BMCC Holley Lady A biggest fan

Thursday, March 1st


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These studios to mourn and I'm. Baby and then violent content. No I know you it. The. I don't have any time clinging Lady Antebellum didn't sellout. Okay. I'm pretty content then did. When they miss led yet. Oh yeah dad that's good news you can still Adobe idea and we we gave away tickets that show a couple weeks ago. And hopefully we will again in the future. As far as today I am so sorry we don't have any. I could. I don't mind and you can pass meant the and. Oh unions know Hillary sound and okay what do you mean talent. Bad. And and let it I loved. You're an iron and had planned environment when my. Draw. You know what I've met Hillary Scott and she is just as nice and sweet in person is. She comes across on stage in on TV she's the real deal. Yeah. There them and so. Kelly. Irony irony. Power plant and meet Matt and I. Com and thumping of in the united. Who I am. Yeah how old I don't know of buying and that do that. Patrick Hogan brings and eighty. I mean I was meeting unless. And every actor who wouldn't know me wave. So it is actually. Well it. Why can't lineup and let. No no no. I don't limit and end couldn't. It. Maybe I. Leave. It might look you know. They didn't really. Well don't worry about that there's plenty of people in wheelchairs he shouldn't be self conscious you can probably wipe out the security guard. I you know play a cool story about Lady Antebellum do you know where they Wear but whenever they heard their song on the radio for the first time when they get their career first started. In their car. In Rochester. They were driving around with a Billy Kidd. Our core you know Lindsay can talk about that with their necks and you hang with the. All right a parent and I got my pin what's your name. Hurry. Holly yeah. Ollie kind. We have opportunities to interview artists from time to time and Lady Antebellum is always good to us they join us every so often. In the next time I have her on the phone time unit seller. You said hello and you're one of her biggest thing that's our deal saying oh I know what are you gonna do for me. Are. I'm season. I'll take your good luck talents you'd have a great day today okay. Okay thank you. Help my learning content. Disease you can call me whenever you line. To. Yet you didn't. Didn't look at me clad. Be studios Morton. OK. Eric why eyelid and it. Can't run your high and she's the sweetest. She now. And I you know you get integrated at a time. There let them let her life or ought. And you know taker I'm not in and like a I I model where I had a pocket is that my diet yeah. How wonderfully and Engel pat and I know. Integrated app. Hillary bet he could get I am. You're kind to say that I wish she would talk longer Kazaa was running around looking like H define a pair of those tickets for error. Next. And turn them upside down and I take call from kids every day and we have preferred stock indicators. Via. Yeah. And that thank you so much. I managed hot late. Polly if you're still listening call me back. He screamed again I want to hear harmony with its. C a mile maybe she's better volume down to two to get BBC he had gotten hotly called back I can't go to sleep tonight if I don't get that girl's tickets are Inglewood Darian lake and can't live nation. And Polly called back in she said she was a twin ranked yes. Dash nine at about four tickets who cares. And I'll be dead one day I'd get July 21. It's this Saturday night in there are tickets will Polly called back. On the them by. And then putting a deadline honest no. Oh no I want to get this I wanna make it happen for her I just feel very. Strongly like I'm here in someone telling me to. Help her out not out loud down in here you know and I mean this. I remember she says she is a twins on now I don't care about once her. Her twin and whoever else and it's on its four lineman TJ just called Billy I did I mean on my generosity. Only extends to grass. Oh really Nash had a chance I gotta go for four seats and I'll Gator in the building. Comment I do locate that I'm I'm not Tom Golisano over here. Yeah Billy said he's pretty Sherri can make this happen. And it sounds like he was working out now yeah right like in the gym every morning. It I am did it very late lately but they must have some sort of accommodations for people who need special help. Yeah and it's a totally different for it looking at the stage for right close to the family here. Always she said she was last ten yen can I just say there's a reason for everything and what are we spent the morning talking about a troubled did. Opened fired in a school hurt anger depression and then we're reminded. On a phone call that we answer. This weakness in the high net that that to me just I'll give her anything she wants regardless of the sweetest thing in the world up. Good morning and I'd Harry. I did hear one of Lady Antebellum can't choose told the captain Newman is this for Holly's not. Is only there she is very tearsheet. Two gray hair product. Ollie. Yeah. Page it's Jeremy remember me from earlier that. Members as bra and highlighting your day and we talked yes it certainly was mine. You know we're gonna do Florian. He said you had a twin right back. And I imagine you get parents. Yet okay so you know we're gonna do for you. Are out. We're gonna sell you some tickets. Yeah I. I'm season. Your friends here at the copy club. They're not on sale yet we did some digging around the only way can get Lady Antebellum tickets right now as with the maggots again. By common templates you want to hold them we're gonna get some information from yet and we're gonna are arranged to get you for taking the concert. Okay. Thank you. Granted. Let's not just me it's all of this here. That don't. Ali this is a good example of things paying off for being such a bright light in people's lives here he really brought light to our day and not to start David everybody listen then so we love you for that hang on stay on the line for a day. Man. This feels good. This is like is she on hold opening up honor this is like our version of the N Mike Allen yeah. Include but we can't get the studio audiences of every wanna Carter. I men's or anything Monday. We'll sweet girl if you did just joined his Holley called up probably an hour ago it was whose body tent at this point which is guy Chenault heard Hillary sky and Lady Antebellum it. Gone on and on and she was wondered if we had any tickets to giveaway. And I just don't like to doubles Eleanor you know. So we. Without. Polly signals like the bat signal bit H on it and she called back and we were able to working out behind the scenes. Are actually we were able depended on Billy yeah I think she had her sick. The elites they Dolly you will be going to that concert will get all your info from him.