BMCC Haus dental surgery

Friday, December 29th


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While I don't know if you're aware this house but it. Julie was sending me updates with hero oral surgery and lower really via. To meet new look like a wimp. A well I don't know if that was seen her yet. But the picture she sent mean it's kind of cartoonish. Which you'll like I had no wisdom teeth removed. And I don't remember going gnome and any sort of bandage. They saw how well they said house some in this bandage that was very cartoonish. In LA where they'll wrap the gods under your chin. And then over the top of your head. Yeah like Bugs Bunny. All my chaos in that sets the picture I can explain that to. Christmas Carol the ghost that comedies. That I as. God is Pathon god it's morally it's got up that's what some people who were saying. It's actually a little device that makes a lot of sense in that little rapper is that ice pack. That holds he has that right up against my right cheek where the tooth was removed that was supposed to keep in chilled. So actually it's quite a little thing it's been the meal holding an ice pack up begins place. Yeah we of that end and you screw. It in. The go to like here. This looks at how little birds yes so we're back. Flying around in circles above says is that it got quite didn't do all the normal basic basic you homer you came up with that. And they keep it's that you know tell them. OK as a pour gas how's he doing he's good sustainable mashed potatoes yeah. It does favorites yeah I think that's what they don't even. Mash potatoes and putting. I don't act like that's old Terrell sentence who my favorite thing yeah G post that picture of how's Meehan a dental patient I am working on it. It's pretty funny house has kind of an antiquated. Ice pack wrap on his said. It's kind of funny low can somebody sinister note says they get my daughter. After dental surgery used to rock. With ice packets in each cup. And tied the top. And Pattinson. Top amber head when she got her wisdom teeth out. Yeah letting me do that plenty of women Julie is. Little ESP he had no. Over the shoulder bowler older. And silly each and while I didn't mean both sides. Joining me. So funny man almost threw up the other day. My girls got a little foot problems that she's been icing and in ninth but nice ends of blocks them. On it so I go in there to. Make me injuring yesterday. And I've seen in the fridge here's a black bags of ice. Or in the freezer wrapped. In about came unglued. They didn't go put your own nasty used foot ice back in the freezer. Would've thought wasn't mindful. And plopped that the glass and started drink ever want to drink hero nasty foot ice. What Lleyton right it's in a bag. Yeah you're gonna reach into a baggy is it looks in my case I don't know what if I was an in my right time. Only the nasty cutter BP that's fine I don't care who's heeded our. How clean and they are fine and drinking Carol foot I.