BMCC curling shoes

Thursday, March 1st


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I remember earlier when I was telling you on cause watch in the curling. And I want to know more about the shoes they Wear. And because they look cool man. And ignites these Macon curling shoes and new balance. I see him on there in his only brought to my attention because we have a guy on our curling team. It's got some busted issues man. I don't know if you seen him but I'm going to Lake Placid this weekend. And up that'll be cool in addition to taken mosque gates to take some curling shoes because when you watch the curlers on the Olympics. They can walk around with ease and traction. On the ice boat when it comes time to. Sly. They just have that effortless. Cushion and so it's got to be some weird going on on on and it's tough line right. I hear is a Wikipedia. Curly shoes is similar to ordinary athletic shoes except they have at issue is different. The sliding shoe is designed for the sliding foot in the grip issue. Move it's that they have to put yes a lot of detailed why they're all black in color. I not necessarily I don't know what I hear it that you act as we have a guy on our team. And he's taken a lot of heat on that has social media. Because I don't even nine that matters it's lucky shoes they are he tree I guess trained it is in this curling in delude swears Duluth Minnesota yes. And it was like eight years ago so his before. It was two winners Olympics ago when he was their training and needed to pair issues to Wear around town. And so he went to some mall in Duluth and bide some. Skechers on sale. In love them so much that he bought his own test line. And whatever and fashion moments. Hurling shoes. We can all those depiction of these entities in the nose busted shoots. You've ever seen it he repeat says I know there's this quote says I know even though they look like they were in a dumpster fire and I still love them. There Odyssey for locked everybody's got stated the art gear in. Currently this guy's coming apart at the scenes on issues I mean dale Mike the worst dad shoes. Ever the debt and the only thing they can make a more busted as they had that green stain like he just mowed the lawn. That's the only way these kids get.