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Thursday, February 16th


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You know all the great standup comics in the world one of the funniest and most punctual. As Larry the Cable Guy. You go to an interview at 9 o'clock Larry and he is right there are. How are you Larry. We'll Larry's coming to town guides do we showed our new casino and not many people wanna travel here this time a lit a year Larry so we're very thankful you're gonna come visit the frozen tundra. Who is going to be right is oh lord of the war purple. Winner here probably fifty degrees is yeah. Nebraska has. Or perhaps. That's going to be nice this weekend two shows on Saturday night at dialogue lead. We think I'm gonna resort and casino. The agreement woke up. I'd do me a little muddy on the golf course. I wouldn't suggest that. You know the America. A and it's funny and Larry I have been a Fanny years for so many years amenity that. Chris Farley a member when. What time that was yeah. Years ago years and years ago like before your meter came along and I used to be on a morning show. In Dallas. And you would call us every morning. Deeply into a brand new fresh commentary. There really aren't. Yeah I was they guide did call you at 6 AM in the Ed answered the phone when you called in this where we pretend like he remembers. Dad. The lines and one time I even pick Larry up at the airport. I was. I will reflect where. Maybe Internet and Asia and Kevin were together. It was billing ball. Yeah yeah Embry had lunch at a strip joint. Okay well. It's sad. I. Then I remember Larry's commentaries and lie like almost verve they don't. He needs then this year your own punchline hair and not aren't even note our drug puts you on the spot but. It still makes me laugh to this day I probably shouldn't do it on the year. But I'm happier than Jim Nabors. But I mobile rude back in the day or. I'll probably. Yeah and still makes you love to this day. I live. No I was so that was my news. Now they need. Nowadays you know OK okay you're cutting and I he's overshadowed here. The you'd go to. Unknown to locked up for it isn't a good time to be a comic ME nine. On one hand we all need a laugh and you know on the other hand it's got to be a plethora of material for you guys. You know. You have your company is still. This competitive I mean there. People out all kinds. It. You know if I've kind of joke on me and it can be an epic battle that argument anyway I mean. The he would he do popular comedy comedy comedy today is. Kind of people they think it's and B will remain you usually can't go to that currently. He knows that the free market it's if you. There it is a free market society is funny is dead by that hey you know current president you don't like it comedians don't go to the comedic. And it can't come look goofy comedian. Model development is to me whether I think local. You know remain. So. I think it's smooth what the greatest form of free speech to league. Please get your load that they felt like I have lived it wherever it goes charter boat come down on opening test case you know it can't that there. I think you read it comedian trying to water left and already there saying it out on stage candidate then birdied. Yeah but there was also what George Lopez who say get out of my shell. Because some woman was offended that's got to be tempting to be like okay then why not pearl's go. That's been done but that support. He hit a from Dario are big if you simply sit there is proud of their vote unless. Relatively you know bad Turkey is gonna make yourself look good so I mean you know who your government say it's like. You won't see George Lopez when those 20 OK okay. You know black come over and I think hey Cooper you look at them get a credit too bad that the live medically get ambushed Tyler and there have been probably the country and accountability kind of pick he. So we looked food and every corner. Larry the Cable Guy joins us young comics have an advantage or in concert over. Musicians how many times have we gone to a show and musician saved this afternoon. And people get ala said they boo. You must look forward to doing new stuff went through the audience does suit. You know let me he ordered an immediate but I was still doing the same act at night in 2006. Probably killer bullet. So that's 21 thing you know it would be cool at least somebody like. You know they go below if you look skaters packing air her good is the same coach well people want a little well yeah. You know. I don't know I only got like Lugo opened. Due to be overly big trees killed. That's classy and notable pick. And nearly a true and attention literally Rick. I've always had a deep it is great music and you know. And I got to Oakland where president Gordon Netflix especially gift code in November. And so that's good album let them to a political panel and no Portland expo here this kind of on a moment ago. It's less than ambler he played here well last amounts I'm hearing inflated the war memorial. It becomes on stage and there's