BMCC-1201 Spots are full for the WBEE Out-Of-Shape soccer league

Friday, December 1st


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Yes season without the rhinos. In enemy last night an idea. And I think could have bridged the gap. Between. What's going on now and by the time we eventually field another competitive team. Part of the problem a fire recall correctly where they needed the money. Good chunk of that was to sign players right right. So I was thinking how funny would it have been I think we kid is drawn a pretty good crowd. If we just did an open call loud to the community. And looked well volunteer rhinos. You know we can just send. Big fat the needs guys like me that are uncoordinated not in shape just that team of misfits. And will go out there. And will get blown out of every single game but come on how entertaining would that be. Is go out lives like he got this beer league team going against the pros it be like the movie slap shot. Yeah and yeah here right. I like to act like like ruined football had a strike year like people step dads out there playing and then. Your uncle in law was like the new quarterback. Can we may get a mixed team or is it going to be gets guys that's up to the league I don't I don't care you know me I'm open mindedness. I like that idea be awesome. We should have a wood instead of look like we should have a weight minimum what you gotta be 240 minimum. To be on this team in you still got to Wear the shorts. The whole nine yard we. Right we just gonna walk but that's that's me that's the thing everybody you'll get it because the adrenaline when the game starts there really is like I had got this. And then I know there are a lot of light. Hot dog breaks pulling on you steal the show it to me like 24 to six after the first you know what I mean Malia and what do people complain about soccer not enough scoring those biscuits and Rochus to continue to lead the league in scoring and allowed the the morning coffee club. Now noted let our joy this decade joke here hey man yelled out. Are you on the team you want on the team I want I mean I why I ought to be able to that ought to run out much. Yeah yeah yeah you got the right and center it's drew. I know men Bowman Nolan wrote and I did so in what they're all about it charity you bought it the other week you gotta you gotta you gotta shouted out at backup our. Men would skinned and I think Demi beyond the sons and youth who are de Leon a bow because it will be Bowden had been incurred charitable product. Yeah but you know he water. Our that we won't absolutely murdered there will be public hurry it up but the world great money for reroute a charity. Yeah but we got to do with a straight face like we're serious like we think we're good team in now. Now I'm not a big big men are tied it up are are being like I do. You know being up on our. I chose Bob everywhere we are. What are we win what if we start winning. Somehow like the bad news bears you have a. It's earned. Or are. All right my first teammate what number do you wanna be. Stop my mother pat limit is 74 years old bark about it before. You got it great. I'm guessing of course an animal has gone yet no 12 third and all of these other Internet outsider not only known how right. Morning coffee club. I talked about it but I give up that bill Tucker. You want to lead. All I can get hook it. Up and there's. Situation. Dipped to cardiology and step. Maybe if we let their brother and players something. The crew lower feed it and I'm. Had certainly no but. Yeah. Morning coffee club. They more guys beta. And human I want I want every girl growing up in. On double lot. No clue what I'm again every beer league no matter the sport has got it once double zero. And let it grow it but yeah I'm through this is Randy. Yeah and I'm dead ends and we'll drink that much yet again. Okay he. Purple yeah. We'll regroup and then you have how many guys are on a soccer team eleven play at a time right believe in that I didn't know what. And you're you're the man and we wanted we got three well on our way to see about. I go to good and bad back. Well pick bill or good or bad but I have already ready there always are so I. Love doing only. Been there I think Randy. Who did more to be morning coffee club. Margaret that part of it ain't so absolutely. Enact any particular. It will go lease steak and yeah and I'm that the I'm one of the forwards. Are. Up or. OK so use Mir are going to be the scorers. Out yet how old are you can ask. Twain and yet inhalation but he way. Or while much. 054 rookies are most in shape guys and our I know welcome back and say yeah you so far your captain. Welcome aboard the art I go into the wind did Ryan though it's been a first practices at the distillery. And if I were remedied. Did that no man I'm right here good morning. Good and don't abort or upset about Robert cheerleader. On my god things are really starting to come together and yes they work place now you can be water boy slash player if you want. Howard and let you know when we're going to be stream water it's going to be Jenny cream ale. I RA and rumors are back and commitment that. That. He morning coffee club. It. The property. Yeah I know proud. I'm not learn well now the you have time to get more out of shape before we fielded teams. Hope okay. It it. And that's our that's fine yeah you don't there's no tryouts there's not even any practiced. Yeah I think in three guys on the team smoke. All right then then you're. It. He had those crutches or elephants rhinos OK okay yeah good idea that you said there. Are. Now. Well I've got C we're going to be able to fill that stadium. And our cell. Behind. They deserve welcome aboard. Our. Or are what number do you want. It. In fact your head. Can. Bet that next morning. Hello. Community I'm right here good morning. Trying women that we did. We got our first cheerleader. Now. Now are huge do you have a certain level of confidence his right now it's one woman squad.