BMCC-1114 Tattoo talk

Tuesday, November 14th


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I don't know anybody that has attached to be not the thing now is to get words. Like you'll see somebody with like descendants. Europe paragraphs. Tattooed on them you know anybody that has more of those. Personally. Not that I know of but I've seen a ton of stars yeah and Mary Moore is dollars and she was on in I don't know costs are somewhere last night. And it's a typical shot of her in promo shots she'll have like I guess she she's got a good back. So she does this look over the shoulder sure back to the camera right. Us and she has. Not just descendants but a paragraph. On heard Mac like from her. Chicken weighing all the way down. Email your shoulder blade there'd be all the way down and I'm looking at it numb sitting there on my phone trying to stretch it. To read it you know I mean you wanna see people in public with these are always trying to re don't. Ask me annoying right onshore if you have some more and he got it real close to Columbus if they're written in curses. But if you have this tattooed on new. You wouldn't put on new unless he wanted people to. Read it in CU which are all about right. So if I see you with your paragraph tattoo. It's okay if I approach and read right. Yet. But I don't think you can walk up to the person like stretch their skin out to wanna easier. Or if there's a shirt covering half that you can't just go up in. Gamble that down. Finished reading. The novel on your back but if you have that on you than your asking for questions. Man I think. Everett what would you get tattooed on new words. Probably some corny like life is an amount a leading after the storm to pass a lights about learning to dance in the rain. If you stumble make it part of the dean and there was two sets of footprint. An idea I'm gonna get to Gettysburg address. On mad Mac. The whole thing or score. At seven years out in detail of your old unknown man. A place. Or some song lyrics. Yet when it rains it pours low incomes 2070. Right amount net. We're moose club would be on there. Somewhere and that. Collar about it from the slow grounder right I don't know I just see all these and I don't know that I've ever read a poll on her. Now. Body and could be a biblical. Passage there you get well. Who he had can give to a half chances that way am fortune yes you love. We propaganda on people everywhere right here we're talking about people that have the words tattooed on him not so much words. But I paragraphs. Sentences. I have poignant tattoos I have short sleeves on each arm from Mel bode. Shoulder but I don't have any words. And even my name and you would think with my ego I would tattoo my name on me right. But I haven't this Lanier says some they reach out to us at 94092. Says I have an entire poll mama five. And it's more for me than anyone else but I encourage others to read it. Her paint. I don't be awkward they do can you hide your leg up on this chair so I Canada. To get my glasses that you. Let's go man I mean that's the thing with tattoos. They should be treated. Not for others. I'm saying there is any text no that's immediately. Boob yet tattoos they should be free EU bid. Just like everything announced he gets stuffed get approval from. Other people Ian of the old rat race. I learned that makes sense in. And my teenager wants one so bad fifteen. Palace this team and I got my first ones not happen. I happen well either he can take airing get it in the controlled environment. Or she can do what I did at the age of fifteen. And let your friends older brother. Oh god lay has some sort of dagger looking palm trees pain on your arm with a guitar string in India ain't. Yeah Fraser a little bit smarter than that must first had to do was a jailhouse tattoo Palestinian jail lowered. Had just sat there and give it to you now it's my you know it's my job to keeper from irrational decisions until she's of age and then she can go ink yourself up all she wants. In what is the beach forty. Product out there. That first one you got to deal with that for you or is it just to say hey look I it and you young I got a tattoo because. And wanted attention I won a little ledge actually you so absolutely. Is now wish I didn't have any. To be perfectly honest with it well enough I did wish I didn't have any it was a good start over a one news stuff going into new. It gets old it's like you are Italian like every SO FT one or rearrange your furniture and Doherty a painter's son than in. Net you're committed. Once they put it weren't speaking get removals nowadays. That gets pre season. Some places they have their mom's handwriting on there in her arm that's sweet Baghdad's. Must sign. Had the last sentence of the letter I wrote him when he won a way to school. Tattooed on him go conquer. Wanted to hit an unmanned craft.