BMCC-1120 Tree Stand Selfies

Wednesday, November 22nd


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My husband got back from spend in the weekend her unseen. But it's delegating hear from him every couple hours because he's big on sending me trees stand self peace. Defense in the woods do you do this journey when your hunt. I used to you did yeah I used to be a big. Hunting self the poster. Now mind being is because every gets he played out of when everybody started dominant. Then I got to I'm among those who likes to take the shot. From the tree stand where you seem my hardware. I don't mean so like I'll get mine below are my gun this guy. But yet hunting self these are huge you go on my time line and scroll through you'll see a tonne from this weekend. It's just so funny because my husband never take southeast and mostly skin and with a built player. Training camp at dealey time he'll take a picture of himself but he feel like every couple all the Nittany some beef and went to as he misses you. I think he's born. And that that's part of it see that's. Nor would I do like output mob ONN you are never. And Nat or I'll take a picture of actual. Oh yeah wildlife Beckett he's scroll back a couple years you'll find a bunch. Cell FISA Meehan cam do you respond to his cell fees. Still that snakes are you just let him go look I just let him go. I don't know I don't know I Kim and like he must be so bored sit out there. Couple hours later he still says they're taking pictures of himself maybe he's just thinking about you isn't so brutally. Clearly what's so wrong with that you're complaining that your husband's just thinking about you unsolicited Lee when he's out his happy place warm yet is still hunted. Brown better seller on out here stats. Haven't checked in and I and it's just. I literally ceased and better let the warden know where I am. Not in another. In La cage you know gosh how many times I'm just trying to think of a parallel here in this may be a bit of a reach. Might you know like when it's not that often where you get really doll dumping go out answer where you can put on your little black dress you go get your hair dyed. I'm so when those handful at times a year when you're able to put your fancy clothes line. Take a picture right okay I've seen the one we knew when your husband got called up for the banquet nearing your sparkly dress and you felt good you spend a lot of money on this out there and yes you know you're out there. So you take a picture in new post it. Well we spend a lot of money on these outfits we wait. Ten months a year after one season morale there. You know we don't like Nationalists. You're gonna yeah does that make any sense is not so it's like your met gala. Like like can he wants people to seed. His new had. How many times when guys who out of fourth some but they'll take a picture of their group of the golf course. Visit happy. Yes he wouldn't do anything like that it's really only. We knees in all of his hunting gear that's he would never sit and take a picture of us now is that's when Maher are hatter hat we are at our happy that's when he feels most attractive because she is pictured. He does not look happy. Well that. Frozen. And I thought the deductible. If I could.