BMCC - Cashless thruway by 2020

Thursday, January 4th


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So it specialists. Through way does take some getting used to I got. Ticket in the mail from the city of Houston yesterday. 'cause we're not traveled for Christmas. The beltway there it's a vet told wrote in Houston who's I didn't have. Petraeus tag and they've gone all Nationalists there and I didn't realize I just was like top pay with cash when I get off. In and so when I get on SC net. It's cash or some Michael Graham what do I do so are rolled through the station the big light goes off taking my picture. And I got in the mail yesterday in 45 dollars. If you head east anti hippie into the thruway and Albany. Sushi on the mast pike it's specialists. And they go you know they they did that a couple years ago we get off the road all the told owns a gun he just slide right off the exit around. And the transponder is read by one of those above. So if I'm out of town about an out of state I don't have that cat for that three way. I can't keep pay cash at all now and then you get and taking me down he added you don't get that far you get it. Bill for what do you your costs was in the three way right. Got you the one I got I got to find on top of the Cust yes. I'm not saying that's how the annuity here I'm just sand that was my experience with a similar system and another down. You know cost jobs Malia. It's hundreds of jobs I mean I did it I mean I really do we gotta get with the times. My. I don't know I changed should it be weird the morning coffee club. Editor Eric Eric hello good morning. We're going on Hillary I heard you talking about that economic that yes aren't everything you'd be better I do not. You don't. I I believe they're in an article I took a trip down to New Jersey look at new York at your work Brooke every poll vote. Now that's right our driver Libyan IP trucker. On Obama they all over the you're not going to pull quote pretty deep bed not I want our border there all universal. Agers work on the Mass Turnpike get. It works in the Middle Eastern tiger works on the Pennsylvania turnpike so. Yeah. Well that that's why I'm picking up because they're your burglar bill to begin on. Now I don't know what I'm waiting for things really. They the way they are free. You're right exactly so. Well Republicans or not put a good from a two point in the. And I appreciate it man may be safe on the roads going get Dicey next couple days. I'm headed to buffalo right now remarks carried a little bit out of the out there. Right on man base took off. We're having a conversation about the news. Governor Cuomo once the true way to beat specialists. That's when he Tony. I FE it's his way. And or kick in and around where all. In what what other states are easy password Tim we got a couple text to 94092. This one says they guys might EZ pass works all the way to Iowa. Another one says in Illinois lease. You can go online and pay your tolls after going through. If you don't have a pass. And how that works. Early login with your license later sometime probably. This is if they've taken a picture of your plate and they haven't mentioned that none of it's it's. I don't know it seems weird to mean bit. We're probably among the. Last states to get on this. Program I feel like I'm among the last people not to have an easy pass like I'm old school I get the ticket thank you know I lose the ticket. You know what I mean somewhere in route and reach him for snacks the ticket drops off land and find the ticket. In I don't get out of that house much of that's one of the few social interactions I had that is that in brief exchange with the the whole lady. Another text here says TJ even sound sick and her commercial polo world. She's been on better what was alive commercial. All the live commercials today tool. But I thought he can do right now I mean with about this is strictly platonic but I think he's sound hotter stake. They're really different this afternoon the I really I.