BMCC bath bombs

Friday, December 29th


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Man my boy William loves bath bombs. Absolutely love them I took him to Bath & Body Works and I I thought OK here's the one stories Erica asked me for anything for like candles and smelly stuff. And he ran he begged me begged me. Lonny please can I have these bath bombs so late at night you know with those are so I think sure luggage a couple because if there's anything level. Help a five year old wanna take a bath. Like a mall for. So I don't let that you know lure him in with new bath toys or anything so. About by many loved eight hits out my husband's like bull didn't have any. Guy ain't bad bombs Heyman. Guy bath bombs it just smells clean of the smell girlie just smelled clean. Yan I don't know look at only getting by his underwear isn't a bunch I'm very open minded in respect everyone's pursuit of happiness no matter how mad manifest itself. But I am still of the school of thy. Let that boy be a boy. Is a boy who like he bats since not cleaned and made he's got older sisters. Bright yes they bath bomb though they shower gel. Well and I don't know counties I don't know how we thank. You know what it palms up so it's cool looks like a little bulk he knowing your bathtub I mean I think it's a boyish thing. It looks cool time water different colors okay then just call it a bubble bath don't Colin a bath bombs with. I know I only side believe he's still bass mom and when he gets in junior high to lord of mercy help them. What's it if he dynasty dies he smells good he was so excited about base now that you went up to my had things like daddy smell like feet. Feet. Didn't like. What are you doing to him. Bombs. It's I mean this is so I'll go it is fine there's absolutely nothing or foul. You know you sit I have been made me feel like something was brought with. Here's the problem or pain problem if bath bombs were around when I was your son's a walk I probably would have bath bomb with all the women that raise me. IRA it's a look at this kid he's surrounded by women yes a domineering. Matriarch. Two big sisters. And a husband news from as much as we can tell. Ascap and where to go and how I look at China. So what fast forward he's an MB forty line in. In only bathing cucumber melon so like me. That's where he's lower than. These studios good morning and. I act on I have it. About the idea all right yeah. Your old am I am well. At. Yeah and he. It is but in how it went right at but it let it. I think you're right they blew early. Smell leaned they play well and let it. Out. Give me an old ice bath bomb blew open her. I grew 33 map. I techsters SA and bath bombs or gender neutral I believe so that's right now our. Husband does that but I do believe that he's so much. 28282 WB ER studio phone number by text it's 94092. You know. Part of my maturity term cheering is being able to admit when now is Ron. And detects your point this out to merit pay Newman bath bomb actually sounds. Hoster. That bubble bath. And I was like you know would your right now I don't know maybe it's that I associate the the bubble bath. In just you know we're all products of our environment a case a year Malloy has been brought up in a bath accessories culture. When I was your son's age and here we go eight. Day but the only thing I associated with bubble bass was cal guy. Learn take me away. That was like a big to merge so it was super feminine lady in the the so dizzy bubble bad and so that's what I associated. That's a list so I was issue our bag as soon as my mom let me be in only on rare occasions usually when I'm sick. Yeah I'll take a bat. Yet now I mean. The bath bombs yielding the heat which makes the sound effects when he throws and paramedics. Plus he's got curry and you can write in there and gut. Bad man toys that shoot things for the bathtub oh yeah old same par right now I gated I'd say. I am ruled reversed my position nine. You how you choose to ranger China it's so funny you had the same reaction as my husband like it was oh yeah where similar guys there's so standard that. It's not scared. Or not he's not scared. Aegis once he was known as a boy to be a bullet. The fact that he gets out he's like smell might be. Just got out of the tubs and all might be. I mean he judges that on smelling his feet I'd say he's all boy Amazon has a luxury bath bombs for gentlemen. Riga and two men muscle relief mint. This green tea for a fresh start phones and they have Earl grant is my chance in college infirmary relaxing deep. Thing about these attacks keep scrolling as their camera meal the but interestingly that the Mayor Bloomberg gentlemen my Ngo the gentleman's bet on the bigger than it was. Siblings and straight and we displace more water yes I right.