Monday, April 9th

The options for communion blew his mind!!


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And Friday when I got off work you'll never believe what I did Leon now. That's it Steve to church yes. Why NRC right here for this I hear the for what well I had to go to that that sadly had to go to funeral but that. The church's right around the corner and he was. Didn't home he's I'll take you assume drop me off. And expanding good down half. In church and on Friday and see with my own two eyes. Is Catholic Church will what was going on over there it apparently is as I understand it's a little bit of a spin off from the Catholic Church. It's the one you can see the tower rate from her window here. Presbyterian yes it's that presbyterian slash Cam Newton. And I you know it is sad because of remembers the past week and I really enjoyed the vibe in the I gather them the minister or priest talked in real real language. You know rather than in real religious candid terms whose easy to understand who's relatable and I I really enjoy it. It was funny because he invited everyone up to receive communion. Indices. Inviting us all up to the adultery says and if you would like to receive a gluten free. Communion Wafer aria that's it and I'd never heard that before game and us Protestants have those. People who think that while the yet to think see we Baptist eagerly and yet. Inaugural. Seattle adventure guessed it their all gluten free if our nightly opinion the choice then yeah. What do we do three years before gluten free communion wafers. Is she got a stomach cramp actor communion I mean really how much are eaten well it's true it's you know he's out of a quarter you're and the whole piece of an eleven to bread you have a now in your always starving you always want more important I don't know I always hungry inserts. Get a little bit of that Alec. TJ's probably had a bunker. Yes. Don't get my mind last solid and east to see those people it chaired unit we are not exceed Catholics different. Because ya go up in the one person holds were. The gob letter whatever your jealous and they handed to the open here and right and that made see in most Protestant. Jimmy unions do you give diesel stumble sized. Cups of wine. And grape juice and gas over here I sit from an actual why glass yeah I'm not done capital little she wiped the area where the person before me. It was so funny Mankins I'd never Arnott a lot of exposure to Catholic mass bit. Another time I've. Trustees to churches when we buried our friend Lyle quarry. A long time friend of the radio station dear friends of bill coffee. We did the morning show here referred for many years he brand or was among those that ran let's chase construction. Great guy so we go to a lot how cores funeral. And they're doing amassed there RF forget what church it was that is in Pittsburgh and so it comes time to commute. In a nom I feel close to the law guardian on and Protestant and Catholic mass and my gosh I don't know this is beautiful and I never been exposed to that. Sounds like they said oh OK you can come up been you know you're not Catholic bigger hands like this then it often in front yet they'll bless share whatever Reza. These people don't know. Is this ad now and I can't link from another charge on. So I went up there I took the you know the bred them I went over to the the cut the wine lady. Mean I didn't know you're allowed to take it from her hands yeah. So I like leaned down now and like that month Lou I saw Blair yes. And she did typical wine in the night laden and then it was after I walked away as a I don't think I don't. I was very nervous today. Now is that everybody thinks I've found a way to massive DDoS somebody else's just grab in the evening and taken a swing and handed it back that I did out. Study bring up your own disposable Strom askew so I'm like Hewlett it was so embarrassing as the words go yep.