BMCC-1130 Ladder tree isn't a thing

Friday, December 1st


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You know as we sit here in this beautifully decorated room coming lights would you say we have in here and well over a thousand. Easily rank. Oh yeah. Yeah I think so I mean I probably opened up four boxes of 500 lights plus I brought a bunch I bride at least half a thousand. Saw some denied telling ya I just love that latter treatment TJ I gotta tell yet. It's not seeing man I don't know injured I'm sorry I tried to play along and I was like what she knows she's on pensioners and all that. She's like oh we got to do the latter tree we get a decorate latter. I'm like OK so I'm bridal latter then we decorated in all. I love it ugly school there what's the problem it's not just. A thing. I promise it is not DJ and I'm Blatter trees so what there's hash tag. All sorts of hash tags it doesn't mean. It's a thing who wells in your life as a latter tree. Nobody you saw it on in staggering him yet she's. Yeah I did I thought on Good Morning America that I thought on social media island school for the studio you know this is lie and her latter street. Remember after the ice bucket challenge the member house that night TV didn't do that Varian as. Syngenta live on Madagascar cars some then like you had to produce they've not ice bucket challenge. And then on the other side that everybody thought the next they had the next big challenge. In remember when not dug in so hard on that American flags challenge. I was in here are American flag challenge gun dealer Tom poston videos and it was like I mean in some guy in Arizona. The only two people bid to the American flag challenge and I was in hearsay and I. It's gonna be a thing let's speed the first. And then nobody did it now look like a schmuck. That was the reason that. I disagree. I think we're actually early. Into the whole half dead letter which he's okay. My ball I love you but your ninth Mike on the top like the coolest kid at the table. What we on the table we can still Malone. Came into the studio yesterday yet from the kids station and they liked and he flat at three. What'd what's the first thing she wanted to do post is still be with her has steadily entry is through that I think that you left. And I and I have to agree with there is some people say oh look a letter tree. It's good thing so take this for me retirement making Carter why can't improve on my letter tree. Odds are I'm. If I said I loved it I. I just don't they get sick thing yeah I am nine dash I shouldn't say this on such a jerk I gave Megan five bucks to coming in saying it. All right. I'm sorry. I have to defend myself a little bit it's my latter people but still taken heat over TJ's latter tree. And check the Tate. I'll spare you the time but just trust me I'm never set I didn't like it. I love it it's my latter. I brought have to crap that's on the latter. Fair yes aren't. I was just saying. Everybody's not Dylan. It's a different and all I know it well and didn't you know again TJ's so in circles coming onsite DJ is are you. Lady friends are coming after me I think they're known as sewing machines so. He does well yeah I. You're telling us sorry old story in TJ I loved the idea this Dexter says and I'm going to use my old wooden garden latter to create one outside. Ads in my yard his court we will may get its name off to spite me. It's time. Knew it. It does something fun I'd never seen before that I saw a lot of other things on line when I Google has that letter tray with like now that is a neat idea. Think about this what are we be doing this time next year we bringing a latter Ian and decorating Egan will become such a thing that'll be. Trending forever I kind of don't think that that something else I think we should embrace that as our own I like it happened in handy thing everytime I look over you icu. Yeah it's blinding again policy it for than 900 time I love it. But duly noted journey full support of the latter three. And lots of pictures ideas don't become full blown trends doesn't mean there's tonight cool. The skim government's 12 year old RN ever. I'll take them medicine okay. Do we get a picture or the latter trait yet sol over the B paceman page if you wanna see it. Actually did an updated video this morning while it was still dark outside. Well everything was still pop in and here. It looks to me is if it's been augmented since we finished yesterday morning. Yes there's been some additions Byrd added to it and then. Billy I don't know Milli did too that he probably worked out on it. But you know it's. After.