BMCC-1201 Fancy sheets and Sleeping in seperate beds

Friday, December 1st


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They I increased my thread count by 11100. Yesterday. In let me tell yet. I'm feeling that your she'd junkie right on my gas IE. It's the only thing I'm really truly picky about. What is the net then number of thread count where he gets fancy because I'd been using Michael 400. Wal-Mart serves four under rated. Targets and then what's targets don't store brand that home foods but it. Any new better homes and yeah Wal-Mart it's anyway that's that is the most I've never you know that's the extent in my sheet game has been about 400 thread count. But I was on Amazon Black Friday. And ask soft 15100. Aid. Thread count Egyptian cotton Egyptian cotton is the way ago hopefully got those you have been around from cotton land. I'm partial to America cotton have you heard of Egyptian cotton up yet again I heard him that he slept on Egyptian and I have now last night was my first nine on it and but it was inexpensive I get 15100 thread count. And in my mind in my head I was I would have but those are would have been 900 dollars or so. But I got two sets. On Black Friday for like when he five bucks each. That's a bargain is it yeah yeah I think you pay hundreds for a high thread count Egyptian cheats right. However these so cheap. All. The focus though they're injured they're from Egypt over about lollipop farms and snipe at airports to get Jersey beat north. North African gotten. Man have you ever slipped on flannel sheets are gay and yes MB and those I. Just. Depends on the weather I have different kinds of sheets for whatever time of year it is I am. I will buy generic food I would try to 2009 going caravan. But I will have the most expensive batting. It's insane it's don't want thing I have no one this thing. That's all mine and that's that blissful. Point when you get underneath those blankets. It's just the best part of my day. Yes and I too selfish to say oh I don't K like I I want it as blissful as possible. People tell me on the thinking you know it. My mattress situation we've been over a hundred times that I'm. I'm about fifteen years overdue for a new mattress in a room is that you don't understand he's been so much time on it. But my head. They don't enjoy these sheets for about eight minutes until off flawlessly. And now wake up and I don't realize. I've been to be said bill Ford the last thing you feel. Right before you go to sleep in the first thing you are in the morning I think it's that's the whole phone for your whole day whiskey. I have added into the happiness. Why do you. Gals get all worked up over sheets. It always blows me away. Frustrates me a little bit you know we can try to come up with some funny year compelling to talk about them at school. When you start talking about thread counts in the phone rings off the wall text signed fills yeah. On the YAR go bananas over that stuff. Should sheets man. What is the lowest rate in sheet expert. I don't know 100. Hours that there's probably got to be some than low. 400 G easily what I've purchased in the past and I zero is the cheapest. Yeah went just fine I just found that. Selfishly I like to take that point where I relax and bad and really really sink into it enjoy it. So do two beds and one in the 401 had the 4000 you could tell the difference Yasser really yes. You think you could like duet with wine house again duel with anything else. I I could tell with sheets. I'd give her little Benadryl you'd never know the difference but that's not true. I told you what I really want is the Smart today. Yeah and what's this again oh my gosh it's so cool it converts your existing that in the like a dual zone climate control of the duvet cover that you. Put over your existing. And one side can heat once I can cool. See all those nights where one hogs all the covers there's a freeze in. This could save marriages. I do you have a fighting over blanket is done because if he likes his over odd forty degrees and I want minus 75. Man you know would ya you hour on a fast track to those old school twin beds I hope well that's the next debt. Oh am this makes itself. Like blows up. On the apt and it folds back together and so this dead ahead the self make dean that's what I. Think part of it yeah the whole thing. Sounds like 800 dollar comforter. Bid is on sale at 250 bucks via it's not cheap. Wanna do this they are people say do you vague like their fancy we don't know where you live but I try to sound off. New G. My duvet cover set comforter. Hi my back is biking down aren't bad so the only place where anything PNC is displayed. The aren't aren't everywhere else you're gonna find you know Knick knack than. People are saying hey you all. Polar fleece is the only. Being to sleep fine. In the winter a lot of people taxing and about polar fleece sheets. Also. Bamboo sheets people are tech senior a lot of back asleep on the would she learn outweigh the. It's more of an eco friendly soft BM the key. Like the top of the line has a good gimmick