BMCC - Liam's Bad Manners

Wednesday, April 19th


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Hey there's an adorable video of the main teacher and TJ cyanide that drive a boat yesterday we went fishing and mean. A boy and now her husband. And I noticed when you shared that video on your personal page. You were apologetic. About his manners. I didn't feel bad I didn't think he had bad manners for one minute. He was like oh here do that and many kept telling you I know I know. He was a little boss. I will tell you. But I just is chock that up to Colombian excited because he wanted to driver Leon and I said OK I promise she can drive before we leave the so once I planted that seed. Mean it was one track mind so I didn't think he was being impolite. I just saw a lot of UN him Errol. That perceived to be used in him I don't know I just figure that's how he sees you were in and around the house say did. This let yeah I know drew is an error the you do. Please. I'm 81 time yeah one I it's like I got as a top place to do this I don't know his dad wouldn't say a mountain. Yeah but you were in teaching mode you teaching them how to address the boats of one I know Yemen part of it as like OK enough enough Bosnia around five. I'm forty a line here a couple other up so Leslie what do you say and you immediately as they please. So the heart. You think about a little little the guys are altogether we don't say please and thank you to each other judges that get you that do this you know and again you know you let our. I it was. In passing which I didn't need there is no validity to that out. I let him watch the video last night FT posting a headache coming here we sat down next three days ago what how why where you've been so bossy. We're we're your manners because birthing before he got the cargo now you Jimmy Anderson made street tell impairment that you. In you better listen there's rules to the boat you better listen to I lectured him before Levy so he's got a mean mid sentence and he goes. I know home money don't talk Q making it worse there. Like I know. It maybe time yesterday did you say they have a good time to just literally yeah unlike any. These rules when I was out of breath after the IR yeah.