BMCC - Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxtor discusses school shootings

Thursday, March 1st


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Perry is the long arm of the law and good morning guys sheriff Todd Baxter mineral county sheriff joining us in studio today. Big news today with you and your comrades. Served and it's funny. Asking for school re our resource officer and every school. I never thought that would be such a polarizing controversy over request. Yeah I thought it was there was there was logical from the standpoint we've been S girls' schools for years and years matter schools covered in fortune because of budget constraints and in schools different schools on different things for communities that. Oh the concept if your school wants one. Oh wind knocked it's a sorrows or Nadia that would bring in the school to present state by any means Astros are usually public. Relations officers are gonna build trust with the kids and talk to me. Gather intelligence and they understand what's going on. And they god forbid for the worst case scenario you may have an armed officer inclusive situation I would obviously hopes on the prom to a private school superintendent we don't have them in our district and I want one might call you and how who pays sport well the school district usually pays for it comes out their budget they reimbursed law enforcement agency every agency does it just a little bit different. There's some agencies here that have a sorrows and Monroe County besides a sheriff's office. And there's other agencies that don't know us rose and also it's usually based on the community what they want what they what they expect and then they work out the budget part of it. And the back and between the school district in there alone for me six and you know what it costs for one of sorrow. Page here a little over a 100000 dollars when you if you pay for benefits and vehicle in the Melissa the comes with. On the package him and talk about a 100000 dollars for an answer oh let's find it appears this money's the biggest hurdle we you'll find. So now an equivalent would be one school teacher we want to preschool teachers schools but the idea is you know. After 9/11 we changed quite a bit on our physical security of things we do and airports with things we're doing and airplanes and her hard in the cockpit and and things like that same thing here we were talking about. The changes we need to occur post he'll post men are post column you know him and act the shooters may occur in years before that. We've heard murmur West Paducah Kentucky we just go back we've we've got mostly east. But really we need to change a whole paradigm is said the school district while Harden schools and again these schools are own community what do they want but we're her to assist. Oh home to secure surveys will find bush and press are those what are we gonna do with the let's not leave it to you don't two wins ever known debates that that there were no rational debates what's a bonus which can once and NC for to fill that need. I'm apparent only kids receive the skewer in schools in and then we can learn in no penalty to messer was a bad thing I think an Astros a very positive thing. I think that's more logical scenario then giving teachers guns. In my opinion yes so let's just talk about the first of all they do if you're gonna Irma a citizen that. That has an expectation do security feature you know inside a location where the mall. School a movie theater church. The better be some extra selection processor goes within a whole lot of training that's avert internationally a paper territory targets and a and shooting range. We're talking about possibly deploy into a physical force in the middle total chaos. We multiple innocent people running around. It's not an easy task and needs continuous on going training so when people talk directly to stick to step back let's actually look at the facts. And let's get trained professionals women let's get trained professionals and their. He is Monroe County sheriff Todd Baxter joining us in studio today you you mentioned the potential. You know the teacher Meehan and chaotic situation. And how they'll respond to that. You know I was really he. I was in a battle with myself last night whenever the sheriff came out and disclosed. Day he had a deputy. On scene in then he chose to not go in the building. In steam actually I'm like angry. Thing and I got a tower how did you do that. But I've never been and that's that you need and I don't I can't say it's 100% certainty how I would react but. If that were wondering your comrades. They're you know how does that make you feel as a fellow law enforcement deceit that well yeah. Obviously doesn't make we shall console listen that I change that trend in the school resource officer German O'Connor were trained in how to be school resource officers took. The legal issues how to work within the school community all the things we talked weren't. And then we train them we tackle leaders. You know they're the ones are the best floor plan and the bus nosing nor the cafeterias there was gymnasium they know or holy be years ago was now mr. Roy Z I mean they've they've gotten intelligence that we're looking for an chaos. Can we look for those guys are deals to your team leaders when additional resources are showing up so. There really a must appoint they're not engaged the suspect you Muster point then leave dollar loan for motorsports the threat. Oh so exactly what occurred donor obviously we don't know we