BMCC Newman's sewing lesson for TJ

Monday, April 9th

TJ signed her and her daughter up for sewing for beginners class. Newman is a "seasoned seamstress"


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While I've done it I've signed up for beginners sewing class at a local fabric store because I love my kid so much. I eight. I haven't touched a sewing machines and home back. So she has this interest. In middle child even being she has an interest in selling she really really wants to sell I don't know how to teacher. So I have signed both of us up or beginners sewing class. Does this in addition to. The new bird or yes the new bird she's my home but I'm just trying to get find some scene I'm trying to encourage her. Do something besides watch YouTube that's cool man wearing Golan where did they offer in this state Joann fabrics. And I'd probably get embarrassed myself 41 years old I won't know how to load the machine. Owner how to do anything they have this class in heist Perry middle school now call facts. Where her homework will be like shall come at shall have to do laundry. And checklist didn't write an essay about doing laundry well they're introducing Sally. She's really really into it so I'm trying to just kind of encouraged that you so we're gonna go take beginners sewing. If the bias sewing machine now. Well I'm sure. I'm sure when all this is sudden none they're going to be a sewing machines up right next to the bird. While paying. She did she's wont do sports. Really managers and then an interest in karate any. Thing else. Rahm has an insane thing I've taken heat for many many years that I am. He DG. When it comes to sell the pretty darn good pretty damn kids Steve you are yet you know although this I know is I didn't know how good he was not a pretty dead man. Mike. I can totally make you as. I can't I can't we view one a year yarn so letters but I thought well that's next thing I can do tops stages backstage she is. I wins. And base I can pack in art I can do all of that knowledge that's our the basic stuff. I can gaze and I'm not just an inning gives you. Ma old sewing machine because old's own machine and you better work on even though my new sewing machine is more technologically. Advanced. This kind of stuck in my ways with the old one. I know how to use it. But I'd be one and if she's she's serious about this. I'm dragon and give a bot does and did some machine way it is just going to be a two weeks that all alike it'll make any promises to lose or meetings. Yeah well I had the one I've achieved a you know I got what I can afford years and years ago. And then is you know I've become an adult and just upgraded my. You Selena can't do was gather if they teach you enact class had a gather. That's something our. They gonna teach me this lingo can you set arts can gather in the mean let me know if you are better it's only non woven fabric of our. I think they get elaborate make its online were making a pillow. However and you'll probably be woven I found it easier to sell one woman seen yet. And I'm indeed. You. Number I. Since they look if you're fit and if you think it's a mask you waiting for me it is the nets more on you than it is on me and it's like as soon mean I know how to soak a level that. Can't sell all our look at thing. Worlds colliding here and we are right yeah let's go ahead. For years practice so it. Now I'd activity yet to sewing machine that's the big part of me I'll come pay your rooming ET to make it how to sell how about that TJ out that I need you in my life. My room all by myself with no help for all. Draw the stock values which we need even. Did it by yourself and and it. But seriously I know. You know the difference in the right side the wrong side. A material yet. Are they about the same. And I'd still wind isn't generally yeah. Out of float there. Art yeah what's up. Art you know what's up. You need to charity item. Our kingdom. Well I learned in high school and home meg class. And I just is. Always thought it was fun and I doubting stolen machine years in years and years ago at a garage sale. And it's wildly useful lass stakes blue jeans that's fixed. Drapes Actuant and a comforter is. I've had decorative pillows where the. The. Let you know this nothing comes out G and that trend back in there so it back up its while Leo hopeful. And a lot of war heroes is no matter so as well. They are an honors shoots. Act like 00. All added up at all. But. IIIIR. Well all I. I how. I can't. Carry. It how. All white vote and oh yeah. They. Act. Out. Help it but I. Urged. The Rangoon. On my music another word in jeopardy as Rihanna or ten. Or. A bridge scene is that. Ly a oh god it's kinda like not seeing except a sharper curve when you're trying to get I him on a sharp curve and. Oh. Okay. I. I I do know what she means. You'd like I am. Can't. Connection to. JG. You know would seem allowances and likening that to make my panel that's the distant. Between the stitching line in the raw a legitimate piece of fabric this year selling to. Normally on those conventional sewing machines it's five eights of an inch. Speaking. Our. Answer right now to talk to this lengthy. And Ayatollah Al rebuilt transmission or carburetor. Acting at all. I. Have a great day loads aren't you know about it.