BMCC Gun laws

Tuesday, March 20th


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So the role I'm trying to wrap my mind around to what house was talking about in the news as far as waiting now ten days for a guy. As opposed to the three days. When you purchase a guy who go to Kuo is proposing extending the background check waiting period. OK three to ten days so you've purchased guns Jeremy Molina is back and be a problem going from three days sweetened three days. Man I'm hesitant to say anything. Because I'll really get hammered by my fellow gun enthusiasts. Because I should probably know more about that. And I do wish we could reach out to mr. Andrews. From scope. On just your experience. TJ to be honest with you I don't recall ever waiting three days for any firearm I've ever purchased in the State of New York. I don't recall waiting three days or any of them. Even the first one not a 10. Now but I mean I contained. Is it an a while those in to purchase one and he's talking tea milk. I mean no I'm I'm by. And guns last year. And I didn't wait. I don't know if it depends on where you live where he'll live or what kind of fire they're buying on easy I don't know Deanna I guess that I'm hesitant to say when I have a problem with it. Look only if there was poor planning. Like guys Turkey season open next. Or this Wednesday in like 39. Are not opening day. Non. But otherwise I don't know man did you ever have a problem with ten days. You couldn't. And game is in trouble here and I wouldn't have problem with it as long as it. Jives with the constitution. Design is that doesn't deteriorate. Or diminish. The constitution. And not just that amendment but I may abdicate for every one problem is wondering. Is. Maybe it's the to I don't know anything about it that's why I'm sorry masking so many questions here like my. But I don't do for the etc. that's that's my fault that I which in this position. But it's so if it's the first time you've ever bought one. It would be the ten days maybe you didn't have to wait because. Marty in the severe poverty in the system buyers they find out Gaudin today and get you. Walking a mile from here I'll take that one point. While the first of I did it doesn't I would love for you to go through the process a UK and I don't really happens as opposed. The hysterical image you paint your mind. Of guns shopping yeah. It's not well I am purchasing them but I don't CU going in say I like that have a bet those two awards what are these does the most damage right that's tonight's. So far from that meant I understand if you've never been exposed to it never. But here's Vicky you're your buddy they're Tim Andrews from scope by Ottawa knowing men who years. But this is the great quote he says it can't figure out a three nation are gonna figure it out in ten days. And that seems to be. What's it what whether this personal and if Dujail Agence I'll actually take in that time do a thorough check. You know that's that's that things like they're it's that the work isn't getting done it's not. I remembered the got what was the analogy. You know it's feared drain impostor in years you know you don't need. In your noodles or fallen through the whole team when you don't need a bigger colander you need tighter holes. Keeps posse and catch them can. So I don't I don't know. Does that make sense. Yeah like appeared trying to catch fish are right and you throw a net out in the water. And you go to reel it in and all the fish is skate through the net as it has bagels and you're not catch and all the fish he can catch those being in the the people who probably should have their hands on fire so if you had a net with smaller holes and it in you cast that same net on the same place. You're gonna catch more of the people who don't deserve to fit through those holes. That's probably a better analogy and not pots that thing on the to protect their. 222 WBZ is are still feeling good mark. UK guys I had no you've got to go to questions about the street Aybar suspended and yes. So. Wind being a jacket conducted you have three possible out with her one is the one that that mean human yet at proceed. And then there is decline which is you know the one the people shouldn't have firearms get and then there's no way. And under the rules or go away. At the idea is allowed an additional three days to investigate before the applicant is allowed. Take possession of firearm that they don't buy anything with an act three days. So that I mean. Good thing about that is that that. Federal regulations so I'm not really sure how exactly proposing a change its state law. If they lock doesn't trot bad or under regulation that is it seemed like more virtual security. If you pass the first wave Anderson no flags been marking go home with that there. Would you like declined in your going on with that never but if there's a flag that's when that three to attend a thing starts. And you. Yeah it's easier than the calendar in the Austin and now a Mac experience. Rob some trying to wrap my mind up asking so many questions about this because this is the year my husband's going to be taken my boy the baby boy. Out it's really important to Steve my husband that Leon understands. Has a respect. For fire arms. As a Reese knows how to safely carry them. What they're capable of doing as opposed to you know she zombies in the zombie gamer taken nerve kind. Do you trust your husband Todd absolutely trust him but the mighty nervous because not nervous because it's just I can't help it. Because I wasn't raised around it. No one took me as a child into the woods you know taught me the safety of it. Forty Dylan tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow. At home sale I see any guide TJ what are you doing tomorrow aren't doing anything why aren't you come over. Justine do but just view Camara house. Being nervous wreck that you don't have to be. Edie did the same place at once come over find out what it's all about you won't be nervous he is maybe the best when it comes to. Respect for farms. How to do it how not to do it. I'd I'd back you up and did an OK let me ask you this before we get in doll that is it okay if I still leave there without the enthusiasm I have for now I'll force she's I'll William I think that's the part I don't understand like a why are people folks like you but you're scared to what you don't know TJ it's not so much scared I just don't. Grasp the enthusiasm. Like the love one I don't let us and then I'd love it enough to fight. For this. Do you love your freedom