BMCC-1114 TJ is being inappropriate... again

Tuesday, November 14th


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Ladies and gentlemen now we have a situation brewing here in the B studio. And I think it's about time. We brought it's everyone's attention. I think there may be some safety. And everyone knowing. For one of us. At first I thought it was. Just cute incidental. It over the last week or so I've noticed a pattern of behavior. There is someone in this room that. Is inappropriately. Hands me. And believe it or not it's not mean. Nor does it mean for them well I in the yet with all that's gone on in the world you would think you'd be a little more mindful ladies and gentlemen for some reason. TJ invents reasons to go to the printer. Gang we don't know which she really does when she lease here but most often on her way in and now she well. Well how would you characterize. That touching. She would brush. My backside that is simply and she makes contact I don't need to look around to see what is making contact in the backside. But a portion of her body. At least once today. Rushes me now I will ask. I'd do you use stick your butt out when she goes my leg views you over my house. I know I'm not inviting I don't know I don't make any attack is no no physical move so it is all heard aggression incidental contact. Isn't incidental well. I hope so. I mean I've today it was what the sixth time thank you so track and keeping track this at the seventh time. Well all stands in front in the doorway. You stand in the doorway and so I get to the coffee maker about fifty times an hour. The end yeah you know. I I brush it accidentally from time to time. Look at school my god yeah he's got a sweet when it's all right I'll lot of questions you're at work lady. It's not so much the brush its feet chuckle comes after the brash and I don't think of the earth it's impression chuckle is empowered me. If it.