't know. Selig both sides of bottom line is are either review to train under prepared. They come to my aid of some of the worst case scenario happened while we were on the air. Think if I hit the deck right now neither have you stepped in with some resuscitation. Or he trained. I am. Now. His vote happened anti TJ right though brought down the hall. Find someone who knows what they're doing and I'll call 911. So least we would somehow. Yeah meanwhile I'd be did you you were his prize we don't want. No fight guarantee I guarantee you this T. I guarantee you this if one of us started doing CPR he would tell us in doing it wrong. Believe figure it out I don't know why did debt. I was really good with fish and stuff out of their you know I get that sticks out in a golf disposition out. And you know get it out this is alarming does not joking matter. Joseph and I are now. We do you owe it to your children to learn how to do it. My job you know how to do some triple a must certification card here just got a new life you know any stimulus all the songs in about forty cards in the. I'm have a lot of certifications. Guy. Here's a lawyer economic libertarian lifesaver opt out. Morning coffee club good morning and. Say. That the problem. DE. Very special or earn yeah I call it don't meet. Up and they're they're cheap they're all. I. Everybody eight spend it and it out where their big money problem. We will sort of pressure all we lowered it application. App. All the lower energy for other medication. There are roaring at the open aperture has happened in what pharmaceutical. So they're not allowed to get mean. That's what I'll get messy and you know you're people on it now and ended it. Pays its dividends down the road. They act by. It directly to. The cup is that whether they get their money they're big enough money up by. Air it I didn't. The air there's only about regard they're big enough money opt out. And those men pills. It dealt out. I boat big billion. Dollars in every development that I thought our. It might spend a lot of money. Are you pharmaceutical sales person. OK I was like she seems to know a lot of fun thing and I'm like yeah. I met Ivan. I bet. There are aren't. Well. Yeah. And she knows he meant. Well I think you for the club off the ledge. Whitney would do it now what Jack Brennan that's the understatement. I have a great day think your time.