bmcc- In studio: Sheriff Baxtor and Rocovery team up for 5K to fight Opioid crisis

Friday, August 3rd


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Again as long armed thugs belongs. In the B studio this morning Munro county sheriff. Todd Baxter howry sharing guys if you live in a you know I'm gonna let me move this thing it's weird and I knew that I can you guys. And you know Mozilla just that's yeah that's how I is that what that and also we feel intimidated need to raise chair looks like kindergarten yet got to raise my chair that's another power move when your interview and somebody you wanna. You know he wannabe had your eyes. More elevated than there's not sheriff Baxter. When he got to prove with dot. You're a failure five k.s every week and in it seems like here always. In some sort of competitive Ryan this is exciting the rock covering five K run will go down on September 8 this is the fourth. Annual occurrence of the rock every five K and once you tell everybody what's so special about this one. Well recovers near and dear to my heart that at these folks a few years ago. You know there are the real deal when it comes to the recovery and those of the OP or crisis in addiction. There they're grassroots nonprofit that I got to know either adverse treat certain people greater all four also around. And do we avenue and down you know their ideas is we do so what you want first north comes to arresting people and chasing criminals are when it went is really don't feel it's. And then people wanna go surprised he only went there went practice of writing in practice healthy young puzzle place sell it to take what these folks do it's an amazing place use a fitness. His as one rules tools to keep people not under repair I think you motivated. But what I like about him you know it's grassroots it's his donors to it's it's a small nonprofit that's doing the right way. An and I champion organizations like that. Well I gotta give it seeded since you took over UT started. The job is our share of I feel. Like your burning knitted those then it comes to this so be joint crisis may not see a meeting with members of the community. Speaking to groups right Tom I can really see year years out there pounding the pavement and in nine it's admirable. And just over the last week like I knew we had a problem on listened to the rhetoric but just over the last couple days time when it was pointed out. There's only twenty. Places offers somebody who's hooked on the Indo. If you look at there's there's 125 inpatient detox beds you know I'm Philip hope just got a grant don't from a number eighteen but we're we're transport people every day. Also tomorrow Tony to to get their. Let alone long term treatment those are the elements are there were consulate for so. You know the fact is this someone's in that general point your life for mom or dad or this or son or daughter captured. That's an addict and and and they all agree we wanna go into MPs are now. It should be instantaneous ish we don't in weird that this is the biggest epidemic of our lights anyone in this room and the fact is just not clear path into those those birds as most vocal performance. I'll share Baxter I don't don't take this the wrong way I never do for this. Is just an issue you stray McKay is it's there's no hiding it and he's bent forward and intake in the lead on this. I'm just curious how how do you keep that fire burning because with all the work you've done in in you've encourage more people to get involved in person in and now there's a tangible movement. That you concede. Even with as much work has been done positive work chair. The numbers that just came out here yeah. And on and my arm off my question is how do you not get discouraged by that how do you fight through that that's got to be difficult. Yeah I'm not afraid of it blaming Syria putting hurt your soul you put your reputation and a lot of people on social media or to combat you know you don't always work number so hung up that's failure not my world you know how many of those license it's kinda like crime prevention you can measure the number leisure saving her. We houses are being broken into could you don't port controlled on the street and cul-de-sac. Others are on measurable things but there's no doubt in my mind I know which right and and this is a right Floyd. We see in a million times. This is not a law enforcement issue we're doing our job harassment on the bag is or so on this poisoned. Our we've prosecuted to almost fifty so far this year for for commissary charges a there was never done two years ago this was an overdose human and that's returner can we do want his report want to wait. But the other six. It's like a military efforts we got to contain that we can stabilize a first before he returns solve it and I think the best thing we do news this prevention talk about it. I'll tell you dot com around. I'd just by paying attention to conversation mic is on I remember a while back initially I was isn't really the cops jobs. You know be re add to your current and then just over time to listen into the conversational it will nobody else is Dylan in you have an opportunity because. Yeah yeah I can't go anywhere. You nailed there there I get the best opportunity in our society where I am a jail full of 11152 people today probably on and give 30% of those people are her thesis and kind of addiction. I am for months and months months at a time summer vessel patient clinics are patient clinics with him for thirty days. We know let's just barely scratching the surface. Oh we're gonna do much better job and so they're guilty convention people who are addicted don't want sobriety and we don't for months sometimes years and we human right path and build good habits while there was less. Now the rock every five K again will go down on September 8. You know it's a wonderful organization he just doesn't describe the great teams that will come from. This race so if people running get involved or will we encourage them to go. Well have young and she joined the seeds he runs. You rock organizations the bus or Andrea Newman's answer. A project's biggest fund raise we have going right we got a big audience what do we tell him to go. And that they should go to WWW. Tat rap country fitness data or there's going for the flag came we sang and through France China. And it's going to be an incredible events. How did you get involved with desk as I noticed most people today in a jump on have a connection to this they're they're driven intended to help. I am actually in recovery myself. And I am one of the founders of our recovery fitness. In the end Kenny came together at my accident just random and then please send disease and is headed towards three laps and as desperate. And now we've and I. In this kind of that simple and lean gauged the community. And their recovery community especially and from there was kind of the start of her recovery fitness. I'm fitness exercise the team are really important part of male only country. So. Hey good for you that's grave and that was an expected need to say that that's that's admirable and now called a you know. To be an example forward arm. Are not think that's admirable I think he has sometimes when people are fighting addiction. They it's hard for that that if they feel like they're living in a world of normal people to a scale that they'll never get killed and lets you see a former addict actually doing it and has been through it. Then the worst thing you can do when you fighting addiction to sit around with the thing perfect. Iraq fitness. While we certainly wish you well I'm it's no small. Task in from the again as we definitely recognized that on year end. As well and on year and off. You know law enforcement is doing their part. Were knocking on the ball perk recovery you broke a reason example folks and recovery business you know again I'll go back to swelling at the microphone prevention prevention prevention is really key year we've we need to stop the number of XP creator community that's an open frank dialogue about what's current. Aim and now on and on a side note. What's man evening again I'm doing good Red Sox are women ask. Suns got married couples get married next Saturday and the wife still loves me like this good and I. Or. How worried about chickens every day at turn on the new measure here. My again disguised. I look I absolutely I absolutely love my jump elements out and is a family affair just like these that the campaign was an elderly do the number of lust and it's fun even in the jails and Promos it's Islam functional than the law enforcement and what's the guys and yells are working and a Lerman every day that the deputies are incredible well good luck thanks appreciate it guys it's just the men and women and the mineral county sheriff's office and thank you for common and and we wish you well as well and it's admirable. I'm genuinely. World EA you've been at our share of state carrier so that thanks guys well if we're late for the news gadget thing as a.