BMCC- Newman going Homeless and Grandma is NOT happy

Thursday, February 8th


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Barack it's time for me to take the bull by the horns. Bass sit around and wait. May never happen dollar weighed none and now I'm over here. This will punishment to they had to make good on the Super Bowl met. Now the hours just to fill it up a spin the wheel have to do whatever it lands on many apple since whoever brought up the mountain oysters and seems like. Nobody's bothered to fill up anything else on the wheel. And does that thing young just one media eat the oysters. And which how do. I have to to. Cheat you straightened. Idea of Britain. Blanks thickly is in my mouth yeah I don't want extra lengths cleaves I don't since he's remained in Greece it's. The entrance a Los affair kinda Jimmy Key was the protege. So gosh came in thinking that played it well played as a lot that's yet another tie politically is. Good. Dad but I guess said I signed Ford I'm willing to pay the price some not gonna flake sign. Not part of the deal bad I had some other things going and putting thing also on the list. And I would like to propose some ten. That I think might be pretty cool paint. What is instead a Dillon that stupid Dane which will be over in twenty seconds. Because I won't even chew it out just in don't mean you'll have to because it's robbery. What he'd you know you know you have a voice. I have to do know that so I know how to prepare these story but go ahead with your other idea what is thy eighth but let's spin it. An entire days with no money in my pocket. No cell phone. And not spin it's 24 hours. As a homeless person. Whom. And you do you mean totally homely she goes sleep outside on the eight Amin who walk the walk yeah I mean we eat exactly what you think Cowell overnight to. Somewhere in the city. I think there's an element in danger there there's a big element of danger there I think it can be very eye opening. I'm. In a lot of ways and Aaron I'm seeing maybe. It'll give me perspective. Us perspective. On a situation. You that shining sea and at the caller begs for money it's that's I'm not looking to make fun of almost all know that unless you know we can turn in some then that was supposed to be us laughing at you. In this something now feels good and fulfilling how can I say noted that. Number and an there minister. You don't have to decide right now. But what do you think would be better for all of us eat well take the rocky mountain oysters with you while you're out there being able to settle your dinner. But now I do I go look at the B morning coffee club. Rewarding journey like it yet you watching bolt walked. I would add doubt it set up barrel drop off point. We've been told me all night. It could be a win win situation now where Aaron. Now our Jamie and a minimum minutes after I walked you know a day in their shoes I think I would be better equipped with knowledge. To serve them. And instead. How horrible. Like. Well what are your hour hour and allied this lady you. Thank you for the call I have a great day it. You're next on the beat. I think it that great idea I ever heard Emmy that you're in you got it Elton. It. They're not completely broke got me. Good about it happened but I just about it can happen no speed Erica hell yeah anywhere. You don't want anybody looking out forming the things that's that's what. Do. If this sounds dangerous to me. What are some lord I have to and yet what a show Jon and oyster all of hope that our. I mean you'd think he'd get really not in danger that you think at there are a lot of it could be in Dallas and beat. But it would completely broke it no other bank. That's a good point. By the way our own puree your oysters if you want to you know enjoy it is a soothing drink I'd get a deep fry him. I RE EB. There aren't Rick Reid can't hit it big twelve back about a billion got apparently you know. Yeah see now where make him sign. And he's serious. His currency on the streets. And get an anomaly at the man. I don't. I don't drop it right I never knew that that's good Nadeau. Thanks for the call. I don't you be morning coffee club. And it Neuman you know all all where guys sitting idle article on any age Currie might go to Russia. And boom. Just makes me nervous. Well you are on Yoweri. Man if it's dangerous for me if you're worried about me in the element of danger why aren't we concerned with hundreds if not thousands of people. There's lived that life every day why are we not concerned with their safety. I'm concerned because this isn't a game. In in you don't know what's up what could happen. You know what I mean yeah that's a Lotta Lotta things in your alone. I don't know I don't think you can do it personally. I think you know I think when you're homeless he's Smart when you're