just a giant black curtain behind them. And he does logs says they and they hung up over his underpants. There. Under this. Unique I don't know what that it Gambill and you know I go one. And there they would do to choke on stage because Covert now the company put the best goto. And Hillary Clinton run for president trichet if you got a hold back thirty billion dollar. To help creating a little mind. And paying. Or modern Korea. So don't be surprised ladies and again a couple of cute it was a point. Well I had the first being elected to defend in the canary. Does it ask you know. Wade put politics that. And this is he's he's. Thirty. I don't know people who us. You know two I don't really enjoyed Dillon of providing I mean I look at buying immaculate you gave their paper. Is the executive pay he can do joke to everybody it was a joke and there are being you know. We've Cardin could patriot them they would get food greater simply can't say. Yeah. I'd rather stay out of probably the most popular list. Big people to come out lab. Worry about it it's as pretty let couldn't do anything about dead. Airplane. Where they count 31 out of cocaine. Hidden in and go to the American airmen here. I do you think it would erotic. Welcome to cocaine is does that code of. It's been the you'll never looked better. Look at the life of its pilots. You better get open looks heavily in the Pittsburgh well certainly it is. It's not privy to complain and just tweak U. Two shows this added in Chicago. This video plug a Larry resort and casino two shows this Saturday night tickets are available brand new facility by the way gotta love the vine showroom. It's a great news spot in everybody's nice and close to use and you have a nice intimate crowd. M Rhode good lord do whatever about it. Little. It would be pretty. There are always good to talk to you and just so you know we are all outraged in the greater Rochester community we have an area wide boycott against Rolling Stone magazine for leaving new off of their list yesterday. Well 088. Never made. These are truly it would probably hardly ever made goes listen I always believe me I'll go you very. You know. It's okay no word that I mean that's established anyway out of the blue and not do that to me. The folks really is vocal album and any comedian that they were treated standup comedy. That's when I was gonna say there's. At an out and these. Cable off of him and comedians. We are okay if you like and even comedian. They sure you have a little of the best comedians didn't deliver. You know the Rolling Stone magazine is who's been approved a bigger political agenda it's that's the fact remains. It is hey you know if you have it differently I think you know they're not gonna like it picked up with a slightly Rolling Stones. Act being one kind of on the cover of the magazine. And not the main cover that I was I was does. I was on top of the guys that was on the Coke. And if because if America with a quick market. It is indeed an Oreo Carter. I could have that's going to work the other countries of that joke you know Lou that are real boon. You know Lula. And they were moving interview. In a blue state. Well it would tiny bit of wallboard that was a big Chinese made ahead and go to the data. And they came into the show an idea 121000 people. You know balloon stay. And then they wrote you don't live in a blue state. We have a state that you probably never. Should particularly if they happen again they have but they are they have days. They have this certain. Think fit in their mind it about a certain person and that's what goes right regardless of that's correct or not she would never root zone. Pretty great constantly being in the government I think. The last sector and aids if it's very close to when they ranked the personnel members. Of all time I thought that was equally. As an ulterior. The kid who wrote an article. I mean that is that if you added that looked that personal life. Truly did you find out that the best comedian of all time line. You'd goof ball album failed. And he's going to buy the album sales and ticket sales. That's the best I mean that's really liked the comedian and a this is how many albums did so that heavily ticketed adult which means people like. And that's really the only way to determine that I had it. It doesn't by the they have been idea that what is the kid. And I would give that he had those western countries delegates will speed up the truck that you know. I'm how many cars movies. Right. Okay what code freely admitted doing June 16 government now. So. Really I think you know I probably not going forward I don't do that. That's good I am I'm the only that it puts on weight can do always so. A all right let's make the phone ring Adele Lagos to get some people in the seats to see Larry thank you for your time today how did they do that house. Are you gonna do a lot resort dot com tickets available for both shows early in late this fry Saturday night in the vying sure when we preacher and Larry the case. Most important thing I would rather have me. Yeah it's.