BMCC Amish milk

Thursday, March 1st


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So many heavy stories and consume and not the headlines today. I would like. If possible. To escape a little bit. If only bit for a brief moment. If I can be allowed to bring up something completely ridiculous. Get. TJ at any point. Whiz. The 37 kids that you given burden him yes. At any point near marine raising them did your husband. Drink your breast milk. Call or know how old. Julie. Had Stevie right yes yeah. Do you take this as for the breast milk I've I've I've sampled yeah now sampled or drank. I she'd breast fed for the most part but during some short period of time she. A pumped. In cash and I took a little gulp of the pomp and all right bring it up not because on some sick. Mother's milk her weird the I was Kasai yesterday Tyler covered from Florida Georgia line. There's a video up pull it up I did pull it up actors and thirty million ads on And trying to make money over there and there and do. But you know he just had a baby gosh I Chris receiver some ten. I think they had their baby. And now he posted a video of gun just drinking it out the model I made one for the baby made one for himself. And music get it tastes like on the mount. A big book. Anybody on video he put it. I ends there forgotten everybody to see if you sit two 92 had her whatever. I get nutrients from the baby. I don't know maybe maybe she's a good producer Matt can make more maybe the cover and the Dover Delaware bay and a guy that brigade. V morning coffee club good morning and. Now note did you really current what are you saying eat drink out of that bottle or it's just a puddle under. Well dilute doctor your bet we went out there of bill he picked up on our people all lot of respect and appreciate. And those that are accurate regret that baby bottle it up pop the arms are in charge all things. And I'll. I've been Limbaugh and I just looked AM like. You really want to do that. I would barely an hour drive and oh and average it out why a person that need to we got a car. And go to Korea to everyday at technical and everything. But anybody invest after you appeared it was there's no wonder so. I don't know it's exactly in the model on this I will oppose it on the B page Medina now that you think about it. I once members I don't know but I think at soldier others did not this past Super Bowl but the one before. I'd much intransigence news today like Sparta and all of their neighbors are homage. And NASA's wise admitted the cookies it. For the Super Bowl party. Is again those that we got those off the ommission neighbors they're delicious now don't freak out at their meeting with the Amish breast milk and the guy I was dead. And in me. And add thirty to your victory at these cookies couldn't script. All mine. And needed let me off the hook to like halftime but I think it's important that that. Of nine. They're better. Or so in that they're.