homeless you've done this for maybe months at a time but doing it for the first time I don't think he can do it. I really don't I think you'd be at the holly and before you know it. That's no offense but the the trash is it a tough one. Today. The world can get around a little bit more and make our decision by 9 AM very. Partner rent got to indoor stuff I should say I don't know a house really feels that way or he knows that. Cannot walk past a challenge like that. I'm just trying to get to go you know that. All right guys yet yeah it aren't native TJ TW. H bent on the oyster situation because let's be honest what's better and more entertaining brand and radio listen enemy dry heaves taken a bite of the mountain oyster. Or. Day in the life expose a the homeless problem in our community. I'll totally be honest with you one was some fun love being here. Just you know what is latest sign that now we just got real and now I'm actually concerned. Like I'm sitting here again. I almost want call your mama. Meal like this is this saying that he's talking crazy talk and I think he's convinced himself to do it. I think you would be very eye opening I think I can tell a story. Wounds from a perspectives today. I couldn't before and and I don't know I just things more interesting. McKenna Sunday here you know you record meet its 10 o'clock. Yeah that current just freezing cold having been since you know moves and so that real life stuff I'll go pro Lleyton. I followed do my best to document and you know what I can even start. The night before so I can be on the street while we're on the air in the morning. And it's what goes that after the fact if nothing happens. It will be totally fascinating. And I'll be all and but Natalia until you walk back in here safe and sound I will be a little worried not apologize that nothing I can do about that. That's why I like it you know it's got an element of danger with mountain oysters it's like. No guider isn't wacky radio guy agony you know mountain oyster yeah. And a slide was allowed to step up no way menace is real I don't. So yeah I don't want real life. And near the low and if anybody here in the queen of the homeless. Oh that's what how often do you like do you have any cash he got having seen in show low run it out to give it to somebody she's given way Mitt lose jackets. Two he got worse. Two people who approached me so years sensitive to their high drug absolutely sensitive to their struggle weakened shine relied on it. I understand that we. Their mind works. Yeah I'm getting I'm getting about that part. Are not she wanted to for a minute just just being batted for a minute and take a step McNamee would get it. Globally. I'm never home where are you glad that you cleared. Myself to. Blow. Can't make yes ma'am this is your friend Matt that are paying the morning and want NHL head yeah here's my thing yeah. Boom in what regard. You know what race card. IMac are not make you. Don't and we can shine a light on now homeless problem on looking not for the least owners that is very biblical that's yet Jesus did that taught us to do that. Are you choppy and yet your turn instead of just around on your grandmother. And. Hey what can you do for the least of us Blake can do for those that can do nothing for us that's the true mark of a man. That maintain you can did. Or anybody any where in each at any thought NICU. Its price are Sam Daley would residents there believing heart. Well I can do that and act in roll up my sleeves and do God's work. I don't think that's God's work ethic that's they. Are not okay. There's they were somebody else a third party you didn't know that wanted to take on this same project would you be interested is that if if you remove me from the situation. I'm loses and going like he wanted to go to. And I'm so glad that she called here. And speaking but don't. No I'm not that. OK well I got you on the line Steve turned 69 tomorrow do you have any advice moron she's got a birthday this weekend Aurilia. Big troops here except Aaron. But your family keep them plus Mike and the most important thing in here I. Enjoy people blessed people where you can't end your life will be perfect right mind. Well how about that. The feeling human church. Good to hear from you Paula. Who. But does that his grandmother yes that all gosh I apologize. The brits aren't I'll tell you later well look think about it outcry and let you know later. S and actually just gave outlet yet are we ever. I how great are you and I just a wonderful wonderful. Thank you welcome actually nice. Pink well I thought. And that you know it's weird. It is my grandmother called my cell phone yet. And not put it on speaker and held into the microphone. And we had a better connection than half of people they call 222 WD she say like she's in the world. Oh yeah.