gotten in I don't know for sure. But the fact is we train our saucer. To be hosting leaders took took together of the resources and go solve the problem solve the problem is going to and threat as quick as possible. Now and a lot of detractors will say more guns isn't the solution. Yeah you know what we talked culturally you know get an error fifties and we need to do better job at controlling air fifteens and assault weapons of people want to determine. But you know when we talk but essar also sings I wanna talk him. Bring a gun into a gun to solve a gun problem Bradford. You know it's it's what we more comprehensive and us are always a person that builds relationships and prevents a lot of this McCurry and you know and it gets sent information intervenes with schools. And then god forbid there is a need for reform the best way to deploy firms against notre firemen and it's the only way we haven't. So it's nice to have live our own trained highly skilled person that's when you know train to work and then requirement with a deadly physical force situation. Yeah I think sheriff fire I've. That was kind of a loaded question and you answered it exactly. Was a loaded with us that's OK sure no turnovers and none whatsoever and that's that's not my. Bust out by any means. Tom what about reason. Aged it's when he won. Oversaw what is in particular if you wanna talk quote those I was talk about you know let's look at a logically you know. In society we we we can increase. If you will licensing recruit skill sets were Kris knees are burdens upon people when they go and when to do so much more dangerous with license people time to do different things. For example a driver's license. The drive a car hitting a much longer than a CDL are you human additional training go to commercial journalists to drive and a big rig with fuel on the back prisoners more potential for injury so. When there's greater risk there's greater responsibility. And I just see that you need to if you don't look at these weapons systems. They had a woman deputies going against an air fifteenth and you know Baton Rouge and in the and they'll listen but have shown how dangerous those weapons can be. In which trained police officers you know without. I watched terrific videos or cops and unknown when they're carrying guns taken honor fifteen. I don't want take our guns away from people who are law abiding citizens we just need to look at this comprehensively sit down and talk instead of being an emotional and I know this is emotional subject. Let's opponents talk what's the best way in our society. To you don't take care of this problem and end the assault weapon. Hey listen it's designed to kill human beings has its way it was designed for knowing that a deer rifle was designed to shoot deer and went my father's deer slayer Craig Lewis it. That's on every element assaulting to a school with a slowing barrel in Holland. A same thing when Doug grant was buckshot you know it was designed in the hunt. Ought to follow you knowing you are sold these weapons systems are designed for specific things so. We had to be Ollie Ollie as people do is let's sit down and talk kid in my school choose. What do we know in schools here in New York State what do we need tools or community keepers conceive for ball in my question is if that as the assault weapon it's designed to kill people white people need to. But let you know you know you can have that availability and in but the fact is that's what we as society got to decide whether we want those also weapons systems out there I. Listen I have friends and him. You know I am prepared in the please Furman I got. No relatives they have room after the band came in last time we won bottom by the droves you know there's a word about losing. And that's what I'd like you know we're we're family's emotional reactions all the time and also when there was some safe legislation that pit. Controlled the mock funeral different buttons on the go and it had nothing to do with the caliber gun Health Minister gong to shoot actual they're attending community and let's be serious that's that you know a lot of people save because there's a different pistol grip on. That was the good news knocking the capability shouldn't economy's not think. We wanna keep people safe let's play know how we keep guns. That are that are designed for killing other human being spread belief. Out of the hands of people that are doing that you know and let's have a rational discussion and. Parties on both sides that's all I'm here via Second Amendment out descended. That we have to be able to have the conversation. Without getting all but parents work. And we do Germany each got to sit tell folks with the pro NRA's control second memoir everywhere a coma that they have rights too we also. But they can't dig in and say never when I giving up anything listened. Look at that Bruce take about a school resource officer particularly schools and look at bad rouge are looking pale souls were pure assaults on law enforcement. Well designed to. By people who know how to shoot them firms are trained in the military. And then they're taken a law enforcement who was your best train people for the totally hadn't. And be quite frank you know we're gonna vote tend to mr. first couple minutes we'll shootings and we're losing we're losing officers. So if I can minimize that anyway let's let's don't have frank conversations. There's a 21 years old is a special license you need to get is a total accountability were released these assault weapons. And if