BMCC-1130 Compelling talk with listeners about harassment

Friday, December 1st


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Guys is going to be difficult for me to say bad. My silence is beginning to bother Maine I've been really wrestling in my head. And I Dane sure hope. And am not the only guy did is feeling this way. It is very obvious today. The Matt Lauer situation has taken in their recent wave of sexual assault and harassment. It's taken that. Two good at a different level for whatever reason. On that was wildly obvious to me yesterday. I'm in non Nolan any time we have something like this. As we avoid talking about it. Because we like to have fun in here you know in in. At the time comes when. You can put your head in the sand and hide. Anymore. But I don't like talking about it it makes me uncomfortable whether I'm here at work whether I'm at home whether I'm inside outside upstairs downstairs. Talking about that subject matter makes me wildly uncomfortable. So and that was bothering me because I'm scared to death to have a conversation. With anyone. About this and so I started to examine the reasons why. And only things are to come up with is first and foremost. I just I don't know how it is made in the as the circles of men that I've hung out with Tim were raised around. We tell each other about doing creepy stuff like that. Yes you'll hear some locker room talk canyon O'Neill say some gratuitous beings. One year but that's so rare after you get out of here early twenties that's rare. And but that's not like creepy guys don't sit around like a man out since this girl package and good letter in there and are told my secretary you know they don't tell the did you would you jump case. You really wanted. And somewhere and to have this conversation. I just don't know how and another reason. Is for some reason I stay silent because. Women are speaking now and I the last thing I wanted to do was take the microphone away from them is that I think sends. Today and I don't add just feel like you know I really don't man's Blaine to me so are mindful of that. And I didn't share don't wanna say the wrong thing. And having a compensation. About it. Com. So tell mean how we can do this. And how we as men can show solidarity. With women because for whatever reason any of these other creeps its design entry treat treat but Matt Lauer it was like. Well and not I don't know why that was. And. He had he had this like Ned Flanders type locally locally on air persona. He'd been so squeaky clean father. You know husband and and he's just been a staple of The Today Show and so people have just blindly. Defended hit them. Same well this is getting ridiculous. And for mean personally to go back in. And explain to you. Why you're uncomfortable talking about it it's because this is a new. It's like anything it's like talking about. The whole feeling epidemic it's like talking about anything that we're not comfortable talking about out loud it's a new day. I personally as a mom of two girls. I want a better. I want a better future for them I want to know that if I send my little older and I tell her you work hard. You graduate with great great you're gonna go to a great college. I hear me out your work hard in college in you're gonna get a great career. And because we had these conversations and we. Talk the men in our lives in in our workplace in our sons. This is what harassment is. First of all half the adults don't even really know what a harassment is how we can teach our kids. This is how you need to make it better in the workplace. So when the day comes that my daughter calls me says it's not like I got this amazing job at NBC. NBC called rematch is crying she's happy she's worked hard there's not going to be someone there. To make her feel like nothing in her make her feel like this you wore something or something unwelcome in she quits and this is why it's important. And it's. This is a tough foreign currency debt you have and talk about it even if you don't want to. You know are under our the math while our actual harassment at work. Just go right ahead. Well my thing is. It you know most is that the women waited so long. It knocked it up if they don't speak up when it happened. That five runs through my head also but that's another one and I feel like I dare not touch because I have no perspective. On that. Now listen power in numbers and all of the numbers that are coming forward there's a lot of women coming forward now. Now they're scared that they're gonna lose their career. Matt Lauer was a very powerful man at NBC. He was the highest paid and so if somebody goes to HR. Scored the highest paid man in the company you're not scared you're gonna lose everything you've worked for. But the problem here is this is happening he's the highest paid as the network says look at all the money he brings in. He like he is responsible for tons of advertising revenue. In the networks as he what are we gonna do we gonna listen to this one report from this woman. Are we gonna throw thousands and thousands and millions of dollars and ad revenue weigh in three years it was always the latter. They're worried about ratings and revenue and Alia up well with these. Reports of sexual abuse to swim by the boards it looks like that's changing now. There. But. My question is. You know. Laid some heavy women actually stepped up and said something it was just kind of person that right now that are solid body of work. We why being. I really step up. It started when Bill Cosby if you recall. To THE WD. The number. They just think about all the Bill O'Reilly settlements in this guy that's. After I don't know his name. This senator Conyers yeah yeah I mean. That think the days of hush money. Maybe come into an end to two TWV. The number you can text to 94092. In the CNN. Just curious about this does a lot of text