bmcc-Newman's lace lesson for kids

Wednesday, August 1st


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TJ mentioned some off the air. Few moments ago aren't even know the context I really wasn't paying attention she's like got to after carts picked. Up. Coming from the one in his last week house as I am certainly ready for school start oh really I am writing. My glasses are and I got to clothed them. Rasner has been gotten behind. TV that's that it's time to go back to school win rowdy with the back to school shopping do you. My guess the older they are they kinda have to go with you but it will you go do their clothes shopping alone. He's been like if you take your kids with you do you find he's been more. As opposed to win you go shop for them. Yeah please. Yeah yet it every kid is different. But. They've my thirteen year old doesn't care I know what she wants I know what she likes the only thing that's important for her to pick out as a backpack. They can't he acts like I have to pick out my own backpack but other than that I'll bring home whenever and so where. So jealous I know. My little guys kitten a little bit more or two where. He likes to pick out his own stuff but that cost me more money because he wants in the toy section and he wants to hit up the candy I'll Ali's care. I'd like stay yes. So lazy grown out a ninja turtle shirts that are being a trend he loves anything with Nike on it. And this is a big phase like he's a Nike symbolic easily go or both when. My nephews did that with under armour about the same age as your son yeah. So that he looks like a commercial or walking commercial like most of the time. He would throw his fit my agent to these genes nine do you like northern Iran under arm yeah dude you're sending shut up and that your answer. I don't care if there really eased George. I mosque some low I don't care what they are put him on the I used. Any does and I got to take him for sneakers that's the only item pretty much by I kinda know what to buy him to play. Let's sneakers he doesn't want people thinking he doesn't know how to tie his own shoes but he does it. Know how to tie really well yet so I wanna get in sneaker Nike sneakers that kind of Ursula bonding and class. Know what I mean nobody was like other. Prepare eighties. World learn inside you she is Jack that's what I would we've been working on but it's bunny ears you'll meet a step and then it's a you try the money airs method. Yes. The double up yes but that area. Like I know often times I've say acting in. A sell out of Blair that I'm telling yen. This is up my Alley you know what he ends up doing is at the he leaves them tied enforces his foot in and out of that without tying and I'm kind. I know what he's dealing and he's like yeah I gotta tie that we'll show me well there are these just foursome has put in an. How Long Will it take you to teach her son to tie his shoes or a seven minutes from beginning to end them. Really why that's including horseplay. I may challenge you on that policy. Oh god I don't for him. I don't see that could could well you know. I don't know if dis respected. Is how I feel but I just can't let it go. We'd give me a favor we flatter me TJ okay. Came up in a conversation a moment ago. Lol. As perhaps a struggle but they're teach inner boy had a tie issues choose Thomas milled about that journey. And essay I can fix this I can teach this boy if there's anything I can do. I can do this we get your thrown around in just record as simple lesson. And then play it for him. When you get down to earth and I guarantee you bad this time the sun goes down today he will be tying issues aren't old. He and six is that when kids normally. Start doing their own. She attack guess invariably get to school is going to be able to do it and imagine sugar to leave. How did your photo. Each are last year his teacher last year kind of tied it for him. As it came and and again I get embarrassing dad and I know there's pressure especially at that age you know in any of them our market is emulating is you know in the media look into. Her like I get that I know I don't have kids but I'm not an idiot I was a kid. All right so I hit record and I'll do my best. To use my word pictures but I've pulled this. God this reeks. That's. I think it's his own show we as it is and here so I got my issue it's untied right and you take the little plastic end. The delays in you'd jamb at right back in the hole the top poll that act carries so you stick and and you got a big bullet can't you do the same thing on the other side. Are you paying attention Leo's our. Your old buddy local news and observer here so there's this gang again. Any nosy so you do it on each side right. In so you get you just jammed the plastic piece back in the loop it came for a it looks like dog years and they they're whole lives where I play day. I. Wear. Down at an all out in issue is tied their ego. Lou now to shoot me straight don't don't let the year answers. It's done you can stop at ten with our. Now pretty good don't okay thank you yeah that's real patents don't let you know. Your opinion of other lessons I've tried to get views. May I say I have never seen it down like that ever. It is so easy. It's adults I have no problems with when it comes to kids and animals I got all the patients in the world unlike mr. me I DM a good teacher yeah. Com it's just the adults of an adult women have problem connecting. And communicating what they don't like when you take up your ceiling. This is Eric. I. Have a look at the.