you leave one on luck to your trunk your car biggest storm until someone else or hold responsible for that you know these have greater capacity to kill when I have greater responsibility when your own. And solve. All good parts of the commerce Asia that's a parent I just wanna say that it's a relief that makes me hopeful because we're happy these conversing aren't great there's something about this. Last shooting were just as a society we said okay. It's time it's 5% change whatever that changes. And as a parent I'm hopeful that people like you an end folks in our in our community. Will help us you know keep my kids safe at school and I just don't want them to be assault. Anderson there's this thing and there's a appoint her hardened target pardon the target target organized and let's let's control access we got that are put to test it do we do we have procedures tests and hold people accountable that locked doors open you know it was a brutal gym class or. Sneak out through the back door leaving ajar. People need to build for the first and it's the physical security than we need to testament and in the sings and people through those. And then the last thing is in which we call mental health and all apples and bonds were true now but we called threat assessment where all these pieces that were was looking at and princely. Being put together and foresight had a time. Israel have a little Silas the FBI did this school do this to police did this mental health professionals to this department commissioner comic other at a time. It's called threat assessment we have a process we just have a start and implement process and so we really need to talk about. We won't prevent while we realize that we can we just prevent a couple maybe Ian and keep a real little safer each time we improve. And inducement. You know if there was one solution we'd all be billionaires who who who and implement the solution and a permanent yeah save lives and it is the monetary character on Dexter for if you were a parent. And you were his five year old son. Once you get a Beagle nerve gun that looks like. A colleague and I am and what would you tell. You get a basement full of fear I guess I don't put enough. I noted some you know my kids have the ultimate respect for firms. The they have built a respect for everything also potentially kill them or hurt someone of their programs are they would use an appropriate there. You know going through difficult situation or anger is someone. It's just what we didn't our house we we taught him early and we talk money used safely totem and respected. And couldn't you know there was air soft guns and it was a paintball guns and it was everything else that we but the the fact is a virus in point in the wrong direction different or mr. they knew about two seconds. He is an ominous as people look at Internet as a mom in this room has that all my boy wants his birthday is this enormous during an on that looks like an assault weapon inside the fence about that. Little kids not then when I got my pistol permit he was the first call on me capsule doesn't Scotia you have men and watch me up this is a huge responsibility. And I want as much training in information and knowledge is acting gay and he was. Wildly accommodating actually funny story was we'd had it set up. I remembered how it went down mill we headset W invited me out it's a coach me new and then you announced you were. Leaving polices reflect that day had a press conference and I was like and you still want me coming out today Christmas corona we can always. You going to insist you know you talk votes. What other things we do when you if you want the the dawn patrol sediment you know just educating the public more you know we have to be laces in the how to drive a car and how to drive a motorcycle. Yet there's no relations social you have a skill set with a fire in a lot of people are doing safety training and want to work. Know what article 35 and your chicken loss console Oracle's offer chapters when you can deploy deadly physical force and not as a citizen. And we're learning and educating people on that forum affirming also just simple things like that we can in insecurity. It what you really mean to lock up we're going these guns that are should not consider out strolled emotions are stolen. And so were the owners of those guns being held responsible or at least been educated went really means to secure those weapons those are conversations in that we improve our. And maybe predominant communication thinking you know any I'd kinda. People who are fans of guns and don't know why they are not being together they're not fans for the wrong reasons and those who. Our enthusiasts. Just want to let everybody know that did well crackpots right on I think that's where the conversation has to and I love to get people from what's different cycles in the rooms in and just let's have a conversation. You love in the job of the job he's been very personable. Country and I'm loving it in the job I think you banners heroin dealers scattering everywhere this tournament and I. 8 o'clock o'clock doing intelligence briefing and off we go with a holes resource of our PDQ Expedia Augen pleased firm's involvement sheriff's office. And we're going after him in and not just enforcement and education too we got to get Musharraf the world this whole addiction process and and and stop the number of an extremist you know. Being created every day good luck out there thank you for these same issues that thank you the F sheriff Todd Baxter bank is set.