to me. I've bat. Mean sheet out of the a bamboo pole is that is that the name brand it's not the material it's made from their just called B Andy sheets. I don't have. Those are way outside my price range Jimmy Newman in illusions. I'll try and the way your people a Texan and about on. Is Jeremy. I do keep they cover is a cover for your crappy old comforter up yet. Just as I. In due bays or fancy. They Virginia do you sit do you have a Davenport's in your living room and deny I'll back you have a love seat and a porch a I would try to make their houses sound fancier than they are on the Horry out list. Muscle aerial. Ancillary on the left Florida room. The other inflatable that your front yard TJ. They can they tell you why the hey did you say how much does bamboo sheet Scott's. Well it depends like anything else but it's. Usually appear. You're looking at over 200 bucks for a sheets via. The app for the really nice. People are ninths. Bamboo king seats that. You know I was make it fun and TJ you know we've she. Can be very created sometimes. And we are joke in that she's on a fast track to have been. You know in the olden times. Where the husband and wife would have separate beds. Aaliyah. Did your parents do that no. No why did people used to do that well it was for TV. It was on the it was appropriate for TV that wasn't real life should I hold I never knew anybody. It's the old Dick van dyke show they didn't you know they were allowed to sleep together. Yeah Lucy and Desi could it even though they SI know what was supposed to know how that happened. But is it TV it was the TV thing it was considered. Improper. To show people in the same bad I do know that. So what does it allow anyone actually dead same reason why they couldn't short toilet on TV back in the day. Who's who's who's who's not appropriate for. Products are so that's why it was so groundbreaking. Win Archie Bunker flushed his toilet when he was angered me. Army band yet. But I don't think anyone actually. Slight yet when that good because I was seeing and appeared to enact just hire a lawyer. Would you surprise if I told you my husband and I are Lovie Debbie all the time yes. You asked him. I would be shot. I just got an idea when. I see you allowed to initiate. That's another issue I. Does go please you know I got through the epic and what I. I see in the UK approached she runs that show I think she may be. Harder on her. I don't know national analysts say this. I think she may run her stuff tighter than Juli runs your stuff I wouldn't agree a 100% gas duly gives me a lot of world. You know and she's she's lying and mr. sharp's on the short leash I've never heard you say you guys are so awful okay seven minutes and never heard that. I got a house. Yeah. I don't know you're gonna have to explain that yeah. Studios. The audio we don't know what's going none. Not I would but what I think when they're there. So Mike any might imply that you can't bet. Where they used not in love. Our apartment is born at my event rest where there are are you hours but I apple and Google and effort well. And people who resorted to that. Out but I think but like in general I think it. You know it worked out battered auto repair this week effort I think it'll get away at each other. That's sad to me I I never agree with you but I totally agree with you on that. Up and like that's one thing how long before in my life is to have someone there at night. Especially in the winner is the cold nights. The lonely right. Even when I out are. All I'm. I would go out there at all made the cover it up and Obama blanket up then yeah I'm. Well. A lot of big ears merit in all. Frank my guess on that later. It sound like newlyweds did when it. Oh or eight years old we're. All. Well we'll edit out yeah. It stands there but I. Have a great weekend thanks for the call. And let the morning coffee club. You scenario in. About ten years old my grandparents what the upper. Were they in the same room so I don't well they had a bad you know that that. And understand it has been a bad. Yeah that looked up in the circumstances did that unsigned felt it yeah. Jimmy legs. And I think my mother father did a lot of my other organs bother bother being able to grant first I want you bet would be like. Under twenties now. They can't separate that. Into words you know have been generally in my it'll be adopted out of the lower. The roads ankle that's TJ sexy. That it could very. That's funny no audio okay wait when your parents did you have a younger brother sister. I haven't approach. Oh. Oh Jesus may be used use that made him not one anymore. Expect that. How. I'm. The only army the op Ed article that I don't know what they're going to be good opens or one dollar and achieve and and you went. I'm not uncle man's best job in the world and we are in trouble yeah. No my uncles did it to me and I am happy to do it from my niece and nephew I can tell you how many beatings they've got because of me. There are rotating them curator and writer pat down. Take command base the door that girl. Came back Ankiel.