of speech enough to fight for it. Absolutely of their ego it's just another amendment. Well and here's that India if you were really about two kids I mean really it's a really about the kids. Really and truly about the kids. Various other things that deserve just as much attention they killed kids more and I'm not minimizing gun violence in these school shootings at all. But if there were truly truly truly truly care about the safety of the kids. And let's address it across the board. All things that are killing. Are you. I think that as a society we do our best the texting and driving me. You know what I mean look at the whole campaign about smoking now they're trying to eliminate it for a whole generation geez we're doing the best we can hardly keep these kids safe. Most the time from themselves. But this is. I don't know. I would give it a shot I look over and I will analysts I don't open up my mind to it. If you don't want to I don't want to do Anja is offering UT I am open to trying to see the other side how about that. Look what I would over and in gosh I had fun with him that day but I didn't go running up and -- say I won't. I understand where he's at that's all you wanna do is understanding of the act. That's what I'm open to doing that is one thing and I think that's. A big part of bolts I'd seen each other's. Do you have a honest conversations with your husband and like I have been right now I absolutely do. I absolutely do and see he's he was just born and raised not to know any different. It's in it's in his blood it's instilled in him from a very young ages millions just like them and if anything. He's just once he thinks that teaching them responsibility. Is the answer to a lot of vessel Canty saying that that's the appropriate thing to do for dry cleaners yes or any other major responsibility yes. Tutu to WB ease. Other hot humid. There. Hey. I am. I get soccer or eat. At. And I and it RO curry or have. You read out. I. Get. It out immediately. I have no idea how to clean cotton you'd. And it. It. Annan well if that's the only application for that firearm you shouldn't need to clean it too often in the should doing a lot of practice she didn't. I would be happy says teach you what I know beta I can't help med feel like I shouldn't. May be encourage you to see a licensed. Trained professional not just an enthusiast. At it as many people. All right what I would do recommend that you do personally. I'd be happy to help you out are really would. But do you ever heard the firing and they're a client of the radio stations. I know those guys I've interviewed them on my Sunday morning and an incision show. I can speak says the character of the people that run that store and I know that they have a great. Educational. Branch their business over there and instruction and training is a huge part of it. And not just there but there are no shortage of places where I trained licensed professional. Guy can teach you I'm happy to help you but I just I'm hesitant to paint myself to some expert on no one knots. And guy just. I. Well like if you if you know about eighty can't find anyone you trust I'd be happy that it's a UN nine. It you know I don't that will make up and I tried it. And yeah it's not urgent. Enough for ninety. Are entitled to rat out or I'd opt. Radio firing pin in line dot com is their website and how's it envoys yes absolutely yeah five times minted. And good luck with that amino. I keep them. Yeah I'm just got one addressed some he is an errant approach you know are they announced. But it doesn't that the court I'm sure it I recruited all of it at the National League is that a very good job. Rainbow and older as potential mass murderer in manner and I think that is. A complete disturb the new law abiding that is that the brick by their right and you wouldn't know who was staring at public that they know wait. Wouldn't bring genuine right. If you don't know that pairing and I would they go vote majority of deeply buried. Will never let up on anybody in their entire life let alone pull the trigger. And they don't allow popping under these. Are committing not started it that's not the mind that of a gun owner. You know or are we ever at a recent eroding our guns are behind been the target cheating. It'll be a dramatic can be edit and are open and they're all are equally valid. But he talked about we didn't mind that those people do what about shoot pool or you know. You know you make a great points this Robert. MMA event. You make a good point you know about the the league how then. National press has gotten people so worked up I mean acted just tell like you were speaking from a very fearful place. Then I don't know that you would have spoken from. A year removed from right now are two years drum news. Demi sense I am. Your talking and yet she got my reaction yeah it was I am a mother who just I MB I am reacting yes. And it's hard not to where you disk concern about it a year ago. Two years ago now camp out. I felt very much like it wasn't my business do what you guys do but now that it's starting to infringe nine. Mighty family safety I feel it is now I feel. A little I'd feel very strongly about it and and I'm trying to understand it. And has been Brody would you. I think he wouldn't it aspired done. Most people what I it'll come up vomit you and shut the ski on the right about. I have done away if they have handled them all of their way. Really do about it I mean as well up up up someplace you know it is. It can work both ways I know when I had house out many years ago he had to my knowledge never even been in. Contact with a firearm and I think it opened his eyes. A little bit. Down and not think they can education's good for everyone they don't get me wrong I'd the last thing I wanna do is even in a controlled safe instructional environment anybody handle and again that doesn't want it. That's the bottom line amateur and force it on new or anyone that is the last thing out one ended. But if I can help educate. I'm happy to do that I'm not. I'm not here to force it on anybody in like Robert said earlier in the call the overwhelming. Majority of people are the same way. Yeah and and there were. But they were we have we enjoy you know of firearms for whatever purpose that we wanna use them all. And it but it but right and you have the suspects but it or not despite speak despite. You know that it is it the right and and I know I let it cargo boat and of course there. And I know it or not. It's Robert bass and thought man we're short on time.