BMCC-1129 How many DOES it take to decorate a studio??

Friday, December 1st


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Looks like Clark you grew as a wall went bananas out there I swear I can hear it common in ammonia. Arab father's life and we act today's studio decoration day are Iraq company Christmas party is. These days away this week yeah week from today actually. So we are doing a latter tree in the studio. It's it it's TJ sting. But we're playing along so I'm ride in my. Insulin latter there. I brought in a bunch. Light some but some Garland. And I know you brought some things and as well but before we didn't begin to decorate and just wanna. Laid this out there ya know how I am on the systems gas Imus sim intrigue. I liked. You know and I mean now I like a plan all of decorations out but have a certain things. Oh really yes temperament. Stripes and silver. Welcome our hey I can't red lights and white lights. And so what did you bring because the last thing I don't want people with two different visions. Working on the same project here well can't have too many 200 I think our chief. You can't have too many have bosses and not enough employees he green IC goal. I've got. And I have some ribbon. McCain but it doesn't match but that's OK it doesn't mashed the start of the top selling of gold and silver. What are you Danny Wegman and mix golden silver. It's Christmas now that's ahead I have. I kinda. Of colored lights they're multi colored in his gonna untangle the rats nest and then I've got Hulk I got more here. Oh yes and I have the inflatable I figured you know. I have I simply able to my house this year I can spare one this that would drive you crazy new Wii is. And that's next on like that. Off. How likely that yes so many think inflatable to my house right now I had to sneak it out now enough enough why don't you. You organize your life is better than that I'm in what doctors say I don't care the Euro lied she's still. Our house has no effect on me whatsoever. But it looks like he just bought them up into a ball and they're gonna spend two hours in the month angle that is untrue. They are wrapped individually. Southern that I mean you can put them up here's one string here's to stick. How's there no way. Me a break it's like extension cords. You got to add some order to be beautiful around you on and then tie it off you guys wanna come supervised. I'm supervise my taking down the Christmas ornaments somebody need all this time munition docs a lot of ground in a tight ship being entrapped the and I look at. So I saw it flash with your peppermint the united know we have a theme to the a little letter tree. You know let it your idea I'm not gonna be bullet headed and commandeer and I'm sorry good feels you know I think I'm here to help him. It is a new out of that out of the upcoming. Roth I guess that goes is that they if you absolutely have no life and when we board. Right at a year mind. Log on to the rare face that live videos this morning with figured we'd booted up while we decorate the studio. And I was seven a conversation. With. Our listeners that are apparently watching. And we had pointed some tonight you know. Any time we do something in here at the station. You know this is a perfect example decorating the studio for Christmas. We do all the work. And Steve. Really. He when he works harder making news being keys work in like he didn't draped Christmas lights all over himself only did the news. So everybody watch in things like Steve's got a sleeves rolled up and he's in the mix but he hasn't done squat. So you know what I did. This tree is all years. I don't need the Steve tree. What is up fiber that three this is this Diaz hurried to it has old. Branches down to earth and again he has the do something we should make him help. You know rep polite surround our hash tag letter tree. I will be more than happy to do it after I'm done doing the news. I can you know I mean if. Now we have learned things don't you happy to help out I will. You know I hit my job is not the staff decorator probably glad to help. Well neither is our hours if you can do you can do that stuff during songs. Like okay you're not doing the news during songs and they are trying to find out more about what's going on you know we get them at our thing we at the North Korea thing and trying to find audio to. You know so. I don't stop doing that now they're going to find the real word of it other than that defensive much of what Nolan explaining. Why did you get accused the when you get accused of something you just sit back and say oh you're right beverage unit that divisions have been something silly about that Christmas next century. If you Garnett got a South Africa.