like this one come and say man this is Salem witch trials for men's room. And I can't believe how offices don't have sexual harassment education. The stuff flowered it was horrible. And meaning he had but. Yeah you hear that alive in I noticed that a lot on line and I got to stay off. And the Internet really because it really distorts. But there aren't there is a school outsiders like. Okay it's out of control yeah now in its web saying myself. That's what is. Disheartening. To meet. There was one hour right after realism that's I'm really sick of this junk I'm getting tired of winning Colleen these sexual harassment card constantly. You want men to comment on how nice you look when you Wear your tight skirts and high heels. Silly feel like it stopped wearing what you're weary U give the rest of us ladies a bad name shame on you. That was posted by aimed at all it. You. In many wonder why nobody comes forward. I mean. My perfectly powered by Ned but they're still being told that their fall well don't Wear that may be what it will inhabit. Now we're talking about it less than she says you know women like to be complemented. But don't don't tell them you'll you'll look great today but don't tell me why it equally or where it look what part of my body looks great. She's a New Guinea Intel TJ she looks great but don't say. And Americans say it you have nowhere to drop a line from within a at you know at a. I would never I would never coming here. And say hey. You know the backside looking great in those dean's house. Things like that you know what I hear you guys is it the sick if you say to a male colleague I guess you lord don't say to women currently. On believers that she's always drop in things ask Steve depict. Sure yeah it makes me uncomfortable me morning coffee club. I get caught up church. Shot you don't need. Enter into going out and not the other day and are you get that saw him and the nature of the art in there LL I saw grass that she. Are. You like it hot political. It. Showed up last that you should call. It solid. You have an. Dear and then after. All and then I'll sock. Hey M eight is all I didn't. Know skull. That cannot and I just point something now sure I don't know the situation the scenario you're you're speaking of but. Maybe for the last twenty years. She's been laughing a lot in feeling really uncomfortable and the banter hasn't felt. Like a family what ever like. Like what you're saying don't understand. That sent ships in our. He hit it a whole CC. To eat. Your whole life. And we will its new waters for a true a lot of this and you know what you said about new process moon by the wayside. There's said pero lo wood today with freedom of speech you know due process is through the court house. It's not for the workplace. Religious freedom of speech. Freedom of speech protection from the government not from your employer. Trying to see it. Up but yeah cut or Joseph Paterno. It was GOP. I association you know I feel. Well it. Looked to. That's the beginning now there is I think there's a lot of adults like you there like whoa wait a minute I'm. Don't understand really what's the wrong thing and what's the okay thing to do. And roads are very fluid right now because. It's come in so fast and furious we do you gotta run man but I do think you for the call are clean up the morning coffee club. Pellicano about Vietnam. Well we'll wrap it up as one that has gone Ehrlich back or follow why would you want no real limit after twenty years later. That I don't understand why these women are leading Bo wants to come forward. I try to clear out in my mind that much and I panicked about going out there that little battle. Well let me ask you this did you reported did you get your. I did not report it because I wish our wedding happened. Several years later it will now and ask. Yes sir that person that at the hope it will hit a low. Actually arrest that spurt of about what someone else. And I mean I like Mubarak my mother afterwards and I but I'm glad it happened. Let him you know I'm glad he got caught because he did it rule I move my mom was all away because of the general ban. That would among that we thought we could try and Lou it was like. It you know that an NRA is what you get hurt. The rule is near these women coming up our word with either I hope he is. It will know that there is other people out there they have batted roulette but I don't let you know they don't need to relearn that. Anyway that was only like ten years back but at bat. Well. Okay well if he was whoever this was was not caught and he was still somewhere doing this to other women. Would you find the strength to re live it and pressed charges. And come forward on a save other victim is save other victims. And I I'd read that I never thought of it that way but they did a very good at that spot and I write all I don't know. I just look at it I wouldn't want to go there have been only net in you know misery barrel. Yet and neither do and me know these other women I know they know that everybody's on liner everybody somehow saying that this is just. A bunch of vindictive women who do. For some reason or another wanted to do. It to whoever this is for personal reasons we have to understand they feel exactly like you'd. I'm sorry it's really painful but I'm about her again that if I hit at like oh my god like yeah mentally all that ma oh. To face I don't know if someone I mean it it bothered me for quite a few years they know that I wrote it and now I felt bad earth. And maybe that's how they kind of broke the US is it doesn't make you feel bad we know a bit there was. Someone else there are in the field position is you went that there is how there supporting role. Yes I hate that that happened to you and I appreciate fine in the strength the Collison that very brave thank you. You are at have a great day you'd still.