BMCC Jumping the fence at the zoo and return of common courtesy

Wednesday, March 21st


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I did you guys know that today is national common courtesy day. That being said this one is a how awesome it is to spend time with not only the two of you bit. Everyone listening we're very grateful for your time and you have a lot of options out there and he can stand us here. 1443. Minutes. That's pretty good at that time once an hour yeah. I we'd all be happier. There's only one day a year he had known. I heard on houses and intimate Jesus podcasts on the way and that's what. Found out about it a fair one analyst due kind of a progress report. You know once a year. If I really were to think about it. It's kind of an annual deal where I'll go on a rant about common courtesies gone out the window you know and normally it's cold in the door open for somebody. And down acting entitled. Day. Glide through. They usually sets me off. Well or the other being is when you're walking into a store and it's either cold or rainy outside in cars won't let you. Go win while they're in their warm dry and car are that just gets me but I was I was. Weekend. And I think people have been pretty cool lately I don't know if it's. You know I'm just lucky not ending good scenarios that I've had some pleasant exchanges with folks hold in the door open to the pendulum be swinging. Can we be making its churn. Back towards being nice to one another all help sell our mind on whatever Zeta-Jones was on a more thought. A ponytail and a half. Ago to yesterday I was. To learn through FaceBook and I stumbled upon this. Conversation amongst friends come on FaceBook page because of hard you know what we do. I have a lot of basement friend's day I don't real lean no now. Answering Anderson on a sanitary absorbing too so I can get very voyeuristic. On my time lines sometimes. Some scroll and through and it's basically people I've either matter motors it lists and what have you so. Bossy some drama with some people I'm not connected to. Ali eavesdrop on it and I got into this whole exchange. Were you guys aware or did back in the eighties. With with the kids the thing to do with sneak into the zoo and tonight the hope that the animals left here yes the man. Again I stumbled upon the soul exchange and rat and I don't even know Eddie what got it started bidders like. Back in eighty saddened me in not friends oh well we have defense and we were in their patent wolves. And then another guys like me and friends got into the snow leopard once I hope it was just this line on talked into dozens. Of people. In the mid to late eighty's I don't know if they beefed up security. It is the reasons banners. Or weapon that was everybody is. We did that too we did that suit. Get your independence no. I mean we hop over fences and jumping pool. But we know murder I don't that I. Hot over there that's got a lot burden. All of my guy. So I don't know I guess they would sneak in on that those trails over there that run behind. Exhibit at the park. And I don't know if the fences or shorter. Back then it was a day where you could go oh man no idiots inning job. You know the crowd acknowledge our Rihanna dome strapped to get people I think.