BMCC-1120 Why don't you brush off your car?

Wednesday, November 22nd


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All the talk earlier about brushing your car off properly and you know we are going round and round about that it's really funny we should take a picture but I don't want to publicly shame anyone. And it's funny. We're talking about. Knuckle heads. Look at they're just look at the cars parked on the street in front of the radio station. You see it. If there's one car. There's not in a flake of snow on 1234567. This is say seven cars out there then there's one and who clearly came in from 104 east side this morning. About four inches on top of the car. Couple inches on the hood and just the windshield wiper clearing its. On the windshield. That's the kind of person. Gets people's goat right there with whoever you are. In their luck out because when we got to work the car be totally clean well today yet. So they won't feel any shame do you think it's because we keep talent on. Are they may be just defiant like you know what you're gonna tell me what did hit. So we're making the problem worse and I think some rules don't apply to them that's what it boils down or tell me what do you. So really when you don't brush her car off if you are knuckle head dead chooses. To not rusher car off. Why what's your mentality be brave deep ball. Let us know we'll give you and an air of an amended and at the meeting we won't so people who are. I'm just explain to his unload on and they K I can't I can't sit here and act holier than now and say dad never get out on the road without properly. Russian my car off but when I did it is 100%. Entirely a selfish move. Because I'm running away. Course without a doubt now there are those who are perpetually late so they've known me right back led normally ask I try not to live. Like that but there are times. Where it comes up and yes I feel like a jerk especially when you feel that big piece lift off the topping your car. In you see the explosion in your rear view Mair. Up up up. Well it doesn't look like anyone is that inches Sydney coming clean Willis re yet. Mama but the important while. We get three banks Gillen a good idea to put a a yeah people just accidentally penis. But but there's got to be better reason that. To think as somebody just beyond listening Condrey look I hate people. You know my. Think of the world I'm tired are you people tell me what I got a Diego you know I drop weight. The four apple on 49 you know pick a jerk gap and then I get in front of them before an open I'd say it. The morning coffee club. Joining copy grub. You know we don't have a fun. I'm and wrapped it can be about that you are looking at one right now it would bode well or not but our. I didn't know I don't the other night it now and quite anchored and that is bad. But I knew I I'd like air I woke up really bad. And I can detect. It they're doing it but yeah I wanna go about it everywhere and fired up there and rightfully believe it ended up. Eloped got. I'm quite convert the bargain and I didn't and I liked it. Well. She's known NA GA you following. Slides. Maybe the people driving around with snow on their car feel worse than you do about them Montauk and if that's so flies off your car I go rent and into a guard well I'm gonna judge you. Yeah huge last year jerk. I don't like. Oh wait though it might get out and expect let parity or not who imitates the diamond. He's like yeah I've that I do know all I need and are really lead they are not many people I don't bet there are all about what that. I don't you know it up and I don't I could be back after Iraq. These persons stop judging and just today I tell you what's the rule about holes but a new moon and he's fit. Not in the feel bad about how wonderful yeah. Okay I'd be careful. About this I. Oh Eminem lady that called right before we started the news. Yes the one about Russian car off then about a time 99.9 percent of the times he dies. But when she doesn't it all blows off with the force she gets on the expressway. I know we were just wonder and those that don't brush their visits a pet peeve to so many people. And are mainly where you earn it from people out morneau for east way this morning that seems to be where. The ball to the snow fell but overwhelmingly people. Have called in texted laziness. That's at laziness. And short people. Down our world tell yet I can't even count the amount of people that takes it is like I can't reach the top of my car. He's pumped five foot on and I even have the fancy telescoping brush I trauma artists. Well I don't know get a step stool. I don't know what you and gives me yes. I don't know what did you get a garage you know if build tall person that come every morning and skirt off your card in the to pole barn forty grand. He scapegoat get one. Ego would not a brush my car out I mean they're running late herb because I'm shorts and it it please give an off the no man we should come up with something make an invention. That you know like they have started the the big rigs. We'll drive under that little template being little screen. Yeah the snow off in the top of the big rigs. Is that I tell you I've been behind a car when the slab flies off. But I'm also been pelted by had a big rig. That a main goal. That's the worse for the day when that little 456. Foot. China to snow comes flying off the back of an eighteen Wheeler. In that. An allied to stay back. I just don't ride close to the person in front of me. Yeah and they're raising you get a ticket here brew Wiren. You know if you can get a ticket for not brushing your car off and you know anybody that's ever gotten a ticket I ordered not arming the curious. I mean I know they can't go around in force and every little thing thing. In any another person who gets called for a say look at the ball as strong you know. Drunk drivers are drug dealer is why they pick and I mean that's not on my car. But now on the short people can use her own mom five to act and do it so can you. Marriage. Let the telescoping brush though that says that that the all the snow right off Juli is one of those in her car. It is it's telescoping Breslin getting Wilson yeah I got and you just is really brushing just pull the snow off your car. Well yeah. And they can think to mount an all sorts of these days ten benefit that the.